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Gangaa 4th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Instigated by zoya, Ganga takes the rifle and points it at sagar, asking him to retreat or else she shall shoot him. he and ammaji are aghast. ammaji asks if she has gone mad, as he is her husband. he asks if she is nuts as the gun is loaded. he asks her to throw it away, while she continues to threaten him. zoya smirks. in the scuffle that follows, the rifle goes off, and all scream out. ganga is shocked and distraught, at the gunshot. she misses but all are shocked. ganga puts away the rifle in horror, while sagar eyes the hole it created in the wall. ganga tries to clarify and says that she didnt do it intentionally. he asks her if she can stop by gunshots, and asks her to do whatever she wants, btu he wont go without meeting krishna. she tries

to speak, but he screams and shuts her up, saying that he agreed and complied to her whims, blaming himself, and bore her rude behaviour, in the hope that someday she shall calm down, but he was wrong, as she doesnt want to move ahead and continues to dwell in the past, as her ego is the biggest for her, and only thinks that he raised a question on her character and hence cant be forgiven. he says that even though she knows the truth, that he didnt remember anything, she wouldnt forgive out of ego. ganga says that she didnt mean to shoot. he says that she might stop him, but now he shall get legal permission and take her from here, as she is his daughter, and he has full claims on her, and he shall take it. he reminds her of the court case, saying that he shall legally snatch krishna away from her. ganga is distraught. a frustrated sagar turns to ammaji and asks if she is okay and apologises, for creating a hope that can never succeed. he asks her to come along, while ammaji eyes ganga accusingly through her tears. they both turn away, while ganga gets berserk trying to say that she didnt do it intentionally. zoya calms her down and forcibly takes her inside.

Inside, ganga continues to tremble, while zoya gives her water trying to calm her down. ganga says that the gunshot still resonates in his ears, and what if the gunshot had killed sagar. zoya asks her to forget what happened, and concentrate on what lies ahead, as he wasnt hurt. she says that till now he was indirectly thinking of taking krishna, but now he has directly warned her, and god knows what shall happen ahead. she still continues to instigate ganga against sagar. when krishna come, ganga composes herself, and denies that she is upset or crying. she asks about the noise coming from outside. ganga discards the topic. she talks about her school. krishna rushes in for a notice that the principal sent. she gets her school diary. ganga finds that its a reminder for school fees, and its the last day tomorrow. ganga gets tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s residence
All preparations are done, for ganga’s return, while niru says that bow he wont let this happiness come down. madhavi talks about how they shall be a complete family now, and the children shall light up the house. they discuss about their roles as grandparents. but suddenly, the door falls ajar and the gushing winds douse the fire in the earthen lamp, that madhavi was keeping lit for ganga’s return. they come back home, and sagar rushes straight to the room. madhavi is shocked when he doesnt respond. ammaji comes and they ask abotu ganga and krishna. ammaji instructs them to never again talk about them in the house, and tells what ganga did. they are aghast. ammaji tells madhavi tensedly, that ganga crossed all limits today and now they shall not stay silent too. she says that she went with such hope, but found only disrespect, disappointment and scare. niru says that maybe there was some reason why ganga did so, as she isnt like this. ammaji says that it was just normal egoist drama that she does everytime. she hastily walks in too.

In room, sagar is enraged, remembering what happened, when niru comes and asks whats the matter. sagar is enraged as he narrates it to niru. niru asks him to try and forget and relax, while he talks to ganga. sagar defiantly denies and says that noone shall go anyweher. he says that he accepted his advice and stayed apologising, to ganag, every single time, but his efforts went in vain. he says that she didnt reciprocate back, as she has years of pain, but today she crossed all limits, taking him for granted, that he shall bear everything that she serves him. he says that now he shall fight and get krishna legally back in this house, as his daughter and ganga wont be able to stop him at all. niru gets tensed hearing this. sagar fumes, that he shall break down ganga’s ego and self respect. he walks out. niru is tensed.

