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Gangaa 2nd September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gunwanti wants to treat the girls for their hard work. What would you like to eat? The girls hesitate. She asks Reena what she wants. Reena wants thandai. Gunwanti decides to treat them all with a thandai. They decide to go to Adarsh Sweets.

Sagar’s dance teacher (Raghubir) too has brought his troop to Adarsh Sweets. Gunwanti brings the girls there. Chandan and another guy pass remarks at the girls. Gunwanti advises the girls not to react. We will all be in discipline. The boys take their seats. Ganga only wants milk as she cannot cheat Amma ji. The girls are about to sit on a table when Chandan and his friends pull up all the chairs. They keep bags on empty chairs. Yash suggests Sagar to occupy the chair that has been kept next to him as well or a girl might come and sit there. Sagar declines

so Yash keeps his bag. Ganga asks them to pick up their bags so they all can sit too. All of them ignore her. Raghubir too acts ignorant. The girls of Lawrence School feel bad. Ganga requests them. Gunwanti asks the Raghubir to do it. He rudely takes the sides of the boys. We came first so we will decide. You all can sit on the floor. You must be used to it. She reasons that being a teacher it is his duty to teach the kids right things / etiquettes. What will they learn from you? he corrects her that he is a choreographer or trainer. Whoever comes first wins always! I wont say anything to anyone. Bulbul empties a chair and is about to sit when Chandan pulls the chair. She falls on the floor. Ganga asks him why he insulted her friends. She says 1, 2, 3 and all the girls change on the boys and pull chairs from under them. The Raghubir gets angry but Gunwanti points out that the girls tried so they won. I cannot help it. The girls of Lawrence School are glad that the boys of their school learnt a good lesson. We tolerate them so much. Chandan decides to show the girls what all they can. Ganga replies bravely. We will teach you a good lesson if anything wrong happens again. Someone interrupts them. Gunwanti tells the girls not to retort here but in the dance competition. Gunwanti cancels her order as the manager of the shop talks rudely. We will see you in the competition. Raghubir and his team too are told to leave. Raghubir decides to show the girls and this teacher their place!

Gunwanti talks to the girls. We have to show those spoilt kids what we are capable of. Artist is from all age, caste and bar. Nothing else matters. The dresses are ready. Gunwanti has got a white dress for Ganga as she cannot wear any other colour. All the girls try their dresses. They are very happy. Gunwanti compliments all of them. They start the practise.

Raghubir reaches Ganga’s school along with the boy’s team. Sagar asks him if it is necessary. Raghubir reminds him of the way the girls had behaved with them. He notices the girls practising their dance. Peon notices him. Who do you want to meet? Raghubir takes Principal Ma’am name. You will have to regret what you have done in the restaurant! Raghubir complains to Principal Ma’am. Gunwanti tells her everything but Raghubir stays put. He keeps on blaming them. Ganga and Sagar look at each other. Ganga tries to say something but Principal Ma’am tells her to wait. She asks Gunwanti again. This time Gunwanti is all quiet. Principal Ma’am understands it.

Raghubir advises the girls and Gunwanti to start acting nicely. You got a chance to participate in the competition because our school invited you. You have to come there only to perform. Hope you don’t lose this chance! Principal Ma’am says we will surely get a chance and try our best to win. I cannot trust it that the girls of my school can behave like this. You have complained and Gunwanti ji too has accepted it so the girls will apologize. Ganga reasons that they instead should be saying sorry to them. Gunwanti tells them to do it so the girls say sorry. Ganga looks pointedly at Sagar. Raghubir thinks that his team is weak in comparison to the practise of these girls. They cannot win from us!

Babli and Madhvi are busy in making preps for Janamashtami. Amma ji tells Mehri to do her work nicely. The landline rings. It is Sudha. She invites Amma ji and her family to the Ashram for the Janamashtami function. Amma ji is more than happy to go. We do it every year and will come this year as well. Sudha shares that a lot many other programs have been organized this time. Please be on time. Amma ji agrees.

Ganga is excited to know about Janamashtami. I used to celebrate it in my village too. My Bappa used to take me to the temple. Sagar enters just then. He exchanges cold glances with Ganga. Babli asks them if they had a fight. Ganga denies. He has started to learn how to fight nowadays. Sagar and Ganga bicker over today’s incident. They both point fingers at each other. Ganga calls him arrogant. Amma ji reprimands Ganga for talking to Sagar like that.

Precap: Ganga tells Bulbul that she is doing it wrong. Bulbul refuses to follow her. Ganga says I am only doing what Madam ji has taught. You can ask her when she comes. Principal Ma’am comes to inform them that Gunwanti Ma’am wont come today.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wow! the girls doing good in restaurant. boys were so arrogant. like this.overall the episode was nice?

  2. I hope the girls win the competition,it doesn’t take riches to win competition but discipline.

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