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Gangaa 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna comes ready to leave for singing classes, Ganga hurries with her.
Zoya comes to Supriya and assures she will take her to parlour, they leave together. Mahraj tells Amma ji that Niru called and asked to send a gift for Krishna as it’s her birthday. Amma regrets forgetting about it, he asks Maharaj to get a rickshaw. She will go to Janmashtmi celebrations, as there is only hopelessness around.
Ganga and Krishna were walking, a car stops by. Krishna recognizes Bapu’s car, the driver gives Krishna the gift from Niranjan. It was an expensive frock that Krishna cheers about. Ganga dials his number to thank him but can’t get the call.
In UK, Madhvi watches her and Niranjan’s photo, then looks towards the phone. At home, Zoya calls Maharaj to look whose call it is. Madhvi puts

the phone back hearing his voice. Zoya asks whose call it was. Maharaj ji tells Zoya like daily, it was cut without replying. Zoya wonders who calls this number daily. Madhvi was silent, the man who took gift to Ganga and Zoya hear this, and they wonder who it can be. The man tries to get intimate with Zoya, she makes him sit down and asks where he had been. He informs Zoya that her father sent an expensive gift for Krishna. Zoya was curt that he spends so much over them. He tells Zoya that Ganga is his daughter in law, and Krishna his granddaughter. Zoya was only afraid about it, and was relieved that Sagar hasn’t accepted Krishna as his daughter.
Sagar returns home, he notices Madhvi she daily calls to hear Niranjan’s voice over voice mail. Tears fell off Madhvi’s eyes, she tells him that she is trying to forget everything. Pulkit is also there, away from her and cries she really miss him. Sagar asks her to call them both her as well, but they can never return to that home. He reminds Madhvi that Niranjan preferred Zoya over her, he won’t let her go back to that house. Madhvi asks Sagar to be true, if he doesn’t miss them all. There, Amma ji asks Maharj if Sagar doesn’t miss them. Maharaj was sure they must miss them, and suggests Amma to call them. Amma argues she is the elder one. Maharaj turns to leave, Amma ji confirms if she must call? He nods at her. Amma ji takes the cell phone.
There, Sagar serves pizza and calls Madhvi to enjoy them. He thinks about cancelling all his meetings tonight as well. Madhvi asks why he is doing so. Sagar place his head over her lap saying he gets little time to spend with her mother and goes to play some good movie. His phone bell rings, Madhvi cries watching Dadi’s number and show it to Sagar. Amma ji was restless to speak to him, but Sagar cuts the call. Amma ji was determined to keep calling him until he answers the call. Krishna had come behind Amma ji in the same temple with Ganga, Krishna ringing the temple bell. Sagar takes the call, Amma asks Sagar if he has forgotten this bell ring, she cries that she is aware he has the same feelings for her as she has and asks her to call her as Dadi once. Sagar calls her as Dadi. Amma ji asks him to return once. Sagar wasn’t ready, all their relations have broken, and they will never come to that home again. He hangs up, Amma ji wonders if there is no reason left to get Sagar back. Ganga and Krishna are shown praying behind.
Sagar fell on the bed, missing all his past; his happy family, Niranjan taking Zoya’s side. He asks Madhvi if she understands why he did so. Madhvi tightens the grip over his shoulder, he leaves crying.
At home, Kashish brings children wishing Krishna, having planned birthday surprise for Krishna. Ganga takes her inside to get ready in her new dress. They come outside, Kashish asks her to blow the candle and cut the cake. Krishna’s friends challenge her to burst the biggest balloon, Ganga goes to bring stool while Krishna climbs the dining table. Kashish warns Krishna of falling over, she was sure she won’t and bursts the balloon. All at once, the notice Krishna fell of the table after fainting.

PRECAP: In the hospital, Kashish tells Ganga that Krishna’s BP shoot. Madhvi complains that Sagar is always stubborn and why can’t they go to Banaras. There, doctors inform Ganga that there is a hole in Krisha’s heart. Sagar tells Madhvi they will go to Banaras.

Update Credit to: Sona

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