Ammaji nervously paces around in her room, while maharaj asks her to eat something. she refuses when she gets to know that sagar hasnt eaten anything. he insists. she asks him to take the food away, while still nervous. she is aghast at the way ganga behaved with him, and that she wont spare her, and she shall know tomorrow, who she is.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence
The next morning, the lawyer comes to ganga’s place, with a summon from the court, on behalf of ammaji, telling them that its a house eviction order and within 15 days, they have to vacate the house. ganga and kashish are tensed. zoya comes and finds out from ganga about eviction. she says that this had to happen, as they would get after her to trouble and bother her. she instigates ganga yet again, as to what lies ahead in the future. ganga says that she doesnt know, but knows that they might try to break her down, but she wont. ganga says that she shall keep fighting for her rights. zoya asks her not to think about this, and pay thr fees. she gives some of her jewellery. but ganga says that she arranged the money. zoya asks her to still keep it, as she might need. Ganga complies and leaves to deposit school fees immediately. then after zoya calls up sonu, and asks him to do something. sonu grabs the purse from ganga, as she is walking. he rusn away, while ganga is unable to catch him. she is frustrated. then she wonders what to do. she remembers about the jewellery and gets tensed. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Ganga gets credit from the jeweller in lieu of the jewellery. she is about to walk out, when they check the credibility of the jewellery, and find that its been reported stolen. ganga is aghast to hear this. Meanwhile, sagar finds krishna standing out of her school. Sagar asks krishna why is she standing out, and gets to know that she has been sent out due to non payment of fees, and ganga hasnt come yet to the school. he is disturbed. Meanwhile, the jeweller caslls the police, who question ganga about it. she says that she has no clue, and tries to get away. the police asks her to come to the police station, but she triesd to skirt away. he says that it shall be better if she comes along, or they shall have to use force. ganga is distraught.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Super speedy update! Cheers Rhimjim.

    Shame, judging by updates, another pathetic episode!

  2. Please post the rest of the update

  3. Please complete the update and the precap.

  4. Yeah… Ganga was also in shock…. She has no clue how she aimed at sagar to fire…. She was instigated by zoya and doesn’t even remember that part of her act…. Now for this she will start flowing on the roads of benares… Monday precap… Krishna roaming outside the school.. Sagar asks what she was doing here and she says that school fees not paid and so they sent her away from school… Again sagar has to face one more blame that he intentionally did this… Whatever happened in today’s episode… It’s not good showing such drama like opening fire… Too bad… For one second felt like it might hit dadhi…

  5. yes indeed rimjhim, ur updates are so fast!! 🙂
    i actually like todays episode when sagar scolded ganga. but there is something which i dont understand. why would ganga need so much amount of money just to pay school fee? she is a well-known lawyer and she also has the money ammaji gave at the auction of the house right? even kashish is working. anyway even if she doesnt want to take money from kashish, she herself is an independent working woman. was it said in the episode how much money is needed for the school fee?

    1. Hi Krishna my thoughts too exactly! Like you mentioned, she if a fully qualified lawyer who has clients, autioned her house so there should be funds in the bank. Why does she need to pawn her jewellery? Unless, the hospital fees caused a big hole in her savings? It doesn’t make sense. This is what i mean about the writers, their creation in the storyline is far fetched to the point it is fanciful.

      I’m going to record the episode first, then fast forward when Zoya comes on screen.

      1. Summer, I also usually read updates first and forward zoya scenes when watching the show. i dont have time for her nonsense. there are so many loopholes in the story. i hope the writers improve their storyline. otherwise im just going to read the updates for a few days. if they keep on dragging,ill stop watching this show. by the way where is prabha mami? i missed some episodes before. is she still alive? she is the one who is responsible for all this but i didnt see her after the leap….

  6. by the way, she is going to be directly betrayed by zoya. there will be a court scene where ganga asks zoya to tell her about the jewels and she denies knowing anything. maybe thats when she will be going to realise everything.

  7. Omg,.. now Ganga is really in deep shit.. she hadscross a line. somehow I feel that she is to blame for alll the problem she will have to face now. Will her ego saved her??? As for trusting Zoya she is going to in for a shock .

