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Gangaa 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar tells Ganga not to be sad after hearing what Mami said. Let’s play. She smiles and they go out to play. Sagar calls Yash as well but Yash has something going on in his mind.

The puja starts. As per the ritual, Pulkit is supposed to sit in Madhvi’s lap but he declines. I am not a kid. Amma ji advises him to sit ahead Madhvi then. Priest also agrees. Amma ji is waiting for Niranjan but knows that it can take time. Priest starts explaining the importance of the kalash and the puja.

Yash is not at all bowling happily which irks Sagar. Yash doesn’t want to play cricket as it is very hot. Sagar recommends scrabble but then thinks that Ganga will not be able to play it. Yash has an idea.

Sagar and Yash have blindfolded Ganga and they bring her inside. Sagar tells her to be careful.

Dadi has told us not to go in between the puja or where everyone is sitting. Ganga cannot see anything. Yash says we will clap. You will follow us because of that sound. She nods. The game starts. Ganga counts till 10 while both the boys run to a different corner. Yash smiles thinking of his mother’s words. Ganga finishes counting. She tells them to clap. Sagar claps from one corner while Yash claps from the other side. Yash whispers something in Sagar’s ears. Sagar walks near Ganga, claps and runs away. Yash comes next and claps from the opposite side. He intentionally brings her to where the puja is going on. Ganga collides with the kalash by mistake and all the contents fall on the floor.

Amma ji everyone is shocked. Sagar gets out of hiding place. Amma ji scolds Ganga for ruining the puja. I had told you to play outside. Why did you come here then? Priest calls it a bad omen. Sudha asks Ganga what she is doing here. Amma ji tells her that her son who is a lawyer by profession but wants to do social service too, has brought her here. I had told him against it but he dint pay heed. See what she has done today. Sudha shares how Niranjan had fought with her for this girl Ganga. This girl refused to abide by any rules of our Ashram. She even disagrees with what is written in the scriptures. This is why I threw her out of the Ashram. I had no idea that I will get to meet this stubborn girl once again at your house. The thing to wonder is that your discipline, rules had no effect on her. she is still as stubborn as she was! We all (widows) had come with so much devotion to attend this puja. We sat at a corner so nothing goes wrong in your puja because of us but this girl ruined everything. Priest also repeats the same. Prabha also scolds Ganga. I had told you to stay away from the kalash. You are so naughty. You cannot sit at one place for long. Amma is the eldest person of this house yet she sat at a far corner but you came and hit the kalash only? Yash is all smiles. Sudha calls Amma ji a little careless. You would have understood what kind of a girl she is then why dint you make her understand that she doesn’t have to be around this place? Being a widow you adhere to all the rules so strictly then you could have taught something to her as well. Your name has been maligned after all. Prabha is clearly enjoying the situation. We respect you and even try to follow you but what will others understand if the traditions are not getting followed at your home itself! Other ladies also agree with Sudha. It is entirely your mistake. You are changing a little too much with time. You changed the rules for your grandson, we kept quiet, but now this is too much. The ladies decide to leave and even refuse to take Prasad.

Niranjan enters just when all the ladies are going out. It means the puja is over? He stops in his tracks when he notices Sudha and other widows at his house. Everyone looks at him. he apologizes to his mother for being late. I tried to come earlier but could not! Is the bhog also done? He finds everyone all quiet and is curious. Why is everyone standing quietly? Sudha tells Amma ji that you should not forget that this girl (Ganga) has brought insult to you and your family today. I am worried that if she stays here only then it will become a problem for you to live in the society with respect. Sudha leaves with all the other ladies. Prabha too fills Amma ji’s ears against Ganga. I am feeling bad for Pulkit. He did the ritual but could not get anyone’s blessings. Niranjan is all the more confused. Did anyone do any mistake? Amma ji walks up to Ganga, holds her hand and takes her inside with her.

Ganga pleads her to let go as it is paining. Everyone follows them. Niranjan wants to know what Ganga’s mistake is. Amma ji blames Ganga for everything. You are a widow. I will teach you what a widow’s life is and how to live it. Madhvi tries to say something but Amma ji tells her to be quiet. I listened to everything that you all said but now I cannot let you continue this adharma. Now that you have brought the girl to my house then I will set things right with her. I will guide her my way. She repeats to Ganga that she is a widow and will remain so till the end. Everyone said so much to me because of you. She marks a dot on Ganga’s forehead using Chandan. Ganga starts crying. Everyone is pained to see her thus. Ganga looks at Niranjan and Madhvi. She even tries to reach out to Babu but Amma ji pulls her back. Niranjan tells her not to be so harsh with a little girl. Amma ji makes it clear to him that Ganga is not a girl but a widow. I gave in to your demands and allowed her to stay here but it doesn’t mean that she will dance on my head. Niranjan still tries to explain but she is not in a mood to listen to anyone else. I wont take her life but she will have to learn all the rules. I tried to teach her everything so many times but she doesn’t want to. I will have to be strict with her then. prabha agrees with Amma ji but goes quiet when her husband looks at her pointedly. Amma ji tells everyone that Ganga will stay in her room from today onwards, under her vigilance. I will teach her all the rituals, rules that a widow follows. If anyone is feeling love for her then books my ticket for Haridwar. Niranjan gets angry but she warns him to talk to her in lower tone. Madhvi takes him upstairs. Ganga cries out to Madhvi too but in vain. The kids too leave from there. Prabha is happy to see Ganga in vain. Ganga tries to go but Amma ji holds her hand tight. Enough of your drama! Now you are in my hands. Don’t dare to go out of this room without asking me. She tells Maharaj ji to bring Ganga’s stuff in her room. Ganga continues to cry. Amma ji too sits down on the floor and holds her head sadly.

Precap: Amma ji tells the maid to throw away all the stuff. Ganga tells them all to stop. Bappa had brought them for me. No one will dare to even touch them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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