Gangaa 3rd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 3rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Hospital
Ganga comes to krishna and takes her hand and takes her away, saying that they need to go. sagar says that krishna is fine here, but she takes her away, while krishna is herself tensed what just happened. ammaji asks what change was he talking about. zoya comes and says that the doctor discharged krishna, hence ganga took her home. sagar tells ganga got very tensed seeing krishna like that. he tries to go after her, but ammaji stops him, asking him to spend the mother-daughter together in the night, as they shall get her and krishna tomorrow, as she has thought of something.

Later, zoya meets sonu, and reprimands him for calling in unannounced, as they camnt be seen together and land in trouble. he teases her, and says that he doesnt want to fail in their

motive, and also wanted to meet her, for money. she furiously gives him some. he asks whats next. she thinks and then comments that she might have failed but due to this incident, ganga and sagar distanced from each other. she says that ganga has two weaknesses, one her self respect, and the other her daughter, krishna, and she has to exploit these two weaknesses to her advantage and asks him to keep watching what lies ahead. he smirks evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Later, at night, someone hollers at the doorstep, waking up ganga and krishna with an alarm. ganga hurriedly rushes to open, while she hears continues hollering. she gets tensed and scared and screams from inside, as to who is it. when the insistent banging continues, some people forcibly barge in and take krishna in their arms, while ganga is distraught and tries to free her. the goons say that they were paid to do so. she asks who did so. sagar walks in tensedly just then. one of them hands krishna to him, while he answers to ganga, that he had told he shall take krishna away, and now he is doing so, and krishna shall stay with him now. krishna screams that she wishes to stay with her mother, but he doesnt comply, and takes her away. screaming sagar’s name, ganga is alarmed and wakes up from her sleep. krishna wakes up and asks if she had a nightmare. ganga repeatedly utters that noone shall take krishna away from her. krishna asks her not to bother and go to sleep, as it was merely a dream. she calms ganga down and they both go to sleep together. ganga thinks that it was just a dream that she wont let ever be materialised. she doses off.

The next morning, zoya again comes and instigates ganga furthermore on the topic, as to how ganga should be concerned about krishna’s safety, now that she knows sagar and his family’s intentions. ganga is tensed and again reiterates that shedoesnt think sagar can do anything wrong that can hurt her or krishna, to take her away. but zoya again cites, the last night’s incidents, intentionally poisoning her mind. she says that she should have some protection, as she knows how insistent sagar and his family is to get krishna, and krishna too has become attached to him. ganga asks if they wouldnt ask for evidence first. zoya says that she has contacts that can help her out with it. she manages to convince ganga, even if doubtfully. ganga asks if its just preventive. zoya asks her to be assured. they both leave.

Scene 3:
Location: GES Securities
Zoya takes ganga to the GES SEcurities, office, and ganga is boggled whether this is right. zoya says that this is the only way out, and that they are merely doing it out of prevention. she asks ganga to discard her doubts and come along. ganga complies. zoya smirks. Inside the office, ganga and zoya detail out the entire case, and the officer complies and assures them the best of their services.

Scene 4:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Madhavi and maharaj are tensed that ammaji hasnt come back yet, from her ganga bath. maharaj rushes out to see. sagar too gets tensed. as they both rush out, they find ammaji coming in with huge festive sound. everyone gathers around, boggled. ammaji gets a palenquin and takes sagar by surprise, as she announces, having arranged for band too, that today she shall go to get ganga and krishna in the house, as she had promised yesterday. he is baffled. others seem happy. pulkit and supriya are tensed. ammaji is super excited and niru too joins in with her. ammaji asks everyone to come. but madhavi and niru ask them to go, while they manage the arrangements and festivities here. ammaji gets overwhelmed and complies. pulkit and supriya leave inside, disinterested, madhavi and niru sees this and is tensed. ammaji gets emotional

