Gangaa 3rd October 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 3rd October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
sagar rushes to grab krishna as she doses off into unconscious state. he takes her in the arms and rushes to the car, where madhavi is boggled as to whats going on. she takes one look at the girl and is shocked. he asks madhavi to call ganga and give her the update, while he places her in the car. madhavi rushes to the PCO and calls ganga, who is shocked to hear her voice, madhavi informs that krishna is with sagar and hw they are rushing her to the hospital. ganga is stunned into silence. niru takes the phone, and then madhavi informs him too. he takes the name of the hospital. after cancelling, he assures ganga that everything would be alright. Ganga starts imagining what could have happened wrong. niru continuously calms her down.

Scene 2:

Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji remembers the recent happenings and gets lost and tensed, when maharaj comes and asks her to eat something atleast, but she refuses, citing that since sagar and madhavi went, they feel so sad and lonely. they lament at the situation of the house. ammaji says that all is spoilt now, and wonders whether there shall be anymore happiness. just then, she finds juhi throwing tantrums, for having milk, while surpirya rushing after her, to grab her. ammaji and maharaj start eyeing her, as they enjoy. she smiles. maharaj points out how the lord takes from one and gives from the other hand, and how her smile shall bring back the happiness of the house. she asks juhi why is she irritating supriya. juhi says that she doesnt like milk. ammaji starts imagining how she made sagar drink it, and juhi likes that idea too. she rushes after supriya. ammaji laments as to what happened and what could have been.

Scene 3:
Location: Hospital
sagar hurriedly parks, and then carries krishna in his lap, and runs inside. madhavi rushes after him. Ganga too arrives just then, and hollers at her. sagar and madhavi look back. ganga gets berserk begging her to open her eyes. they compose and calm her down, while niru comes from behind, and finds out what happened. both niru and madhavi rush to get a stretcher, and have a romantic moment. they hurriedly place krishna on it and get her in. ganga asks sagar to get the doctor, while he says that they are all here and she should calm down. niru asks them not to bother. the doctor comes, and they rushedly ask him to examine. sagar and gaga are distraught, while the doctor asks for the age. ganga talks about how earlier also, she fainted once, and it was diagnosed that she has a hole in the heart and is a blue baby. sagar and madhavi are shocked to hear this. the doctor decide to rush her to the OT. ganga gets berserk and asks why, but niru makes her retreat as they rush krishna inside. sagar remembers what ganga said about the father. he is shocked as the revelation stands that he is the father, and what all he put her through and how he too had the same genetic defect. ganga isnt allowed in, as she insists. sagar is still in a daze of shock, as they are told that she needs to be operated on. ganga is distraught, as she hugs niru and cries out her heart. he calms her down assuring everything would be okay. he makes her sit down, while sagar is too shaken up, as she remembers how she must have been hurt. he tries to go to her. madhavi stops him, but he gets ahead to ganga and then says that he needs to ask something. niru asks him to let be as ganga is tensed. sagar says that he is tensed too, and asks her why did she say that krishna had the same disease that her father had. ganga is shocked. sagar asks her who is krishna’s father, and she is at a loss of an answer. he hesitates and tries to ask, while niru asks if he still doesnt understand, and asks him not to bother her, in this state, if he cant console her. sagar says that he needs to know, and sits on his knee, and beside ganga, and asks who is the father. she says that he doesnt know him, hence the question doesnt stand a relevance. he says that she knows, and he merely wants to know the name. niru and madhavi stand tensed. she says that she thought she knew him, but realised that she was wrong, and she doesnt know. he begs her to say it out once, as its important for him. niru says that he doesnt have the right to ask this from ganga. but sagar continues on, and before ganga can respond, the nurse takes her away for signing of some papers before the operation starts. she complies and leaves. sagar stands tensed.

Later, madhavi gets water for niru, who himself is concerned for her too. they both the OT where she is being operated on. niru says that he loves her more than anything else, and knows that krishna shall be fine. she also assures him the same, that there are many people praying for her, including sagar. niru gets tensed hearing this. as the operation ends, the doctor comes and tells that krishna is out of danger now. they say that they have inserted a stent in the heart and that she has been shifted to the recovery ward, and they can meet her there. ganga rushes to go. he then tells niru that he needs to discuss financial matters, and talks about how sudden it was, but such a surgery requires huge money. ganga turns around tensedly ad joins the conversation. Sagar steps in and tells niru that they shouldnt stop anything in the treatment, for money, as he would pay for everything. ganga denies point blank, saying that she is her daughter’s both parents, hence she shall bear the cost and noone else. she says that krishna isnt an orphan, and she can take care of her own baby. she says that she can manage on her own ahead too, like the past, and that her krishna’s life, isnt anyone’s sympathy motive. she asks the doctor to continue the treatment, as she shall manage the entire expenditure. she faces sagar sternly and then walks off. Niru says that ganga is still the same as she was, her pride and ego more than anything else, and asks how he forgot that she wont take anything as a beg or in sympathy, and she shall not stop till she gets whats her rightful share. sagar hears tensedly, as niru says that he is proud of her. the screen freezes on sagar’s tensed face.

Precap: Ganga tells sagar that there isnt any need for him in their lives. she says that they have managed easily so far, and shall mnage without him, in the future too. she asks him not to step in their lives now and begs for a favour, and thats to return back to London. he is about to leave, when krishna wakes up, and screams out Junglee Uncle, which makes him stop right tht instant, as he turns back around. ganga is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Gangaa needs to control her ego. Having pride is good but arrogance is not so good!

