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Palash’s mom makes tea for Palash and Sagar. Sagar says Ganga can never forgive me as I have hurt her self-respect. She can never bear it. Ganga comes there. She asks Palash if he called her here. Palash nods. Palash’s mom is happy to see her. I am happy to know you won the case. Ganga turns to go but Palash’s mom asks her to have tea with them. She asks Ganga how much sugar she needs. Ganga replies. She also tells her how much sugar Sagar will take. Palash’s mom is surprised. Palash shares that Ganga and Sagar are childhood friends. They know each other well. Palash’s mom speaks of old movie Dostana in which both the heroes loved heroine. Palash dismisses the topic. Palash’s mom asks Ganga to help her in kitchen but Palash goes with her.

Ganga and Sagar look at each other. He tries to say

something to her but she stays put. I don’t want to hear anything. Don’t create a scene here at someone else’s house. Palash’s mom comes there to take teacups. Sagar tells Ganga he did say wrong about her that day but he can never even think of that in anger. She says you cannot think but can do it. He insists he was angry. She counts all the things that he did when he was angry like marrying her, then breaking it off, breaking ties with his family and then marrying again and more! You very easily put it all off on your anger. You don’t realise what other person has to go through because of your anger! Palash and his mom join them. They all sit down to have tea. Ganga leaves as soon as she finishes tea. Palash’s mother asks Sagar if there is someone in Ganga’s life. Sagar is uneasy. I don’t think so. As far as I know her there is no one. She says I want a girl like Ganga for my son. I don’t know if Palash like Ganga but I want him to like her. She is a very good girl. Sagar is shocked but smiles for her sake. There can be no one like Ganga!

Palash talks to Ganga while walking. She suggests him to do it later. Your friend is upstairs. Palash has full faith in his mother. She will keep him entertained. Ganga keeps walking even when Palash bends down to tie his shoelace. He notices a bike coming towards her. Sagar too has come down by now. He saves Ganga in time. The biker splashes mud on them. Sagar too was rushing to save Ganga but stops. Palash scolds the guy. He threatens to take the guy to police station but Ganga lets him go. Palash says such people should not be let off. You think that guy will realise his mistake after your scolding? Are you alright? She nods. They resume walking. Sagar is all lost thinking about Ganga and Palash; of his mother’s words and of Palash saving Ganga. He is all tensed.

Ganga is drying her saree when she finds Sagar standing there. She acts to ignore him. He walks up to her and moves the saree aside. She tries to go when he holds the other end of her saree. She tells him to let go. He says I have always made up for my mistakes like this only. She frees her saree herself. He says I dint come to apologize. I came to talk about something else. She replies that there is nothing to be said between them. He points out that it is about her and Palash. He is very much concerned for you. He saved you at home and on road too. Maybe he cares more for you than me. I see it clearly in his eyes. She clears it to him that Palash is only her Sir. You are mistaken. She is about to go when he asks her to wait. I feel guilty when I see you. Your life is ruined because of me so I want to! She says you are busy in matchmaking now. You think all this is a game? You said you don’t love me but someone else so you married her. Later, you came to me and said that you made a mistake. Can we not start again! Now you tell me to allow someone else to come in my life. Have you ever thought of what I feel? You want to become great by doing all this, right? He reminds her she was doing the same when she asked him to go to Janvi. Where am I wrong when I am doing something for you? What’s the difference? She reasons that Janvi is his wife. Palash Sir is only my Sir, nothing more. He only wants her to forget her past. She knows he could not do so then why he expects it from her. I will take the decisions of my life. You have no right to direct my life! She walks away.

Yash gives injection to Janvi. She is all drowsy afterwards. Yash happily takes the bundle of money and leaves. Janvi finds Ganga standing there (in widow avatar). What are you doing here? Leave. Ganga replies she never left. She was always here in this room, in Sagar’s eyes, his heart beats; this room’s every little thing. Janvi sits up telling her to shut up. Ganga laughs at her. Janvi sees too many Ganga’s around her. She shouts at them to stop. Go away, Ganga! She covers her ears the voice is drowned for a second. Ganga says poor you. You wanted to defeat me? Janvi angrily throws a vase at the mirror thereby breaking it. She breaks down.

