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Gangaa 4th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga comes outside to see the wedding stage all decorated. She says she never thought Shiv can fall off to such an extent.
In the room, Aashi was excited to take her rounds in the Mandap outside. She asks her friends to see the Mandap again and takes them outside, although her friends warn that Baraat is here.
Ganga burns a long and lights the stage with fires. Aashi comes outside with her friends and was shocked to see the Mandap on fire. She cries about it and runs into the mandap. Her friends stop her but she walks into the fire trying to blow it off.
Inside, everyone was busy with the preparations. Ganga comes inside and tells Shiv happily about what she has done. She asks if he wanted to marry her in a separate Mandap, she burnt that Mandap. She says she felt bad about it, but by now

the Mandap must have turned to ashes. Shiv was shocked and in a state of disbelief, he tells Ganga that separate Mandap beneath the skies was Aashi’s dream. Aashi’s friend comes to take Shiv outside, as Aashi has been trapped in the burning Mandap. Savitri faints inside out of shock. Ganga hurries outside.
Shiv runs towards the Mandap, Aashi calls him for help. Shiv asks her to try and come outside. Aashi felt dizzy and faints inside. Her friends forbid Shiv to walk inside, but he jumps into the Mandap and holds Aashi outside. Ganga comes to throw water from bucket to make way for Shiv but he couldn’t find any point to come outside. The fire increased from every side. Finally, Shiv was successful in bringing Aashi out safe.
In the hospital, Savitri cried besides Aashi as she lay faint. Ganga stood outside the hospital room. Aashi wakes up watching everyone around and was shocked to see her burnt arm. She cries for what happened to her. Dadi assures it will heal up. Riya says atleast her life was saved. Ganga walks into the room but Shiv blocks her way, he says he won’t allow her shadow over his sister. Ganga goes outside wondering what she did in her anger. She prays for Aashi and cries outside.
Outside, Aashi’s mother in law says they can’t marry Aashi anymore. Savitri gets to her feet requesting her not to break this marriage. The lady asks if she must punish her son due to this accident. She comes to take her son. Ganga had heard this all and comes behind them. Shiv stops them, he joins his hands to Aashi’s fiancé and says its really easy to break a relation; the difficult thing is to live with a relation. He says he has seen love for Aashi in his eyes, would he leave her alone when she needs his love the most. Ganga prays no injustice is done to Aashi. The guy leaves his mother’s hand and goes to hold Aashi’s hand. he accepts Aashi as his wife. Everyone was happy. He thanks Shiv for making him realize and understand the true meaning of marriage, his mother leaves the room angry.
Shiv now turns around and takes Ganga to the burnt Mandap. He pushes Ganga down on the floor there and says they have been married but their relation doesn’t have the spark that Aashi’s relation has. It’s because of Ganga that his house got unpeaceful, he would now turn her life unpeaceful. Ganga apologizes and asks Shiv to let her go. Shiv says today no one can stop their marriage. He makes Ganga stand up and takes rounds around the fire inspite of her resistance. After six rounds are completed, Shiv leaves her hand and pushes her away saying she isn’t worth his wife. From today onwards, she will live the life with an incomplete marriage. He would revenge her of every pain she brought into his life. He says if Aashi’s baraat had left today, she must have committed suicide.

PRECAP: in the room, Ganga says she won’t hand herself to Shiv. Shiv says he can take the right of a husband from her anytime. While leaving, Aashi asks Ganga to be the old one again who taught her the meaning of love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. One thing which I particularly love about this serial since beginning is that one cannot guess what is going to happen next and this happens in every episode of gangaa………….but frankly shiv was correct in saying that gangaa doesn’t deserve him as she is quite self-centered and selfish this time……. let’s see what is going to happen next…………………hope she will behave maturely.

  2. Worst serial ever. ..where is the old gangaa who always fight for her rights. .even though she always used fight with sagar for her rights then why she don’t teach any lesson to shiv. ..We are seeing many changes in gangaa . We want old gangaa ….it’s really going worst day by day. .stupid writers. ….must go off air..??

