Gangaa 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s residence
While krishna is busy praying, Zoya sets her dupatta on fire, with the same diya, evilly thinking that this poor girl thinks that this diya shall set everything right

between her parents, but seldom does she know, that its the diya of ruins, while she is oblivious about it. Later, zoya starts evilly guffawing at the success of her

plan, as krishna leaves.

In the garden, sagar and ganga fight like kids, each trying to outdo the other. in doing so, they come romantically close, and they both eye each other awkwardly yet

romantically. suddenly, they are alarmed hearing krishna’s voice. they turn around happily, as krishna rushes into the garden, all are shocked to see her burning

dupatta. ganga screams out,

while all are distraught. they all rush to her. krishna throws off the dupatta, but accidentally it falls on the firecrackers kept nearby.

ganga and sagar are relievd. but as krishna tries to get to them, she is stuck surrpounded by firecrackers bursting all around. they are horrified. a kindling flame,

starts burning her forck. ganga sees thia dn rushes, while sagar and kashish are trapped. ganga tries to douse the fire with her own hands, irrespective of her hand’s

condition. her saree too catches fire, and she is shocked as they point it out to her. krishna and ganga are both trapped. finally, sagar manages to get a blanket and

douses ganga’s saree, while krishna’s frock’s fire too douses off. krishna gets dizzy and goes unconscious in ganga’s arms. both sagar and ganga are distraught.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Sagar and ganga rush krishna to the hospital. zoya too pretends to be extremely concerned. as the doctor attends to her, he understands the severity of the burns, and

reprimands them for being so careless. they rush her into the ICU, for the burn case. ganga starts blaming herself, saying that she shouldnt have allowed her to wear

the dupatta. he asks her not to do so, as she starts questioning whether she is a good mother even. she beraks down in his arms and he comforts and consoles her. he

says that its very hard to bring up a child the way she has, and asks her not to doubt herself. she notices her proxmity, to sagar, and retreats back. zoya comes and

asks ganga to get her hand dressed too. she refuses waiting for krishna’s update. but he asks her to go, as he shall be here. Zoya and ganga leave. zoya is frustrated

that her plan didnt work, but decides to use it to her advantage. MEanwhile, sagar gets ammaji’s call and narrates everything that happened.

While ganga’s hand is being dressed, zoya starts emotionally manipulating her and distracting her that what happened with krishna wasnt an accident but an attack.

ganga is boggled. zoya says that she wants them to get back together, and is very happy that things are normalising, but a sudden realisation affects her. ganga asks

whats it. she says that what happened to day wasnt an accident, but a planned move, as sagar hasnt taken his custody case back. she points out that sagar just stood,

while she rushed to save krishna with her bare hands. she tells that he jumped only when the crowd had gathered, to create the effect, that she is a reckless mother,

and he is a brave father. ganga starts getting influenced. zoya continues saying that she hopes she is wrong. but ganga refuses to believe this, saying that sagar

cant do anything that hurts krishna. zoya says that she knows, and says that maybe she is entirely wrong, and then draws a similar analogy, as her case. ganga is

apalled. she tells ganga that he is here now only for krishna, as he never bothered to care for so many years, and had krishna not been his daughter, he wouldnt have

made these moves. zoya says that she is staying in the house, where ammaji is tormented for a grandkid, and maybe sagar’s heart is pure, but ammaji is distracting him,

and its very easy to play sagar. ganga still refuses, and says that he shall never use their love, to get to krishna, as he isnt capable of deceiving and betrayal.

zoya says that he might have gotten emotionally manipulated. ganga gets an update from the nurse, that she fainted out due to stress, and she is fine now and shifted

into general ward. ganga signs some hospital papers, while zoya thinks about using this fact to the true advantage. As sagar and his entire family attends to krishna,

zoya shows ganga from the outside, how sagar and his family are trying to manipulate krishna by showering love on her. sagar and his family discuss about how they need

to take krishna and ganga home now. sagar talks about ganga softening up. ammaji tries to blame ganga, but sagar says that then he too is equally to be blamed. he is

hopeful that soon he shall be able to live as a family with her and krishna. pulkit assures him the best of scenario. ganga leaves having heard instigating words of

zoya. zoya however continues in the charade of goodwill, saying that this is what she had said, that sagar’s motive is to get krishna anyhow. she also points out how

sagar shall get many witnsses to prove he is right and that she was wrong and careless. ganga starts getting influenced. she hears krishna’s voice, and turns around.

she finds krishna being held by ammaji on one and sagar on the other hand. she is tensed eyeing this. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: ammaji gets a palenquin and takes sagar by surprise, as she announces, having arranged for band too, that today she shall go to get ganga and krishna in the

house. he is baffled. when they reach, ganga is enraged to know their motives. she says that she wont allow them to take krishna away, as she is only her daughter. he

tells her that if she tries to stop her, then he shall forcibly take krishna away. she gets distraught. stealthily, zoya instigates ganga thatr he shall go to any

lengths to get krishna. ganga gets berserk, and then picks up an old rifle, and points it at sagar, asking him to retreat or else she shall shoot him. in the scuffle

that follows, the rifle goes off, and all scream out. ganga is shocked and distraught, at the gunshot.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. this is ridiculous! ganga knows sagar for years, then how can she believe zoya so blindly? above all she is a lawyer! she is supposed to know people’s intentions-good or bad!
    even if she has misunderstadings with sagar, how can she believe that she would do such a nasty act and that too on his daughter whom he loves! Agree she is was hurt as his love, but he was also her childhood best friend! how could she think of him like this merely by zoya’s words. precap is worse! even the rifle part! so disappointed with todays episode and precap! i would not even give one star for this episode! ridiculous! totally disappointed!

