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Shiv was hurt watching Ganga cry holding the Astia close to her heart. She walks to Shiv and thanks him for this respect, she would always remember this. But he must not try to fill colors in her life, he shouldn’t tie her into a bond against her will. She requests him to let her go. Shiv tells her to go and do what’s more important right now. Ganga says he has proven today he is good at heart, then why is he doing this with her. Shiv tells her to go and do the rituals first.
At home, Kushal leaves as they watch Ganga making her beddings. Shiv tells Ganga to go to guest room as he has already made the arrangements for her. Ganga asks if he would enforce her to stay where she must. She joins her hands for him not to worry about her and lay there in the open yard. Shiv leaves. She feel some filling

the yard. Shiv comes to Kushal on the other side of yard and burn the coal in a pot to create more smoke. Ganga calls Dai Maa and asks her about the smoke. Shiv cleans the area and walks away. Upstairs, Kushal had understood he created all that smoke not for mosquitoes but for Ganga to move to the room. Jhumki heard this all and runs away as she watches Ganga coming upstairs. Jhumki cheers about getting a chance to do something. She comes to Ganga with water and says Shiv sent it. Ganga denies taking it. Jhumki says Shiv didn’t want her to stay in the yard, he spread the smoke there and sent her upstairs. She says Shiv has brought her home as his bride, now he would win over her within one month. Ganga forbids Jhumki to use her brains, she never wants better for Shiv. She shouldn’t push her against Shiv. Jhumki tells her to come with her near the window, downstairs Shiv was walking with the coal pot. Jhumki says Ganga is quite sensible herself and leaves her thoughtful.
Shiv lay on the floor in the room and miss Ganga on the other side. Ganga opens the door and stood there. Shiv asks what happened. Ganga asks if he really trust this marriage. She asks what he wants from her. Shiv replies he only wants to see Ganga happy and be her side always. He wants to fulfil all of her wish and need. Ganga demands him to do what he is saying. She removes her mangal sooter and says it’s her and Sagar’s mangal sooter. It holds three stones of Shiv’s name. In next seven days if he comes up to all of her given testimonies she would wear this with seven stones but if he fails, he must free her from this bond forever. Shiv holds the mangal sooter accepting the challenge.
The next morning, Shiv was praying in the yard. Ganga takes Sagar’s photo from her suitcase and speaks to it, Ganga belongs to Sagar and no one can snatch her right of being his widow. She takes a white saree and considers it a reality of her life. Shiv prays for the strength to fulfil promise with Sagar. He would fill Ganga’s life with love, colors and happiness. There, Ganga says she would fight the one who tries to fill her life with colors. Today begins the fight between her and Shiv and until she wins, her tears, her pain and this white saree is his.
Everyone in the hall hear Ganga selling her sarees on a stall calling about a sale. Shiv also comes out and was shocked to see Ganga calling customers. Jhumki enjoys the new drama. Savitri curtly says Ganga is wearing such modern saree in this village. Ganga comes to correct Savitri its not wrong to be modern, she always wear such clothed; they put her in their colors only because she didn’t remember anything. She welcomes the ladies as her customers. The ladies gossip that wife of MathaDesh is selling sarees, she doesn’t care about Shiv’s respect. Riya comes to question Ganga what she is doing. Ganga says she thought a lot and decided to stay simple from now, what she would do with all this jewelry. Savitri comes to shout at Ganga, Ganga clarifies Panchait only ordered her to stay at their house. Ganga comes to tell Shiv she has a self-respect, she can’t take something from anyone and has to earn for herself. Savitri instigates Shiv asking if they can’t provide her food from their house. Ganga says she isn’t related to them, how she should eat at their house. Shiv stops Savitri. Ganga questions if Shiv’s family is disgraced this way, he should shout at her and show her anger. She remembers he had promised to protect her respect. She tells him to break his promise if he is really angry.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. when sagar n krishna will come plz tell us coz neeru has died u were showng us so same theory u adopt na see some miracle n back to sagar in ganga’s life

  2. After watching this episode, it was nice to see Ganga dress her usual self. Her sari is beautiful, not heavy fabric. I thought it was funny how Shiv created smoke to make Ganga sleep in guest room. The way Ganga tried to provoke Shiv, looked like Ganga had fun doing so. Hopefully there will be more light hearted scenes between Shiv and Ganga with some humour during the challenges. Loved the way Ganga stood upto Savirta!

    1. I actually watched the ep now! Yeah!! it was so funny to see shiv tricking gangaa!! 😛 Gangaa is soo stubborn, I am actually interested to see how much more she will push shiv! Though, when I saw the precap, it looked as if, shiv isn’t going to lose so easily! 🙂 I also, don’t really like gangaa’s hairstyle, the way it is partitioned.. I wish she could change it to her earlier style! that really suited her 🙂

  3. Yes Summer! It was good to see Gangaa back in her old avtaar 🙂 Looking forward to some more of Shiv and Gangaa!

    1. Hi Deeksha,

      Likewise 🙂 I think Savitra will try and take advantage of the situation but I’m sure it will back- fire big time! How Ganga stood up to Savitra reminded me of how she use to argue her point with Amma Ji.

  4. This serial has now become a rubbish.I was a daily viewer of serial gangaa but now watching this serial is like wasting time.

  5. Hey…., Gangaais back full of fighting spirit. Hopefully Gangaa will make Shiv see who Savitri , jhumki and Prabha are. It’s going to be fun watching Savitri’s response. ??

  6. Gangaa is not going to expose savitri after regaining her memory coz now she is concentrating to live her life in her own way nd is fighting for her rights…. gangaa is now a sick serial……. this serial always give me headache but now I’m happy coz i could get rid of gangaa sick floppp seriallllllllll…. but yes i agrree wid that she is looking gud in her old outfit nice to see old gangaa but this serial seriously sucksssss…..

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