  3. One thing I don’t understand in ganga is being a lawyer why should ganga behave like this?? She has self respect from the beginning and what happened to it…..Why she shd become a victim to shiv
    If sagars wish is not to see ganga as widow why can’t she wear sindhoor and bangles and live in sagars memories by practising law. If she wants to know about krishna why she should prove shiv as a bad guy…
    No maturity in shivs character also
    He can also respect some one else’s side.
    And explain to her about sagars wish
    Hope less serial

  4. Well said Priya.. this serial is a mystery. One tract to another and there are no links. What happened to the old Ganga. Why is she behaving like a spoil child??? Why is she not practicing her law and look for sagar killer or Krishna instead of trying to get even With Shiv. As for Shiv his behaviour is disgusting. As for Jhumki she needs more that a slap.
    Now Ganga is going to fall for Shiv and he will reject her. The rest of the family will make her life hell and somehow she will unveil the truth about Savitri death… or writers might divert the track completely to a new story.. Never a dull moment in Ganga ?

  5. Hi Everyone,

    Yes Priya, I too find it difficult to sympathise with Gangaa considering her recent behaviour. She was behaving like a petulant child…worse, she allowed Jhumki to manipulate her again. What happened to Ganga’s better sense of judgement? What happened to her sensibility? Writers, you need to fill in the gaps, please don’t move the story forward without completing the outcome of Pratap and Savitri crimes.
    I am hoping that Aisha words during precap, will give a Ganga a wake-up call about her recent behaviour.

  6. And yes one more thing to be noticed is that gangaa only and only pays attention to shiv ‘s bad behavior and never gives a damn to sacrifices made by him ……….. He is truly good from heart but she is behaving more stubborn than a born baby……………..which has gone far beyond real gangaa’s behavior……….hope some twist comes and sets everything alright

  7. Pls priya shiv is good by heart if he is good then he would not mary gangaa actually half married for this serial marriage is become just a game of dolls u can maary any person by ur will if u pit sinddor o become maried nd if u just take 7 rounds of fire u become husband nd wife stupid serial everrrr……nd im laughing on that part that u guys r still hoping that everything will settle down in this serial nd everyone vl become happy it vl never ever going to happen…….. Wht happen to gangaa where is her self respect gonee to helll she is staying wid shiv coz shiv knows where the hell is krishna isssss a*sh*le gangaa nd that cheapp asss shivvvv all making gangaa chut*ya

  8. Mr Adu
    I’m not interested in fighting with you I’m just placing my views ,….and let me explain one thing if you are really a good person then you would definitely understand that there is a limit to be good to a person who is always disrespecting you ….and that is the case with shiv……….and morever I think you need to mind your language …you have gone to such an extent of abusing just for the sake of a serial……I think this is disgusting…….they are just acting

  9. Mr Adu
    I have no interest in fighting with you. I’m just placing my views…..and if you are really a good person then you would definitely be knowing that there is a limit of being good to a person who always disrespects you……and sorry to say but I don’t personally feel you should have abused…….. it’s just a serial and they are just acting………… should always mind one’s language

  10. I repeated my comment thinking it wasn’t posted……..sorry for that

  11. Swayam Satope

    Gangaa is getting stupid and blank day by day. Where is gangaa s professional life and is her self respect changed to self pride and selfish ness. I think all the viewers must stop seeing this serial serial. I thought that the show will become more interesting but it is becoming worst day by day

  12. Relax adu nd priya there is nothing to fight priya pls relax nd moreover u both r right in ur own views pls dont fight priya if u r saying that i wanna fight then pls dont make ur mouth bad by saying this all nd i agree wid u priya adu should mind her language pls realx its just a serial…. ?