  2. Tired watching Zoya talking to herself about the plans. Gangaa never listens to anyone but her own instinct, so why is Gangaa listening to Zoya now. It’s soooo….. Frustrating.
    Are we to watch Zoya for Long as the story is not going anywhere.

  3. What kind of precap is this!!???

  4. this serial has lost its charm because of zoya, and most of all ganga’s ego!

  5. did she shot sagar…………
    I didn’t get the precap……………..
    eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode

  6. Reading the updates was not enjoyable at all!! What a dumb episode…chances are i’ll be forwarding most of it. What baffles me is that Gangaa and Sagar were shown in the last episode that they were slowly connecting again, knowing what the other one thinks?! Then, how can Zoya eaisly manipulate Ganga’s thoughts especially when she was with Sagar at time of incident? Zoya character have totally dominated Ganga show and not in nice or complimentary way either. The character is despicable, the actor portraying the character does a great evil expression that I despise her evil rolls of eyes and stares. Zoya does not interact with her father or show any kind of relationship other than following other members of the family around the house eavesdropping or scheming. If not, whooshes off very quickly to Ganga’s residence and manages to plot there too. I mean, Sagar left the house to go to celebrate at Ganga’s residence, whilst Zoya was relishing Pulkit and Supriya disagreement, how on earth did she appear so fast in a flash at Ganga’s residence spying on poor Krishna at the door?

    Storyline is getting more and more ridiculous!! Where on earth did Ganga get the rifle from?

    I agree with youi Krishna, i used really enjoy watching this series, but it has lost it’s magic due to this Zoya character. The sooner Zoya gets exposed and put behind bars to end her track the better.

    1. yes summer. but i think writers dont read our comments here. they just write what comes to their mind. if they continue to portray ganga’s egoistic character like this, they are going to lose viewers. they have changed her role completely. i mean she was much better as a child.

  7. This serial became nonsense since the leap, what was the point of showing boring grown up bullshit! It used to be so cute and meaningful now it’s utter rubbish! They ruined everything!

  8. Lssahata

    Wht the hell gangaa
    She know sagar more than zoya.
    She always egois
    Where writer will bring this story ? We want saga back !

  9. I fell like slapping Zoya. What a nasty piece of work she is. You are all right in the show now negativity had taken over and the tracks is just meaningless. Yesterday episode was a waste of space .

  10. bhavaniasapu

    They are showing it as a mahasapthah… Means a big thing is going to happen… What could v expect in such a nonsense track… Zoya and ganga always thinking negative and making the show boring… Ganga listening only to zoya and now crossed all the limits… She hired a security guard to the so called protection of Krishna from her father… While sagar and the security guard arguing about sagar and ammaji from entering into the house, the gun fell down and ganga lifts it and points to sagar saying if he tries to meet Krishna she will shoot him…. Such an idiotic precap… She even fired… Now either misfire r anyone is going to be dead…. Instead of rudra… Ganga and Zoya are eligible to rot in jail for doing such acts

  11. Yes i hope soon zoyas track cpmez to end &ganga feels insecirity &possasive in krishnas matter izoya take itas a adva.tage &may precap is dream of zoya &ganga dibdnt know chaturvedi family treat her as choti bahu

  12. I watched half of the episode yesterday, up to the bit when poor Krishna was rushed in hospital. Soon as Zoya came on screen and started her meddling again, I switched over channel. Came 9:00pm, I switched to watch Badho Bahu followed by Tere Bin which has a much better storyline. Ganga has lost it charm, writers have lost the plot! Its rare that i miss an episode, but I could not bare watching Zoya face with her big evil eyes stirring up trouble. Yes, i understand every story needs a bad guy, but Zoya just tips it for me. Yash was bad, Prahba, Janvi, but there was a logical storyline. Zoya is just scheming for house and that useless Sonu needs to go to. To sum up, Gangaa is not pleasant viewing at the moment, instead frustrating. Writers trying to create suspension and invite gripping scenarios has failed to deliver, instead storyline gets more ridiculous within each episode.

    Krishna, I could not agree with you more. Writers need to watch Tere Bain and see how a good storyline develops.

  13. bhavaniasapu

    Yeah… Tere bin and badho bahu r going good…. The protagonists r trying their best to go positive… No crying for months together… Ganga being a lawyer need not depend on such a b*t*h zoya.. Not at all using law brains…. Telling lies to her daughter from years together… Is she really a good mother…. Don’t she dare to develop how to face problems and live with a zeal to her daughter as she learnt from her bappa… Instead making lives more critical… Doesn’t she know how crime it is to point a gun and threatened to kill a person… What if it leads to death of any person… Cant she think if she got fixed up in a murder who will take care of her daughter… Other than sagar…. So many things left un answered…. In the hospital supriya and pulkit came to see Krishna… And today when dadhi made arrangements for inviting Ganga and Krishna, supriya felt jealous and went inside the house… Logic missing…

  14. Biggest evil of the serail is ‘ganga’ itself. I used to hate villain characters in any other serial but in ganga serial I hate the main lead ‘ganga’ itself. Why she is so arrogant with Sagar? Agree that Sagar didn’t trust her, but she also didn’t trust him.. Gangas character is more of ego and aggression, it not about self respect and braveness anymore. Self respect is not something to argue/ fight without any logic..Sagar is too much for her..I feel Sagar should marry someone else and live happily rather than all this nonsense..she is a lawyer and how can she feels insecure about Krishna as she has equal rights as Sagar..and Zoya..don’t want to waste time writing for her..

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