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Gangaa 3rd April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga turns to Shiv and clarifies she would leave this house after a month. Shiv stops Riya from going behind her, he requests his family not to force Ganga. They hear a clatter in the room and stops his family from going there. Ganga throws her item, bangles and other luggage off the cup board and says these doesn’t belong to her. Shiv picks her favorite bangles from the floor and asks what she lost. Ganga turns around and asks him for a white saree. She comes to him and clarifies she wants to be Sagar’s widow, how can he snatch this right. Shiv recalls Sagar’s last wish that Ganga always be a bride. He tells Ganga she is the daughter in law of this house, it’s difficult for her to forget whatever happened but they can begin new relations. Ganga interrupts saying she doesn’t wish to join any new

relation. She denies staying in the room and brings her bag outside, she announces she would stay in this yard for one month. She is doing whatever she considers right. She cries sitting there on the floor.

In the evening, Shiv thinks everything has changed. He smiles recalling his times with Ganga. Kushal comes to speak to Shiv that Ganga considers him as a culprit of Sagar. He must share with Ganga about Sagar’s promise. Shiv forbids Kushal to share this with Ganga. Kushal says she would always hold him culprit. Shiv says Ganga has a self-respect, she would be burdenize and broken if she finds about Sagar’s promise. Shiv says he didn’t understand himself as much as he understands Ganga. It is time that would heal Ganga’s wounds, he will try to bring her back to life. Kushal wonders till when he would bear her anger, Shiv says until she makes up with him.

Ganga cries thinking about her childhood with Sagar. Shiv sat in the other room. Dai Maa brings food for Ganga and requests her to eat a little. Ganga cries denying to eat. Dai Maa places the foot plate and leave. Shiv sat with Ganga’s bangles in hand. Ganga thinks about Sagar and cries.

Kushal comes to Shiv to inform about all the arrangements for tomorrow. He asks Shiv to come home, but Shiv was still in Math. Shiv wish what he wants to do tomorrow must happen well. Shiv returns home to find Ganga sleeping with her head on grain bags. He covers her with a shawl.

Ganga wakes up the next morning and finds herself covered in the shawl. She tells Dai Maa to take the tea. Dai Maa says Shiv made this tea for her, and says it’s for her better. Shiv comes in with the bucket of water. Ganga comes to forbid him bring this tea and biscuit for her again, she doesn’t accept this. It suffocates her that he filled her hairline with sindoor. She asks why he went against her will if he really cared for her. Shiv brings the plate of tea and biscuit for Ganga and requests her to eat this, later they need to go somewhere as well. Ganga throw the plate on floor denying to go with him. Shiv holds her hand and drags her to the car, and tells Dai Maa to get some fruits to the car. She would eat if she is hungry on the way. He carries Ganga to the car in spite of her resistance and ties her hands. Riya and Kushal comes to inform Shiv its done, and hurries inside. Jhumki and Savitri were skeptic.

Shiv brings Ganga to a temple and hands her a bag. Ganga opens the bag to find Sagar’s astia. She cries holding the pot.

PRECAP: Ganga shows Shiv her mangal sooter. She says if he passes all his testimonies in the next 7 days she will wear this, else he must spare her from this relation.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Beautiful episode

  2. Sakhi_sakhi

    O loved the precap

  3. So sad, felt sorry for Shiv- he must be hurting too. I see the roles have been reversed, where Ganga had to earn her place now it’s Shiv turn. Hope Shiv manages to win the challenge. Please let evil Pratap and Savitra be exposed soon. Jhumki behaves like a clown.

  4. The CVS have assassinated Sagar the soul of Gangaa. Now gangaa’s character will be assassinated. She has already rejected Sahil and Palash earlier for Sagar. How different shiv is from them? Gangaa is not genuine any more. She has become a shallow person. No more respect for the character. I was expecting her to represent the modern women with progressive thoughts and confidence to live alone with respect. The cvs have made her a sentimental fool and expecting the viewers to accept her. Sorry CVS ! We can never do that. No sensible woman will agree with you. There are thousands of widows, divorces and deserted women across the globe living alone with respect bring up children providing good education and values. They live alone not by chance but by choice. Women are blessed with inner strength to face any emotional, physical and financial challenges. Education make them stronger and independent. Gangaa is a smart lawyer. I don’t know why she cannot fight for her freedom legally or emotionally. She has lost our respect and admiration. How long you people are going to belittle women and project them as sentimental fools writers!? I am surprised to see women appreciating such story lines.I strongly believe that they are all gutsy and take bold decisions when they face challenges like old Gangaa.The new story line of Gangaa sucks . The show is a flop.It will go off air soon!

  5. Yes agree wid u summer jhumki behave like a clown but i dont want shiv to win pls writers let gangaa live her life in her own way she doesn’t even have a right to live her life in her own way….. how shiv can expect gangaa to orget sagar in just 1 month shiv is forgetting that he is not able to forget parvati after 3 years also nd is expecting gangaa to forget sagar in just 1 month nd start afresh wid another mann foolishness anyways i didn’t watch the episode im watching jaat ki jugni which is 1000x better than gangaa… gangaa is now becoming depressing day by day ……..

    1. Hi Anushka,

      I don’t think Shiv expects Ganga to forget Sagar in a month, if anything he is trying to keep his promise to Sagar, by filling Ganga’s life with happiness as a married woman. Sagar didn’t want Ganga to be his widow, he knows Shiv loves Ganga and he knows Shiv will treat her right. Have you notice when Kushall talks, he always sways? Is this part of his act for his character? What channel is Jaat Ki Jugni is on?

  6. Totally agree wid u revathy…..

  7. By the way now in the present I’m liking JAAT KI JUGNI and I think dat u all guys should start watching that instead of GANGAA. Really JAAT KI JUGNI is more better than GANGAA . There u will find Vishal .So common guys start watching JAAT KI JUGNI instead of missing Vishal in GANGAA.

  8. It’s not interested to see Ganga anymore because Ganaga’s character totally different from her earlier Ganga who fights for her right her true love to sagar and his family how she forget about her daughter and Chaturvedi family where is her need more than Shiv why don’t she fight for her justice and find out who is his murder she forget her Babu’s dream. It’s senseless as she give challenge of 7days to Shiv. Writer spoil Gangaa’s character

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