  13. Mr priya
    First of all im not ‘he’ im ‘she’ okk naa??? Who r u to tell me that i should mind my language r u my mother sister father anything else nothingg rite??? Ten pls i dont need ur lectures… ok its just a serial pls end this topic here its good that u dont post anything else if u don’t post then i vl understand that this topic is end…. thanku mr priya………

  14. You are absoulotely disgusting Adu ? How dare you talk to Priya like this and she is absolutly right your language is totally absurd first go and learn some manners then give your opinion .

  15. Before telling me how i should learn my manners u should go and have some english coaching u dont know the spelling of absolutely nd by the way all that words i didn’t said to priya i said to the serial nd if u just read my comment again only the last three lines is not good nd i said to SERAIL i repeat TO SERIAL is that clearr all peopleeee hereeee nd pls its none of ur business hannah its matter btw me nd priya actually not priya also its the matter btw serial nd me pls dont interfere…. thankuuuuu i didn’t said anything to priyaa pls read my comment againnnn

  16. It seems Addu that your IQ level is lil bit low and you born and brought up in lower class family that is why your logics are bizzar and now for God sake don not say that I spelt lil wrong!! You use offensive language that shows that you born and brought up in some very lower class family. Please do not DARE to use absurd language on this post . Learn some manners and dignity .

  17. Adu it seems your IQ level is very low and you are very aggressive .please DO NOT DARE to use abusive language in this post!! You language reflects that you are from very low class and uneducated person but you do not need to show your tantrums on this page .

  18. Adu people like you are the stain on our society and disgrace to our country . People like you let our country down .

  19. pls stop this fight why r u fighting guys its just a serial pls Hannah dont go to such extend ya i agree adu has used abusive words but guys understand pls Hannah u can’t call someone uneducated u people have not met each other u people don’t know whether u r talking to he or she nd u simply saying someone uneducated…… stop this fight there was no need to extend this issue till society… where the word society came from yaar its just a serial nd yes i agree wid adu she has used all this words to serial…. pls people go nd check Instagram acc of aditi dev sharma aka gangaa whenevers she posts some pic of her shooting the type of comments people postt u just see…… adu has used appropriate words but people use such type of words that i can’t tell u…….. so pls stop this fight….. thanku..
    Sorryyy if anyone is hurtt……..

  20. Pls Hannah if someone uses abusive words is brought up in lower class society this is disgusting…….. now i fully support adu i really dont undersand ur logic the film udta punjab has so many abusive words so that is it mean the directors producers nd actors r brought up in lower class familyy Sorryyy u cant say this to anyone how dare u speak like this lower class familyy seriously hanaah u know wht u r typing is really bullshit… disgusting yaaarr
    Nd pls stop this fightt okk

  21. Helloo hanaah im brought up in lower class????? Fine so who r u daughter of ambanii???. fine im uneducated u r educated so educated people should know how to talk they have more brainn than us ritee so educated people should sstop this fight wid thier brain nd do not talk like this im i riteee??????nd im showing tantrums wahh a big round of a applause for hanaah Wowww…. helooo mr pls dont u DARE speak to me like that u know who im u dont know na then why u r saying that im brought up in lower class… nd where the hell society word came from im stain then who r u im fedddd uppppp
    I’m saying that i have used that words in context for serial pls dont take it seriously nor i have said to priya neither to u hanaahhh is that clear….. nd dont ever say that im warning u dont u dare speak to me like thattttt ????????????????????????

  22. Hello mr hanaah how dare u speak to me like that I’m uneducated nd who r u amabani’s daughter ????? Nd im from lower class family r u out of ur senses the person who use abusive words is from lower class family how dare u talk to me like that… this shows how CHEAP u r that u can say anything to any person without knowing who is she or he i just said only few bad words nd u r insulting me like u r god r u r some big mayor or something shit!!!!! pls im warning u hanaah DARE U SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT …… its old habit of india its not ur mistake that two people r fighting nd other people jump in btw just to have fun its a very old habit….. so pls mind ur own business….ok did swayam satope write anything that person just wrote his comment nd leaved the pge but u can also do like him but no u guys have to jump in btw just to have some fun nd just to have time paas u guys have really free time that u r posting these comments at nite pls sleep at night rather to post cheap comments……… disgusting people????????????

