Gangaa 3rd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 3rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s College
As Prabha’s evil intentions wanted, while moving towards the swing, supriya slips, and falls flat on her stoamch, screaming in pain. ganga and others are shocked. they immediately give her first aid, and then try and calm surpiya, while she is scared. they continue to assure that she and the child shall be okay. ganga rushes with her outside to the hospital. raaht then notices the pickles jar open, and is boggled and confused.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
ganga rushes her to the hospital, wherein she is taken in as an emergency case. pulkit and others arrive, and are shocked to see ganga. they ask her, and she says that the doctors have taken supriya in for observation. all wait tensedly. After the operation, the doctor comes and

announces that the child is okay, but due to the sudden trauma, the child couldnt be saved. all are aghast and apalled. prabha indiorectly taunts ganga. they seek permission and go in to meet supriya, but prabha stops ganga when she tries to get in. she sees supriya aghast and apalled from the window, in uncontrollable tears. she eyes pulkit and breaks down. she is consoled by everyone. outside, ganga breaks down, and somehow she is consoled by raahat’s daughter. ganga is distraught as she eyes surpriya. ammaji starts lashing that she wont spare ganga, and walks out. they rush after her. ammaji along with others confront ganga, who is boggled. she asks how it happened. ganga tells what actually happened. ammaji asks how she landed at her place, while ganga says that she had no clue, and thought that they must be knowing. prabha instigates that ganga definitely must have instigated them, and supriya went in to mend broken relations, and had to suffer such a loss. prabha says that this is intentional and not an accident. all are shocked. ganga asks what does she mean. prabha directs at her, and her unwed status, at being a mother. ganga is distraught. sagar asks her to stop thinking like this, while ganga too starts reprimanding prabha to even imagine that. ammaji says that she believes she can do this, anf if she can betray sagar, then she can do anything. she continues to lash and bad mouth ganga, who is shattered. ganga explains what happened, and laments as to how she thinks like this of her. sagar stands up for her, but she asks him to back off, as he has always been hypocritical, and she wouldnt have been alone today. madhvi asks how can he side with her, when she is like this. ammaji says that ganga is burning with revenge right now, blinded by selfish motives, that she cant differentiate between the right and wrong. madhvi says that she too is led to believe that prabha might be right, and asks her to get lost. prabha is amused. ganga says that she shall leave, with one more baseless accusation. before she can leave, someone stops her. all turn around to find being confronted by rudra, who eyes them tensedly, and asks ganga to come back for a minute. he says that supriya’s child wasnt killed by ganga, but someone else. prabha gets scared. all are boggled. the screen freezes on ganga’s tensed face.

Precap: rudra shows them the video, that shows prabha spilling the pickle oil. they are all aghast. MAdhvi slaps her tight across her face. Back home, raahat is increadibyl tensed as zoya hasnt come home. she along with ganga, go to ask people on the road. they get an idea that zoya and her husband were spotted earlier in the day. They are shocked to know that zoya and akhtar landed in benaras, but didnt get to go home.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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