  8. telly updates, i commented twice, but i cant see my comments :(:(:(

    1. ok saw them now 🙂

  9. Bhavani, Ganga didn’t pay school fee. why Sagar has to face the blame. I didn’t understand that.

  10. Krishna and Summer, I agree but was wishing the gun point at Zoya nod the truth will come out. Again Gangaa needing and having all this money, yet is not able to pay the school fee but to hire a security to stop Saga. How funny and strange it sounds.
    It’s good to know that Gangaa will pay the price for her ego. It’s not fair though that Krishna will be evicted together with Kashish from the house.
    Well done Sagar.

  11. Lssahata

    Thanks for super update rimjhim

    I hope zoya will be end for next epi, and gangaa realise zoya mistake.

  12. Krishna, Prahba got exposed by Rudra when she caused Supriya miscarriage. Amma ji and Madhavi sent her away from their home. That was her queue to exit the show.

    Prescious, i agree with you too many contradictions. Besides how can Sagar and Ammaji not notice Zoya lurking around spreading poison.

    I speed watch tonights episode, mainly fast forward skipping Zoya face appearing on screen. Zoya overdose….unbearable now.

    1. Krishnaa

      oh ok, i missed those episodes of prabha mami. i watched this episode last night-aditi, vishal and ammaji’s acting was very nice in the gun scene. actors are very good but everything got complicated now. hope they bring the story in a good way.
      btw i registered my name as krishnaa as i got to know there is someone else by that name 🙂

  13. bhavaniasapu

    Sagar may face another blame for paying school fees… I guess…. Because after payment of fees zoya again gets a chance to instigate ganga that he intentionally sent a theif and steel her purse, paid fees and got another proof to show in the court that ganga cannot even pay fees for her daughter… This is what I guess… And in the court when questioned about the jewellery, zoya says that she doesn’t understand what ganga is asking about… Later she gets a chance that she says to ganga that sagar threatened her to say like this in the court….

  14. Good morning .. yes summer how they didn’t notice zoya.s action. Now a day school fees nearly 1lakh and she has to pay security also . Zoya next supriya .. papa has 1affair one wife son pulkit one affair one wife so papa has rights to ask any questions to pulkit

    1. Hi Br, Tell me about it. Story is getting more absurd. Swiftly exit Zoya from episode will rapidly improve the series.

      1. then again new entry of another vilain.. Daily soaps! ?

  15. May rudra has to enter to exhibit zoyas truth &what about sagar he didnt understand ganga insecurity he geting anger doing such a big mistake of insulting ganga &ganga also become more adment after such a insult&blame by sagar&his family sagar has to be patentient

  16. Telly updates why are u not posting my comments 🙁 🙁 :'( !

  17. Bhavaniasapu, You are right and am not looking forward as could see what’s coming in the next few episode.
    Please hope we are wrong.

  18. Guys be chill ..soon after few episodes sagana will live together

  19. bhavaniasapu

    One hour maha episode on Saturday, the 12th November… Finally sagar, ganga and Krishna in chatur sadan… It seems that sagar has won the case…

  20. Is it bhavani what about ganga is she accept to go chaturvedis house where she faced insult i didnt thinkso but hope sagar take ganga back

  21. Actually there are many loop holes in the story. Suddenly some one is exposed suddenly someone who claims to love soo much dont even bother to trust eachother . What is most annoying is that despite of knowing truth ganga aint ready to forgive as they say na, the one who forgives has a bigger heart. N ganga’s ego is gonna drown her one day n also blindly trusting that insane zoya rani 😛 😀 !! There should b some quality. Viewers aint stupid to believe anything. The most silly twist was the way yash ran away from prison n co incidently happened to meet ganga krishna n chaturvedi family in the same pandal ! Heights of coincidence ! They could have revealed this truth in.much more better sensible n mature manner ! Kindly end zoya track soon, either give her the mansion or send her to prison ! Zoya track is way annoying n ganga is appearing quiet foolish by blindly believing her ! Please kindly do the needful.!

    1. yes, it is very depressing to watch ganga and sagar fight. Please give a peaceful, and realization ending with a moral as anything too much is too bad. like being very egoistic in some parts of life ends to diastrous life ganga

  22. Bhavani, you are right. Your predictions r hundred percent correct. Another pathetic episode. They are showing Ganga as a fool. Zoya is still dominating the screen. This serial is becoming worse day by day.

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