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Gangaa 5th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janvi stands in a corner and shouts at Ganga’s ghost to go away. She is all hysterical. She broke my mangalsutra. She breaks something every time she comes. Sometimes it is my relation with Sagar while sometimes it whereas sometimes it is my mangalsutra. Ganga tells her to calm down. Everything will be fine. Janvi says these pearl hurt a lot. I try so much but I cannot hold them. I have lost everything. The pearls of mangalsutra broke apart too. Everything is over! Ganga cries seeing her condition.

Next morning, Mehri complains to Maharaj ji how Pulkit asked her to work at Palash’s house too. Maharaj ji acts disinterested. Amma ji calls out for maharaj ji as she returns from snan. She tells him to wake up Sagar. He sleeps in Niru’s office these days. Ganga paces upstairs worriedly. Amma ji too

talks against Ganga. She is always around. How will Sagar settle down in his life this way? Ganga recalls Janvi’s words.

Maharaj ji wakes up Sagar. Sagar sees Supriya coming back home. She is picking up all her bags by herself when he goes to help her. She tells him against it but he says the distances are between papa and Bhaiya. You are and will always be my bhabhi. She says you too are the same Devar (brother-in-law) for me. I think of you as my younger brother and friend. Not just you but everyone is my own. She gives him a box of sweets to take home. He nods. She asks him if he is fine. He lies. I am perfectly fine. She catches his lie. What happened? Tell me.

Ganga notices little kids running around happily holding their kites. She remembers the childhood times when Sagar and she used to do the same. Supriya comes there with Sagar and calls out for Ganga. Ganga asks Supriya how everyone at her home is. Supriya replies everything is fine there but nothing is fine here. Sagar wants to say sorry to you. He regrets it deeply. He is apologising from his heart. Why don’t you forgive him? Ganga refuses to talk on the matter but Supriya tells them to sort out the matter by talking like mature people. How will it work if you both will stay quiet? She asks Sagar to say what he told her. Sagar is really sorry. He can do anything for the same. Ganga tells him to end all his differences with Janvi. Give her the love she is yearning for. Janvi is your wife. Take it as a condition or anything. I will forgive Sagar only when he will accept Janvi as his wife. Ask him when was the last time he spoke nicely to Janvi? Will he do as I say? Will he be able to give a husband’s love to Janvi? I knew he wont be able to do it. He only speaks but cannot go anything. She turns to go when he stops her. I accept it if this is your condition but I too have one. Supriya is taken aback. Sagar tells her not to say anything. He walks up to Ganga. If I accept Janvi as my wife; agree to give her a husband’s love, will you agree for marriage then? Will you start a new life? Ganga gets tensed but agrees for it. I accept your condition. But first you will have to prove yourself a good husband for Janvi. I will think then. He agrees to fulfil her condition. Don’t forget mine! He leaves from there.

Supriya questions Ganga. What is this bet? How will you forget the one who is in your soul? Ganga says I lied to Sagar for the first time today. I cannot think of anyone else other than him. She leaves from there teary eyed.

Sagar finds Janvi fast asleep in their room. He feels something suspicious seeing the way she is sleeping. He keeps her head on the pillow when she gets up startled. Don’t touch me! He tells her to relax but she is all hysterical. You are in her team only. You both want to destroy me! He tries to talk to her but she pushes him away. You have also come here to torture me like her. She keeps coming in my dreams always. He asks her who she is talking about. She takes Ganga’s name. She is everywhere. I can smell her from you, from your heart. I know how much you love her. I know everything! She will not go anywhere. She has snatched everything from me! He is taken aback to see her condition. I never realised Janvi is in this condition. I never tried to understand her pain.

Amma ji tells maharaj ji to say no to them. we will not go in their puja. Madhvi seconds her but Niru says we should. We are neighbours and Sagar is friends with Palash now. We should go. Amma ji refuses to go there as they are Bengalis. They eat meat. Niru gives her the example of Lord Krishna. He tells Maharaj ji to accept the invitation. I cannot go as I have a hearing. Amma ji is irked. She advises Madhvi not to eat anything given in Prasad.

