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Ganga enters inside. Amma ji and Madhvi are confused to see her dirty clothes and unkempt hairs. Madhvi asks Ganga how it happened. Maharaj ji, Sagar and Pulkit too come there. Ganga replies that her classmate threw her lunch. I asked her why she disrespected food. She pushed me. I pushed her. this is how the fight started! Amma ji says you started fighting on the first day itself. Ganga denies. I dint do anything. She started it. Amma ji nods. You only are a saint in the whole world. What if the parents of that girl come here? I will stop her from going to school if she continues all this stuff! You (Madhvi) better explain it to her. Hope you don’t regret your decision of going to school. She cannot tolerate anything. She cannot keep quiet for even a second. Kids like her should be kept inside the

house. Ganga says I am saying the truth. That girl was troubling me a lot. She spoke rubbish. She is a bully. All the girls are scared of her. Such people have to be taught not to trouble people or she will continue bullying everyone! Madhvi stops Ganga from replying to Amma ji. Amma ji tells Madhvi to make Ganga understand. We cannot fight with everyone for her sake. My grandsons have never created such a mess till date that this girl has done on the first day itself! All this wont work here. She heads to her room. Ganga tries to explain it to Madhvi but she sends her upstairs to go and change her clothes. Everyone leaves. Ganga thinks that that girl was at fault but no one is listening to me.

Sagar asks Ganga if she fought the same way she fights with him. She retorts when he pesters her again. He wants to know what else happened in the school. She tells him that she pulled at her braids. I would have continued doing so if the peon hadn’t interrupted. She is older than me but she scares everyone. Madhvi tells Ganga that Amma ji was right. You dint do it right. Ganga tries to say something when Sagar asks her if she will fight with his mother too. Ganga reasons that she never fights for a wrong reason. Madhvi tells them a story about the saint who kept trying to pull the scorpion out of water but he kept biting the saint. He dint change his nature and neither did the scorpion. If the other person is doing wrong then we should not stop doing the right thing. There are better ways to show her you are right. Win them over by showing how good you are! You don’t have to use hands. Become a good example before them so they too aspire to become like you. Ganga understands her point. I wont reply to Bulbul now on. I will be good to her. But no one wil support me as they are scared of Bulbul. Madhvi suggests her to win them with love too. The day they will realise you are right they will support you.

At night, everyone is having dinner. Omkar finishes dinner first and leaves. Ganga comes there too. She tells Niru not to be angry. I wont fight with anyone else after today! Pulkit suggests playing riddles. It’s been so many days. All the kids get excited. Ganga remarks that she answers quickly while a lot many people take a lot of time to answer (hinting at Sagar). Pulkit says a riddle. The kids get thinking. Sagar asks for a clue. Ganga tells him to think on his own. Pulkit still says a clue. The answer is here on our table only. Maharaj ji keeps more chapattis on the table. Sagar gives the right answer which makes Amma ji happy. Don’t say from now that only you (Ganga) know everything. She retorts that she too would have replied quickly if her studies were as good as they teach in his school. NIru says it is good to raise questions if you have to increase your knowledge. Ganga gets an idea. Teacher will have to answer if I ask her something. Niru nods. Asking questions will definitely yield answers. Amma ji is sure Teacher will do anything to avoid Ganga’s n number of questions.

Ganga finds Amma ji doing puja. She prays in the morning, in the evening and right before sleeping. Why is it so? Amma ji finds her staring at her. Ganga asks her the same question. What do you pray for daily? She prays for forgiveness for her mistakes. Amma ji takes her medicine. Ganga wants to know why she eats these medicines. Why don’t you eat English medicines like others? Amma ji replies that it causes no side effects. She lies down to sleep but Ganga has another question. Why do you put tilak on your forehead? Amma ji instead tells her to sleep. Ganga is only putting Babu’s advice to use. Amma ji has to finally threaten her to make her switch off the light.

Next morning, Madhvi serves breakfast to Niru. Raghav ji comes there. MLA wants to meet Niru to discuss the case. Raghav goes back with the file. Pulkit joins them for breakfast and so does Omkar. The landline rings. Niru picks it up. The man asks for Girish. Niru tries to ask him who he is but Omkar takes the call saying it is my friend Girish. Omkar goes aside to talk to the caller. It is the same kidnappers who had kidnapped Ganga. The guys need money so they can escape from the city. Our work has been shut down. You got our area raided and we are money less now. Do it fast or I will tell your family members everything. Omkar agrees. Niru eyes him curiously when he returns. You look tense? Is it something serious? Is there some problem? Amma ji too asks him the same. Omkar denies. Everything is alright. My friend has come to Banaras from his town. He was asking me to come over. Amma ji suggests him to call him over to Chaturvedi House. Omkar politely declines the invitation. It is my wife’s house after all. He wont be comfortable. Madhvi is in thoughts.

Precap: Ganga points out at the man at a shop to Madhvi. He is the one who had kidnapped me. There was another guy with him. The man turns to go. Ganga wants Madhvi to follow him but she tells Ganga that police will do it. Ganga runs after the man.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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