Scene 5:
Location: Ganga’s residence
when they reach, sagar and ammaji are dancing with excitement. he tries to get in, but the security guards stop him, saying that he cant get in, as they dont have permission to get in. he says that this is his wife’s house, and he doesnt need permission. ammaji asks him not to meddle with them, and holler for ganga, as once she comes out, they shall know who they are and how are they related to ganga. ganga comes out, when sagar screams for her, along with zoya. they eye the palenquin tensedly. ganga closes the door after her. sagar comes to her, excitedly saying that ammaji has come to take her and krishna with them, to their house. ganga tensedly responds that their hosue is this one only. sagar and ammaji get tensed. ganga also tells him about the security guards and their purpose. ammaji is baffled and again repeats what sagar told. ganga asks if they came to take her or their blod related child, krishna. sagar tells that he needs them both, and then talks who is she scared of. ganga says that its him, shocking them both, while zoya eyes viciously. he asks whats going on, suddenly, as everything was normalising, and he could see love in her eyes yet again. he asks her to speak up, if she has anymore complaints, as he is willing to everything. ganga eyes him stoically. he asks if krishna knows she is doing all this. ganga says that she doesnt need to ask or tell her anything, as krishna is her daughter, and she shall do whatever she is told. sagar is tensed, and complies, and asks her to atleast go in, and talk it out, as krishna wont like that this is going on, and ammaji cant stand out like this for long. he tries to make her understand, that krishna wishes to see them together, and she needs his love too, and asks her to think about her atleast. she says that she is thinking, and asks him to go for the same, as he managed the DNA test last time, and distracted her but not anymore. he asks if she really thinks he can distract her. she firmly says that he used her and now krishna too. he says that krishna is his daughter too, and she cant stop her. ganga is enraged to know their motives. she says that she wont allow them to take krishna away, as she is only her daughter, and he shall be stopped by her. he tells her that he shall meet krishna and if she tries to stop her, then he shall forcibly take krishna away. she gets distraught. stealthily, zoya instigates ganga that he shall go to any lengths to get krishna, and calling the guards was a good decision, as sagar has resorted to violence. ganga asks sagar to go as there isnt any need for drama. ammaji asks them to calm down, while he says that he wont go without meeting krishna. as ganga eyes sagar struggling with security people, and instigated by zoya, ganga gets berserk, remembering his bitter words and then picks up the guard’s rifle, while zoya hints at it. the screen freezes on ganga’s distraught face.

Precap: Ganga takes the rifle and points it at sagar, asking him to retreat or else she shall shoot him. in the scuffle that follows, the rifle goes off, and all scream out. ganga is shocked and distraught, at the gunshot. Later they come back home, ammaji tells madhavi tensedly, that ganga crossed all limits today and now they shall not stay silent too. sagar is enraged as he narrates it to niru. he says that now he shall fight and get krishna legally back in this house, as his daughter and ganga wont be able to stop him at all. niru gets tensed hearing this. Later, the lawyer comes to ganga’s place, with a summon from the court, on behalf of ammaji, telling them that its a house eviction order and within 15 days, they have to vacate the house. ganga and kashish are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Worst episode till now. unbearable. Let all of us stop watching the serial. No words to comment.

    1. I agree totally…At one side, Ganga is very intelligent since beginning and now this Zoya stupid is reaching anywhere, doing anything and she’s getting influenced. Too bad, have to stop watching I guess.

  2. Good for gangaa about ammaji’s summon! she is now really behaving dumb! for God’s sake writers, she is a lawyer! lawyer who is supposed to analyse things carefully! wriyers please dont make a story just to drag and irritate audience! the main lead is no more acting wise!

