Gangaa 4th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 4th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

sagar depressed in the court as yash got bail… niru tells him not to lose hope.. sagar walks away upset

yash and prabha outside.. prabha happy cos he got bail… yash says sagar cant put me in jail.. sagar comes then and says the case is not over.. i will prove that u did everything.. yash tries to be sweet sweet .. sagar says ur entire life will be in jail and i will make sure that.. prabha starts bad mouthing gangaa.. then she says go get proof first then blame my son… sagar keeps shouting at yash and almost going to hit him… niru comes and stops him and asks him to come to his cabin immediately

sagar starts complaining that other lawyer was wrong in supporting yash and bad mouthing gangaa … niru says it dint seem like a lawyer fighting his case.. it seemed like

u were fighting for ur friend… even if i was judge i would have bailed yash cos u were not prepared nor had any proof… u need to fight d case smartly not like this… sagar understands..

janvi meets yash and asks him to destroy the camera asap.. and promises money for it.. yash holds her hand and asks what will sagar ganga do next in d case.. janvi thinks she needs to handle yash smartly.. and promises him to keep him updated.. just then ganga comes but yash is gone by then.. janvi tries to ask gangaa whats d next plan.. but he doesnt say anything.. she tries asking gangaa but she also goes away

sagar and gangaa come with cops to search yash house.. prabha starts ranting.. anyways dey still search while prabha doesnt allow them to.. anyways prabha husband comes and tells them to search as they have a warrant.. prabha on and on blaming gangaa.. she says gangaa made sagar enemy of his own cousin brother.. sagar says to help gangaa i can make the whole world my enemy.. gangaa goes …
prabha called yash and told him that they r searching proof… so yash says let them search… dey wont get anything.. he had d camera with him.. he thinks why to destroy it.. better sell it.. he is trying to sell in d shop.. one foriegner comes and asks for a camera.. so yash tries to fool him and sold it to him.. he says he will delete some things but the camera battery gets over so he is unable to delete it…

yash anyways says this is some random guy he will leave india soon… sagar wont get it anyways so big deal.. SaGa r walking on the streets and ppl are taking shiva idol for mahashivratri and dancing around it… gangaa thinks why does god not help us..

that foreigner is taking video there.. they bumo into him.. he asks so beautiful country ..whats happening here.. and gangaa says mahashivratri.. he requests them to make a video.. sagar says no we need to go… they leave.. gangaa says whats there in taking a small video.. we shouldnt have said no.. so sagar starts recording it.. suddenly sagar realises that he knows d camera… he says this camera i had gifted janvi.. and J is written on this.. i had engraved on this… sagar asks who gave him this … sagar shows him yash pic and that man says yes.. sagar searches d camera and finds d mms and also her and pulkit video… den suddenly sagar realised that it is janvi’s camera.. then he thought if janvi is also involved with yash..

sagar came home.. shouting out janvi.. all r like what happened… janvi came down and asked what happened.. sagar showed her d camera and asked her if he remembers it.. sagar tells her this same camera was used to make gangaa camera.. janvi us …

precap – sagar shows d camera as a proof to the judge ..

Update credit to: shivin

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  1. Nooooo someone update pleaseeee

  2. Please update

  3. Please update this episode

  4. Pls update

  5. Just watched it for 15 minutes. Sagar and Ganga are at yash place with police and search warrant. They search yash room but are unable to find the camera there. Disappointed they leave. On the way they find the same foreigner yash have sold camera to. He request sagar to click his picture. Sagar refuse at first but agrees after ganga request her. He soon realize its janvis’s camera as he was one who gifted her and also have “J” written over it. Sagar also see the fotage of Ganga hugging pulkit and the MMS video. Sagar questions abt janvi involvment in this case.
    Sagar runs to his room and shouts Janvi name. Everyone is out. He calls Janvi and ask her abt the camera and whether she is involved?

    Havent seen the precap. ? Nor the intial scenes but pressuming its abt Yash getting the bail.

    Please someone who have seen can upload rest of it speacially the Precap. ??????

  6. oh noo i’ve waited this updates till 11 pm in my country indonesia. i really love this serial and want to know more about the story as soon as possible, cause iam so curious about the story

  7. Please updateeeeeee.. I am a big fan of gangaa

  8. Yeah, it’s time to sagar know about the thuth that janvi was avolved with yash. I wish sagar can make yash go to jail. Fortunately sagar realize that camera is janvi’s.

  9. Update fast plz

  10. I am sure this churail janvi will make up some story and get out of this mess…this is what really happens in every serial. Nonsense.

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