  2. Yeah… She should try to find out how sagar doesn’t remember their intimate moments…. She just keeps silent… And doesn’t try to answer r question him… Too much dragging spoils the show…

  3. Would you update the 30th september ep, i really want to know what happened in it

  4. U can watch gangaa episodes on

    1. I don’t understand hindi, so if i watch it i won’t know what they are talking about, so i wait the update because it’s in english

  5. Starting was awesome, I felt like skipping a beat.
    But both the child artists are doing over action.\
    Gangaa was soooo bold, she’s actual free woman.
    And I think Krishna will find out a way to her father.
    Good show if compare to indian serials.

  6. I believe gangaa is right. It was sagar who didn’t trust her. Honestly gangaa doesn’t deserve Sagar. Gangaa always trusted him but Sagar always wanted an explanation . As for Krishna I am actually disappointed to see her similar to Sagar. She doesn’t even acknowledge the love worry and care and sacrifices made by her mother. Feeling bad for gangaa. Gangaa surely didn’t deserve this. I am glad that Babu is by Gangaa’s side! Love their trust and belief in each other.

    1. What about sagar, he begged her to just tell him for once that what happened, and that he doesn’t remember anything, men doesn’t believe easily this thing, s9 if he doesn’t remember anything, so by any logic he will believe that this is his child?
      beside gangaa also doesn’t believe him in many things, her study case she belives it was sagar who was against her, and make her conclusion that he is fighting her for personal reasons, she didn’t believe him in rudra case, although when she asked him to leave the case he trusted her and leave it, and after all of this she accused him that he make a false report, and how he is immoral lawyer, and at the end rahat death he told her what zoya did and she also said he is a liar, after all of this you said sagar is wrong.
      For niru and gangaa relationship and their trust, he didn’t trust his son or believe him and believe his new daughter who he only knew for 2 days, and even after 7 years, he still in zoya and gangaa side, he doesn’t try to talk with sagar for once, or even try to patch up with his wife, he only wants her to accept zoya or it okay if his wife for 31 years leaves him.
      Not just sagar is wrong, gangaa and niru is more in wrong than sagar.
      And i really wait them both gangaa and niru to regret what they did, not just sagar.

      1. You know, you r wrong in one place…it was sagar’s distrust on ganga which made her distrust sagar in return. He blamed her character twice knowing well that ganga has never ever looked at any guy other than sagar!! So, they both r at fault!
        Niru is wrong. But he will understand it soon.
        But i have to say, sometimes gangaa really annoye me. I like her pride but i hate her habit of jumping to conclusions!!

    2. Deeksha, u r right but u shud also understand that krishna is just a 7 year old kid. She doesn’t know what her mother went thru. N ganga is also not explaining things properly to her either. Misunderstanding is a very big problem u know!!

  7. Nice epi..i want to read 30sep update

  8. Now they are bringing back Rudra to clear misunderstandings between the two main leads… In the upcoming episodes v can c Rudra and Yash….

  9. In 30th September episode… One person sees ganga worried and says that he has seen krishna going with a couple and they have taken chitpur bus…in the bus… Krishna was sleeping… Police stops the bus for checking and the couple manages that Krishna was their daughter… Bus stops at a place for the passengers to have tea break… Krishna wakes up and was hungry… She gets down from the bus and the couple follow her to the table…

  10. If u watch that episode of gangaa’s marriage..when Sagar asked her in their room, she did tell him the truth. She did tell him to believe her and tried to remind him . Now just bcz Sagar doesn’t remember anything , its not gangaa’s mistake right? And honestly if men can believe their own wives or childhood friends( wrt the context) then its their loss! The way Sagar had accused her..Gangaa was right in leaving him at the alter. Gangaa and Niru have had a special bond from the very beginning. In the case of Zoya, Niru is just standing with the truth which apparently Sagar was not able to prove. Why didn’t Sagar stay and tried to find other proofs against zoya? No. Instead he left with his mother and went away to London. Just like everytime. Running away. Even when gangaa’s mms scandal happened, he didn’t believe gangaa. As for gagaa misunderstanding Sagar for the decision of her getting accepted in college, that is really a very trivial issue as compared to Sagar’s misunderstanding Gangaa’s statement when Niru had asked her to leave his son. Remember what Sagar did? He got angry, as usual didn’t listen to gangaa and didn’t believe her when she begged him to stop and instead married jhanvi! And look where that led to! Hence I believe Sagar is to be held more responsible than either gangaa or niru.

  11. Meanwhile sagar and Madhavi also stops at the same hotel for tea…sagar and Krishna go to wash their hands but does not see each other… While Krishna was having snacks, the couple goes to a side and decides to give her injection and take her to Delhi hospital to sell her… Krishna hears their plan and manages to hide from them… The couple starts searching for her… Sagar and Madhavi starts leaving from the place when sagar finds that he forgot his wallet and returns to the hotel and happen to see the news that Krishna was missing… He was worried and tries to call Ganga and Niranjan on phone but doesn’t get them on line… While he comes out of PCO, Krishna sees him and calls him junglee uncle…

  12. The kidnapper caught hold of her and places a knife on her neck saying that he would kill her… Sagar signs krishna to hit on his legs and Krishna manages to escape from the hands of the kidnappers… She was about to reach Sagar but feels dizzy and faints… Sagar holds her from falling…

  13. And as far as madhvi is concerned, sadly now I find her as a puppet of her son. If Niru didn’t contact her the did she try contacting him once on his personal no? Even when they were talking and the Sagar called her, she did not finish the convo instead went away from the room. Niru has repeatedly indicated to her that everything has been a mess since the last 7 yrs in the last 5 days they have been together. Just to make her realize her importance in their lives. Even when madhvi asked her son to stay back for a few days, she refused finally when she saw Niru. I think madhvi just wants to believe her son whether its the case of gangaa’s pregnancy or zoya. Although I agree zoya is the wrong one here,but that hasn’t been proved. And once its proved, Niru will be the first one to throw her out and apologize.

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