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Shopkeeper stops the tourists. Ganga gives them their cycles. They compliment her for the good work. But it is only 4. Shopkeeper tells Ganga that now she wont get any money. I told you to make 5. Ganga accepts it that she couldn’t make one cycle in the given time. But I wont let you get upset and leave. She gives them the cycle that her Bappa had made for her. it is very precious for me but you can keep it. She remembers that her Bappa had given her this cycle as their parting gift on the day of the Gauna. The girls take the cycle. They pay 7.5k to the shopkeeper. The girls thank Ganga and they leave. Ganga looks sadly at the cycle in their hands and walks in the direction where they are leaving. Shopkeeper compliments Ganga for the good work. I thought you wont come now. She runs towards the tourists but

stops and cries. Forgive me Bappa, you had made that cycle for me with so much love. I used to look at it whenever I used to think of you. I could feel your presence. I gave that cycle to those tourists as I wanted money. Forgive me please. I know I gave them the thing which you had made for me but I thought of rectifying my mistake. I thought you will be happy to think that your daughter knows how to make things right. You always told me never to break anyone’s trust. That is what I am doing. Please don’t be upset with me. Shopkeeper comes to give her her hard earned 7k. You did a fantastic job. Why are you crying? Ganga shares that that cycle was very dear to her. But I wanted money too. She keeps money in her little bag. He notices the blood around her thumb and gets concerned. She says it is a small wound. He can see that the wound has turned blue. Ganga recalls Maharaj ji’s words. Amma ji wont let me come inside the house!

Evening puja begins at Chaturvedi House. Maharaj ji is tensed. Now Amma ji wont allow Ganga inside. She still isn’t back home. Sagar too is tensed. Amma ji tells Maharaj ji to close the door as it is time. He requests her to wait a little more. She must be coming back. Omkar tells her against it. This will teach Ganga a good lesson. You would have thought of something before making your mind to not allow her inside after sunset. Amma ji gets soft for a moment but then nods at Maharaj ji to do what she has told him to. Maharaj ji tries to reason that that little girl will have to stay outside at night all by herself. Omkar cuts him. I think you will not be able to follow Amma ji’s order. He himself goes to close the main door. MAharaj ji and Sagar follow him while trying to stop him from doing so.

Ganga is running in full speed towards the house. She was even about to come under a car but the driver stops in time. She resumes running. Maharaj ji and Sagar try to request Omkar. Omkar scolds Sagar. Everyone did what they wanted to but this time let the elders decide what is to be done. Amma ji is right. That girl should be punished this time. This is how she will change. No one will say anything now. Prabha smiles. Poor Sagar is scared to say anything now. Ganga’s saree gets stuck in a cart wheel. She is outside the house only. Omkar closes one door and notices her. She calls out for him to not to close the door yet he closes the door. She reaches there just then but in vain. He locks the door from inside. He lies to them that Ganga still dint come. Go inside. Everyone feels bad except Yash and Prabha. Ganga knocks at the door. Please open the door. I am back. Sagar and Maharaj ji are relieved. Babli requests her father to open the door. Ganga came back on time. He declines. She is late. Door will not open. Let her stay outside for night. She should be punished. Sagar reasons that she is just a little late. Ganga requests everyone from outside to open the door. Omkar is in no mood to relent. She troubled everyone for the entire day. You all have overlooked her mistakes till now but I wont repeat that mistake. This door wont open now even if anyone requests me. Amma ji is feeling bad too. He asks her if he did anything wrong. She supports him instead. She should know what happens when you do things on your own. Prabha too supports Omkar. Prabha, Babli, Amma ji and Omkar head towards their room. Maharaj ji follows Amma ji inside while trying to persuade her not to be so harsh with the little girl. Sagar is feeling really bad. Yash likes it that now Ganga will learn a lesson. She can now roam to any place she wants to. He tells Sagar not to get angry. You had a fight with Ganga, remember?

Ganga sadly sits outside. There is no one else around. she notices a guy. He is limping and his head is covered with a blanket. She is scared and runs back towards the door. Amma ji plase open the door. I am very scared. It is really dark outside. There is no one around. Give me any punishment but don’t leave me here. She calls out for Sagar too but no one replies. Her thumb starts bleeding again. She sits down near the gate itself. What should I do now?

Amma ji takes medicine as she has headache. Ganga comes to the window. Amma ji please open the door. Amma ji stays put. This is your punishment. She says I am a girl. You only say that girls should not go out of the house after evening time. Amma ji reminds her of her other advise too. I told you not to go out of the house without informing anyone yet you escaped from the balcony itself! The door will not open now. You have to stay outside. Ganga agrees to fulfil any punishment. Please let me inside. Amma ji closes the window. The door will not be opened tonight. Ganga sadly leaves.

Ganga comes back to the main gate. Amma ji is in no mood to relent. What will happen to me? I can only go inside when the door will open. She looks at the pipe. I can climb over it and get inside. I have climbed over trees lot many times then why not this. She says Jai Bajrang Bali and starts climbing over the pipe. Two drunkards come there. One of the guys notices Ganga. She gets scared.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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