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Omkar very carefully walks around the place. Police arrests a lot many people including the goons whom Omkar had hired. Omkar is tensed what if they recognize him. Niru comes there. He can see that Omkar is looking tensed. What are you doing here? Omkar says I was trying to recognize those whom I had seen with Ganga. Did you find Ganga? Niru denies. She is not here. I don’t know where she will be. He suddenly notices the shoe (that Ganga had thrown out of the window). He recalls gifting it to Ganga. This is Ganga’s shoe. I only had brought them. He runs back to tell the Inspector about the same. Ganga is here only. They head back upstairs. This time Omkar follows them too.

Surili calls Ganga a problem. That man was talking like a boss. Either send Ganga away from the city or kill her. Heera

agrees with her. It’s good that police went back empty handed. They are shocked to see Niru coming back there with police. The problem postponed for a while but it is back now. Tell me where Ganga is. Surili maintains her innocence but Niru is not ready to buy it. He shows her Ganga’s shoe. She is here only. Inspector orders his team to check the place one more time. Surili Bai and her tema is tensed. Niru hears some noise coming from the cupboard. Everyone’s attention turns to the cupboard. Niru is happy to see Ganga as he opens the cupboard while Surili Bai and her team gets tensed. Niru frees Ganga and hugs her. Omkar too is very much relieved. Good that we found her after I gave them a clue. Now no one will doubt me! Inspector questions Surili and arrests her. Niru asks Ganga if she is fine. I know no one can take you away from us. All these people will be punished. Your Babu is here. Let’s go home. Everyone is waiting for you. She says I have to save someone else too. She points out to the adjoining room. Police rescues the other girls. Ganga says my Babu came to take me but they have no one. No one knew that they are here. I had decided to get them out with your help when you will come to rescue me. He tells her that he is very proud of her. They will reach home safely. He tells the Inspector to update him in case anyone needs any help. Ganga says I knew you will find me. Omkar thanks God. Are you alright? Ganga nods. Niru thanks Inspector and his team for his help. Your Bappa has given you a perfect name, Ganga! You are capable to clean everything, every sin. They head home.

Madhvi is in tears as she caresses Ganga’s head. We were so worried about you. Are you alright? Ganga nods. Babu brought me back. Don’t cry now. Amma ji thanks God for bringing Ganga back home alls afe. Ganga tells her that she missed everyone a lot including her too. Amma ji smiles. Are you alright? Did they trouble you? Prabha talks negative again (about the brothel). Ganga replies that the place was very bad. I was locked in a room. Other girls were crying as they wanted to go home. Niru adds that Ganga saved all of them. They are back safely now because of Ganga. Ganga wants to take bath now as she hasn’t eaten anything. Didi tried to make me eat a lot but I declined. I even refused to wear colourful clothes as I am a widow. Amma ji is in tears but composes herself. Ganga asks for Sagar. Babli shares that he isn’t well so he is taking rest. Take bath now. Ganga leaves with Babli. Everyone is relieved now as Ganga is back home.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room after taking bath. She finds him fast asleep. Babli Didi told me that you fell ill as you were worried about me. This means you are my friend, my best friend. She covers him with duvet and turns to go when he holds an end of her saree. She turns and finds him awake. He asks her if she wont talk to him. She reasons that she couldn’t have shaken him out of sleep to talk. He gets up and makes her sit too. She asks about his health. Were you so worried about me that you fell ill? He declines. She knew that he will answer like this only as he is too high headed. But I know the truth. You care about me a lot. He coughs so she gives him water. He says I am perfectly fine. How are you? Where had those goons taken you to? She tells him that it was a very bad place. The people there were stricter than Amma ji, completely khadus. I was so concerned about missing school. He asks her if she dint think of him. She affirms. I missed everyone a lot. I felt like crying. He says now you can go to school. You will have to work hard though as you missed your class. She says it back to him. He calls himself smart and she asks him she isn’t smart too.

Niru thanks Omkar for his timely help. Omkar acts all modest. Prabha too compliments him. But why did you go there in the first place? Everyone looks at Omkar. Omkar replies that he was worried and walking around. He happened to reach there by chance. Amma ji too thanks him. Niru tells Omkar that he respects him all the more now. It would have been impossible to reach Ganga otherwise. Omkar is glad that his plan worked. You wont be able to realise when I accomplish my mission and leave. You wont be able to even understand any of it.

Precap: Ganga comes to her school. See Bappa this is the first day of my school. A girl (the same girl who bought samosas the other day) asks Ganga why is she wearing a white dupatta today too (they had to wear a blue one today). The other girl taunts Ganga about her widow stature. What have you come here for? Ganga replies that she has come here to study and not buy samosas. The girl gets offended.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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