  3. Damn….why all dis drama Yar….enough s enough oki….viewers will get bored if you drag d story like dis….

  4. bhavaniasapu

    Now what is going to happen in their lives is because of hearing words of zoya and they are on roads…. Custody case goes on… Sagar this time is too much angry for what happened… Good god… No one got injured in firing…

  5. Instead… Ganga can be shown simply sitting in the house and cooking for Krishna, kashish and zoya… And zoya leisurely play tricks and get success every time and happily eat food cooked by her maid ganga and sleep peacefully…

  6. Another disappointing episode. What was this all about!!!! Please put an end to the Zoya track

  7. ganga was one serial i liked in whole lot of serials the serial would atleast leave a good impression if it wraps up otherwise it goes oblivion. what happened to ganga t he story was so good. now gangas character is just like a stupid dumb head what

  8. Well, after reading the updates, i can skip watching tonight’s episode!

    Its going down the same path as Yeh Kahan Aa Gaye Hum, started of good then rapidly went down hill went they brought in Kabir and Yamini… not long after that finito!

    If Zoya continues to dominate the screen, I can see Gangaa rapidly going down the same way.

  9. Hi. Pooja and summer u r right .yesterday pooja u said. Well .yes I am going to slap zoya . There is a limit everything n. She is manipulating every time gangaa is listening …gangaa is stubborn she always for right thing s only.. now what is happening if. Writer won’t stop her character 5or8 comments won’t come.. no viewers and no comments .. please wind up with positive thoughts.. I am eagerly waiting for summer bhavani. And pooja ‘s comments.

    1. Hi Br,
      Long time no see you here. How are you? Hope you are well.

      After 7 year leap, the series took a slopey downturn. Firstly, they got rid of Rahat character…good! The bawling just did my head in…the scene were meant to be sad and depressing, but the wailing kind of took the effect for me therefore did not deliver the result the writers had in mind. Not so long, joined by wailing crocodile tears Zoya and somehow we are stuck with her on our screen and I can’t see her vanishing anytime soon!

      Stupid storyline being dragged out that so far to summarise…Gangaa heart almost softens and debates whether to forgive Sagar…then Zoya plots and schemes…Ganga loses all sense of reasoning skills ( qualified lawyer loses judgement) and feels angry towards Sagar again.

      Lets put the washing machine on again – Ganga and Sagar banter, they eye lock, they want each other but then meddling Zoya gets in between them again – distance is created. Back to the usual ‘will they won’t they’ scenario.

      After a while, it gets boring. This show should be called ‘Zoya on a mission to get mansion’…lol.

      I can see the writers, once Zoya character comes to an end, Supriya will fill in the negative character in Gangaa series. I really hope they do not, before 7 year leap Supriya and Pulkit relationship was cute…now it’s ruined. Perhaps, Chaduvetri household will never have peace ? Maybe once Zoya times runs out, Pulkit and Supriya will develop negative feelings against Sagar and Ganga because the family put them first. But how ironic, Amma ji has always been horrible to Ganga and whatever goes wrong, she was very quick to blame Ganga. Now she wants Ganga back in the house to bring happiness back to the Chaduvetri household. What a hyprocrite!

      Normally I am watching Gangaa at this time, but after reading this mindless episode knowing that Zoya is going to dominate the screen again with her evil lashing, I just cannot bear it. Looks like i’ll be reading updates for now until episode improves.

      Writers need to take an inspiration pill to improve Ganga, otherwise viewers will lose interest.

    2. I like that one…Please give a slap to Zoya from my side as well or may be two …Its too much.

    3. Moreover, Ganga also needs a slap

  10. Pls close. The zoya;s chapter…irritating..

    1. HI Br,
      I did respond to you, but I’m wondering why it is taking so long for tellyupdates to publish my comment ? Perhaps they don’t like my thoughts on how the serial is panning out. Well, lets see if this gets published?

  11. When is all this shit come to an end….

  12. so dumb hate this plz end

  13. I have been enjoying Gangaa up till now. This is becoming radiculously stupid and idiotic. All this drama between Sagar, Gangaa and Zoya is becoming too much for viewing. No wonder Priya and Pulkit feels the way they do.
    It’s time Zoya and Sonu characters are out. The truth about Zoya revealed.
    Gangaa will loose its viewers if these continues.
    Our intelligence and patience is put to test watching Gangaa.

