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Inspector asks Omkar if it was Ganga only. Omkar affirms. Niru asks the Inspector to raid that area now as they have a very important lead. I am sure she will be there only. Jija ji will also come with us to show us that area. Omkar is tensed. I hope those goons aren’t there or they will recognize me. He reluctantly leaves with Niru, Raghav ji and Inspector.

Surili Bai is talking to one of her regular customers. The same goons whom Omkar had hired are still there. They keep eyeing the girls. Heera notices them and tells them to leave. One has to have money to even look at Surili Bai’s girls. They both leave. Heera tells the girls to get back to work.

Ganga is thirsty but the jug is empty. She calls out for Didi (Kamini). I need water. Please give me some. No one hears her shouts. Ganga notices

another door in the room. She pushes it back to get inside. It is kind of a store room where all the cartons are kept. She hears someone sobbing. She reaches the main hall where Surili is sitting but hides to avoid getting seen. She turns to go back when she hears someone crying again. She peeks in at the room where the girls are kept. They all are in tears and want to return to their home. One of the girls was sold by her own uncle. They talk about not even trying to get out of here. One of them has tried it many times but got caught and was beaten badly. Ganga decides to do something for them. She tries to break open the door but heads back towards her room when she hears some noise.

Kamini brings water for Ganga. She notices Ganga coming from the adjoining room. Ganga says I was looking for water. I still haven’t got it though. Kamini gives her water. Ganga drinks it. She calls Kamini good. Everyone must be worried for me. Please let me go back home Didi. Ganga hugs her. Kamini asks her not to hurt her by requesting her again and again. I am much more helpless than you. She thinks of her own situation. I too was brought here forcefully like her. I too tried to go away from here but in vain. Now I have got used to it. She hopes that Ganga gets out of here safely. Ganga is sure she wont stay here at all. Kamini prays that Ganga’s wish comes true.

Sagar is finding a new game that he can teach Ganga when she returns. Madhvi gives him medicine with milk. Sagar asks his mother if Ganga will come home today. Madhvi replies that Niru had gone to the place with police where Omkar ji had seen Ganga. Let’s hope everything goes well. Sagar goes to pray for Ganga. Please God send Ganga back to home. I will never fight with her or trouble her. She thinks of me to be her friend. I too will become her best friend. Please send her back. I don’t like doing anything without her. I miss her a lot. Please send her back. Madhvi and Amma ji see this. Amma ji too hopes that Ganga returns home all safe. Madhvi and Amma ji pray for Ganga.

Omkar has brought Niru to the same red light area. I had seen her here only. Inspector knows that this is Surili Bai’s area. Omkar is relaxed thinking that he brought them at the perfect place. I wont have to give money to save Ganga. Plus Niru will think good about me. Inspector decides to get down searching every corner of the area to look for Ganga. Niru too joins them.

Ganga is running inside the main room. A few girls try to catch her so they can make her wear colourful clothes. Kamini smiles seeing them thus. Surili Bai comes there. She tells the girls to let Ganga stay like this only. Ganga asks her where she is sending her. Surili bai replies that she is sending her away from this city. Ganga refuses to go anywhere. Surili Bai tells Kamini to feed Ganga something. Ganga repeats her question.

The police team raids the brothel. Everyone runs helter-skelter to save themselves. Omkar stays downstairs only. Heera informs Surili Bai about the same. They are asking for some girl in particular. Surili Bai tells the girls to take Ganga inside. Hide her in a place where no one can see her. Ganga is sure her Babu has come. She hears Niru’s voice. Just then the ladies cover Ganga’s mouth. Niru comes to the room where Surili bai and Heera is. He tells her that he is Ganga’s Babu. She is like my daughter. She was kidnapped. Someone from my family has seen her here only.

The ladies cover Ganga’s mouth using a cloth and also tie her hands and legs. Kamini feels bad.

Inspector talks about raiding the place. Surili Bai tries to dissuade him but Niru points out that she shouldn’t be scared of anything if she isn’t wrong. Let them raid the place. Surili Bai goes quiet. The girls put Ganga in the cupboard.

Niru comes to room where Ganga has been kept. Ganga sees him through the gap in the door. He puts his hand on the door of the cupboard to open it but Inspector calls out for him just then. Surili bai was right. There is nothing wrong here. Maybe your BIL was mistaken. There is no point wasting time here. He looks again at the cupboard and then leaves. Ganga mentally tells him that she is here only. Get me out from here please.

Precap: Surili Bai decides to either send Ganga away from the city or kill her. Niru is still downstairs, talking to Omkar when he notices something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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