  23. What does that mean people like me let our country down by the way im not an indian i was born in LA okk na from past 10 yrs i have been living here in india an now im a citizen of india so im also a indain okkk???? Nd im a stain on this country could u pls tell me that wht have u done for this country have u done some work for improvement for this country tell meee pls dont talk useless until u r confident for wht u r sayingg

  24. Adu you are sick !! And you did use abusive language . You were extremely rude to Priya . I am sorry I was wrong that I said that lower class people use abusive langauage but I am totally right that u are mentally sick and that reflects on your posts . MY India is great and we Indian are great . Do not dare to comment any thing about my country. I am proud to be Indian .Mera Bharat mahan .Do not dare to write any abusive word on this page other wise I will not spare you. I hate people when they use abusive language on the post .

  25. Sorry Navya and Sia if my comment offended you I do apologise but Adu comment was not acceptable and he did use dirty words when he was answering to Priya.

  26. I totally agree with Hannah . Adu was very rude to Priya and Hannah and he is contuniously abusive language and how dare you are saying bad thing about Indians .

  27. Adu you are mentally sick !! I am sorry that I said that lower class people use abusive language but adu you are sick !! You did use abusive language to Priya and this not acceptable. Do not dare to say anything bad about India or Indian . I am Indian and very proud to be a Indian . Mera Bharat mahan . Do not dare to use dirty language onthis page other I will not spare you. I am sorry Navya and Siya if I offended u guys Ido apologise for that but Adu did use abusive language to Priya in his post. Thank u Pragya for ur support.

  28. YES im meantally sick happy guys first tell me hanaah wht vl u do vl u kill me???? Or u vl kick me out of this country ????

  29. Its ok Hanaah? but its just a words so hey let’s be frnds ? nd yes to be honest i also use some of Thse words when im talking to my frnd…… nd yes pls dont just extend this issue to the country or to someone’s family pls lets just stop this topic here……
    Good priya that she just leaved this pge nd is happy i don’t understand if priya is not having any problem then why u guys r fighting nd pls other people dont just add fuel to the fire pls make them under stand pls dont fight be happyy!!!!!!?????

  30. OK hanaah u r sorry for that cheap comment im also sorry for that indian comment fine… yes im menatally sick kya karoon can u pls drop me to the mental hospital coz i cant affOrd plssssss ?????

  31. OK Fine i was watching all this drama from very beginning now i vl step into this yaar pls try to uunderstand first of all i vl start wid adu she has used by the way adu is she not he i want to clear u all she has used these words to priya while answering her but she has used these words for serial not for priya pls understand nd all people pls act mature u too adu… can i pls know ur age u all must be adult to differentiate btw wht is wrong nd wht is rite adu didn’t say a*sh*le to priya she said to gangaa she didn’t said u all chut*ya she said to all actOrs working in the serial pls understand….
    Then Hannah it is gud that she immediately said sorry about her cheap comment which was realy cheap so i vl not touch that part now to that indian comment for my opinion adu said rite about indians nd evry single part is not to be make issue of it pls understand this…its gud that u can’t listen bad about india nd about Indians too its gud nd i appreciate that but pls act mature adu didn’t said so much bad about indians im not saying that she completely said rite but ya………..
    This comment is not only for adu nd hanaah its for all
    Sorry by heart if anyone is hurt sorry once agian .

  32. Now the reading comments are becoming more interesting then watching serial carry on ???????


  33. Hannah sorry to say now u r becoming irritating i totally agree wid rosy wht she said was extremely rite pls don’t make issue of such a small topics be happy

  34. Adu I do not have any personal grudge against you . I am happy that you apologised and I am sorry too that I get carried away by my emotions .

  35. I do agree Adu that your sarcasm is at peak?

  36. I agree Hannah ?? friends Hannah??? ???✌✌

  37. Definitely yes Adu!!

  38. Good !!!☺

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