Maharaj ji has cleaned the mess in Janvi’s room. Mehri thinks this is the third time the mirror is broken. What’s her enmity with mirror? Amma ji too is tensed. Mehri says maybe she saw her true face in mirror. Madhvi sends her outside to throw the mirror. Amma tells Madhvi Mehri has a point though. Don’t know what’s in Janvi’s heart. She never comes out of her room. She is always in her room and sleeping. Don’t know what new problem will come in this house.

Janvi is in Ganga’s room. She has lit incense. Ganga asks her what she is doing. Janvi replies she is shooing Ganga’s ghost away. Ganga says what you are doing. Janvi says she stays in the room always. She does not let Sagar come to me. She has done some black magic on Sagar. I try so much but I always lose out to her. She points at a corner of the room. This widow Ganga is very jealous of me, my clothes, my mangalsutra. She cannot see me happy. epi ends on Ganga’s face.

Precap: Sagar tries to talk to Janvi but she tells him to stay away. You have also come here to torture me like her. She keeps coming in my dreams always. He asks her who she is talking about. She walks away saying I know she will not go anywhere. She has snatched everything from me! He is taken aback to see her condition.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I am the first

  2. Will paga happen?

  3. Sagar should rectify his mistakes now. he married janvi and now he says he loves gangaa. he don’t have right to ruin janvi’s life like this. He is so immature. Gangaa should move on in her life.

  4. Kya ganga phir se shaadi karegi Palash Banerjee se? And ganga ke past ke bare me janne ke baad kya palash ki ma use DIL banaegi? Aditi and Sarwar’s romance would be interesting no?I mean they r real life couples?


    Seeing new promo i think sagar will try to marry ganga but till that time ganga will move on with palash and their will be a situation that palash and ganga will unite and may be writers will turn sagar in negative…
    And according to TOI statement given by aditi aka ganga in futre there will be romance b/w ganga and palash…

  6. Dude plaese, don’t make palash the lead one. Ganga is supposed to be based on this girl Ganga and her one and only true love Sagar. Soo please i don’t want to see Palash(who came for a side role) becoming the lead one.

    1. ya very true

  7. gangaa wants sagar lives happy his wife becomes pshyco bcz of sagar does not love her .. So ganga will move on ….. but that will fake …… after sagar unites with his wife .. she will go far from palasah life also … she will not accept palash as her hub in real ……bcz ganga is always pure ……… she loves sagar always he is her hub…..
    her soul mate this is my opinion…….if it ends fine bcz ganga a….. title,,,,,,,,pavithiram



    when she was a child a debate with bala yogi what a guts she had! facie expressions supero super ts

  9. sagar”s dadi his mom treated as a servant only ..except babuji ……..

    babuji is a nice character …….but his wife is a silent villi……
    this is very good drama yes widows r treated like this only now a days also

    widows r also human beings … they also having feelings plz hear their voice and give respect to them …this is my request I love this serial very muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  10. Really enjoying the story so far. As much as i do not warm to Jhanvi’s character and she knowingly married Sagar when he was not in the right frame of mind, I somehow feel sorry for her. Especially when she started going hallucinating after the injection Yash gave her.
    Yash is a despicable character, no morals. Hopefully he gets caught very soon, thrown into jail and have another case against him for drug dealing.
    Really like to see Palash and Gangaa relationship blossom, hopefully they will fall in love and marry. May be after witnessing Jhanvi pain, Sagar will realise he has been unfair to Jhanvi and will try to be fair to her.
    Thank you for updates.

  11. Sagar is really nice, I am really excited to see him treat Jhanvi well then somone else will see them in other side. And Ammaji’s line always skeptic but funny. I love this show now, especially because Sagar is calm down-I love to see his classy side, again!- thanks to Ammaji’s wish HiHi.

  12. Can’t understand its plot now
    I mean sagar aur ganga chahte kya hain they have destroyed janvi’s life aur ab Palash ko bhi bakra bana rahen hain
    Wish to unite palash and ganga
    Janvi ko marne se pehle apni sacchai reveal kar deni chahiye
    Or else sagar wud b forever blamed
    Ganga ki life bhi barbad ho jayegi

  13. Now sagar would become widower so it would b interesting to c that now what sagar’s family will do…n i don’t want palash n ganga pair..i just love GangaSagar pair..palash should deny coz he’s also has some hint that sagar n ganga both have feelings for each other n showing widow’s marriage is good but it basically about a love story that would gangasagar b united or not n care,love is another thing but accept her as DIL is another thing…..let’s c what happens…

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