Palash goes to bring fruits and sweets for the puja. Palash collides with Ganga. She says sorry but he says my day is bad. She shows him the file. He tells her to keep it on the table. Ganga greets Palash’s mother. She turns to go after keeping the file when Palash’s mom invites her for the puja. Ganga offers to help her. Palash’s mom says I am used to it. Palash will scold me for making his assistant do work. Sit down. Ganga obliges. Sagar calls Palash’s mom. Is Ganga around? Palash’s mom says yes. Sagar tells her not to take his name before Ganga. I don’t want her to know I am talking to you about her. You said yesterday you want a DIL like Ganga. You should start making efforts from your end. You will not find a better girl than Ganga for Palash. She asks him if he too feels the same way. He agrees. She wants to find out what’s in the heart of Palash and Ganga. I can find out what’s in Palash’s heart but how will I know about Ganga. Sagar replies that Ganga’s heart is pure. She has always yearned for the love of loved ones. Just shower her with love. Tie her in your love in such a way that she becomes yours. Ganga’s parents are no more. She is alone. She can get a family if you want. Palash’s mom says I too want the same. Pray that it happens. Thank you! He hastily ends the call.

Supriya compliments Palash’s mom for the preps but she tells her to say it to Ganga. Palash comes there wearing a kutra. Ganga compliments him. Palash’s mom makes Ganga sit in the puja against her wish. Ganga tries to tell her (she is a widow) but in vain. Pundit ji asks Ganga to extend her hand for mauli. Ganga is uncomfortable. Palash observes it.

Precap: Sagar comes to his room and finds Janvi hanging by the fan. He is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Seeing ganga now isn’t worth
    I can’t understand its plot now
    Can anyone explain it to me pls.?
    I mean sagar aur ganga chahte kya hain they have destroyed janvi’s life aur ab Palash ko bakra bana rahen hain

  2. hii guys am new to comments here….
    i think sagar will know janvi is been given drugs by yash n even knows here truth that she is back of yash during that MMS …….n he will punish both of them n divorce janvi…
    meanwhile palash mom arrange marrage for palash n gangaa….
    during her mrrage tym she will know the importance of sagar n they will unite that tym…..
    actually gangaa would be forcebly agreed by palash mom n pulkit….


      Not sagar buy ganga and palash will come to know all this..
      And its good that ganga and palash marries, as sagar is vry aggressivly angry and he always take wrong decisions…

      1. I agree. Sagar is hot headed and quite immature, whilst Palash is reasonable and a gentlemen. Gangaa and Palash would make a lovely couple.

  3. hi to day”s epi is so emotional … when sagar explained about gangaa .. i can see love in his eyes …and tears also …..

    YASH ONLY DID IT now sagar is in trap ……..if she dies sagar will become criminal bcz she written one letter 2 days before . she didnot want to die /….. in that letter janvi blamed sagar only ……..2 if she is alive .. sagar and janvi love start .. either this r that may be


  4. Interesting conversation between Sagar and Supriya, slightly like a love confession HaHa… Sagar’s naughty side is coming! How in the earth he came to palash’ house and talk to his mom to make Gangaa-Palash unite. He even not a cupid! Why he always this cute!
    Learn more about Indian culture this time Bengalis, well I think Vishal is Bengalis by birth, didn’t he?

  5. What khichdi are the making out of a good serial…..haven’t enough lives been destroyed already that you are now dragging that palash guy into this mess….. Acha khasa career hai uska….use mat barbad karo…… It’ll be better to keep ganga a widow and let her make her own identity I the world….
    And enough of this Yash eloping ffom the police station drama.. ..he sneaks into chaturvedi’s house…. And no one ever notices him….


    Finally sagar became cupid for palash and ganga….??????

  7. Vishal is marwadi by birth but his family is settled down in Kolkata so…he raised in Kolkata but not Bengali…his father is a businessman in Kolkata…

  8. Janvi knew what she was getting into. Should have been sensible like her brother. You cant have everything in life. If someone doesn’t love u, learn to let go. Hope sagar and ganga realise their love for each other and not make the wrong decision

  9. Iam just waiting for today’s episode. I feel sorry for janvi but she is the sole reason for what is happening with her. Looks like janvi’s death blame will be on sagar and he might be arrested and palash ganga might save him. Once he is back ganga sagar will be united again with the help of palash I think so!!

  10. Whats the difference between Punjabi and Bengali? Anyone can explains?

  11. Now this is interesting…it may be obvious that Sagar will get the blame due to the suicide note, but the original one, i don’t recall it being destroyed? I wonder if it will be Palash and Gangaa who will work together on this case to clear Sagar’s name for the death of Jhanvi? Maybe, this will bring Palash and Ganga together whilst working on the case?
    Hope the drug story line with Jhanvi will not be abandoned and swiftly move on… really hope that the truth of her taking drugs prior to her death will lead to Yash being convicted again!!
    How can Yash avoid being detected for so long? And yes, Palash was right, Sagar did not make enough effort to get Yash caught and thrown back behind bars.

  12. Please update for 6th May 2016?

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