Gangaa 6th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 6th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Thanks to our visitor, Deeksha, here’s 6th April’s update.

Ep starts with gangaa being shocked oh hearing madhvi’s words. She runs from there,followed by Supriya. Gangaa packs her bag when pulkit comes and stops her. He asks her to stay I she considers him her brother. Outside pulkit shouts and asks everyone angrily what was gangaa’s mistake? He tells them to make Sagar understand not to come running after gangaa. He also says that Sagar is at fault and he is responsible for losing his cool and causing all problems. He warns everyone not to tell gangaa anything.
At night Sagar takes a pillow to sleep outside. He and jannvi have a brief convo. He tells her to free herself from this loveless relationship. Outside Sagar remembers gangaa and vice versa. Bg music plays. Niru sees Sagar sleeping outside and is concerned. In the morning ladies come to welcome new DIL and ask for some money. They see gangaa and Sagar and wish them happy married life. Sagar creates a scene and the ladies go away. Niru and everyone is shocked at his behaviour. Niru bows down before him and asks for forgiveness. Gangaa comes there and stops niru from bending so low. She scolds Sagar and makes him realize his mistake.
Ep ends on sagar’s face.

Update Credit to: Deeksha

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  1. Yeay, finally!!! Big thanks Deeksha, this eps was epic. Sagar stay strong!!!

    1. Epic? HA! More like TRAGIC!! much like this whole show an utter tragic fail!

  2. Thanks for update ??

  3. I only want sagar and gangaa happy and together ????

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