  14. i miss all the previous peaceful episodes of gangaa. They are not even married and they have krishna(a girl) ..thats obviously not shocking . but why the hell is the director giving importance to zoya.Throw her out.. Bring SaGa together. They are good together. Ganga is geting more stupid day by day since she easily listens to zoya while she knew sagar(her love since very long.)
    All depends on the future tracks. But i think. if krishna and ganga comes to amaji’s house maybe a change in track of ganga will be observed. Hopefully!!

  15. Ganga needs her head tested. She lost all her sense of reasoning. I used to admire her. Strong and always do right. Now she is like a puppet and Zoya holding the strings. Current storyline need to end. Viewers are not stupid …..

  16. actually all actors good dont make a good serial necessarily, its about storyline. old episodes of gangaa had a storyline and something to convey. but now its not!
    ruhana is a good child actress and she was brought back to to the show, but the audience would like to watch any show only if the storyline is good. gangaa has become so dumb despite being a lawyer! i always wonder whether makers of the show read our comments here or get any feedback.
    if they dont, i wish they read at least todays episode’s feedback from viewers.

  17. Pathetic !!!! Writers are spoiling the storyline, if this continues this show is definitely going to loose major portion of its viewers. Writers please wake up….

  18. Yes friends the ganga series lost its magice by always winning of evil&ganga become more possasive in krishnas matter & sagar&ganga become foolish ganga influence by zoya but what about sagar he has to understands gangas feeling of insecurity&instead of understanding he get much anger after doing such a big mistake of insulting ganga&writer plz get saga together&&ends zoyas track

    1. Hi Bhuvana and Friends,

      I agree with you there. Sagar has a short fuse, when things don’t go his way, he is quick to flip and have an outburst. Shortly followed by regret and realising his mistake.

      This was no small mistake he did to Ganga. Not only he broke her heart, but he did not trust her and questioned her character? Ok, he was drugged but where is the trust in a relationship? If there is no trust in a relationship it is very easy for one to fall insecure. Trust is built from both sides.

      I can also see Gangas point of view..once bitten twice shy as they say. She had her heart broken, she felt let down and betrayed. Of course she is going to be wary and cautious …which could explain why she is easily manipulated by Zoya.

      But really writers…this Zoya scenario needs to swiftly end. Not only you leave huge gaps in between storylines, you take an impatient leap into the story that has poor continuity and allow Zoya character to dominate the story. The story so far has not show how her relationship with Niru developed, its like they are still strangers. Her motive is to get the house, we get it. But really? How long can this drag out?

      When they introduce Palash and turned him negative, at least there were some excitement and suspension and it swiftly came to an end. But this Zoya track is flat and irritating to watch.

      Ganga used to be a beautiful its pants!

  19. bhavaniasapu

    I still wonder about the life of a girl…. In her childhood when she lost her father and husband in a riot and no one to take care of her life and was almost to be drowned in the river Ganga, niranjan saved her life, gave shelter in his house and it was because of the boy of that house she made her room in that house, lived for nearly fifteen to sixteen years, got educated… And after coming out of that family, saved by a woman and got shelter in her house, completed her studies and became independent and financially well settled….. What i didn’t get is the two persons who saved her life r eligible for mere respect and she has to pay gratitude…. The boy because of whom she got shelter and education in childhood on one side… The girl of rahat on other side… How come she give prior importance to the girl whom she knew for seven years and always show hatred on the boy she knew for more than twenty years…. OMG….. What kind of human beings v r witnessing in these dramas

  20. As far as Gangaa is concern, it all her sacrifices, hard work, determinations and her goals. It doesn’t matter how she achieved them. She is a selfish disrespectful, up gratified human being. Gangaa had hurt the one family who took her in, sheltered, educate and fed her, when left in the street.
    How is Gangaa ever going to pay back and at what price. What happened to her ego then?

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