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Ganga is headed towards the kitchen but Palash stops her. Mehri just fed the baby. I think the baby is missing its mother. Ganga says ok. Mehri is tensed while Palash relaxes a bit. Ganga gets a call from Pulkit. He asks her to come home asap. I have to discuss a very important thing regarding the case. She agrees. She excuses herself. Make me talk to Mehri Didi when she is home. He nods. Mehri cries when she realises Ganga has left.

Baba does some black magic. He passes out as a part of his plan. Amma ji sprinkles water on him. he says I am fine. Don’t worry about me. There is an evil spirit in your house. It is none other than your DIL Janvi. I just had a word with her. She said she will take revenge. Amma ji is irked. How do I free myself from this girl? She dint leave us even after dying.

Baba hears her and smirks. She asks for a solution. He gives her something to wear on her hand. you will become your grandson’s shield this way. She does so blindly. He says the effect will soon begin to show. I will call you once again for another yagya. She agrees to do anything for Sagar and leaves. Baba picks up the gold bandle.

Niru talks to Ratan. You have to get Yash’s fingerprints anyhow. Police wants to match it with the fingerprints on the syringe. Ratan is sure Yash cannot do it. I don’t think he will kill anyone. Ganga says we have to find out this only. If he hasn’t done it then it will only be a relief for all of us. You also want the same. Please help us this much. Amma ji has heard their convo. She scolds Ratan. Sagar is in jail because of your son! Yash has always trapped us since the beginning. We have always let him off thinking he is from this house only but not anymore. I will hand him over to police. Ganga says Mama is not at fault. Pulkit nods. It isn’t proved yet that Yash has killed Janvi. Amma ji says it will happen eventually. Prabha has spoiled her son. I will send Yash to jail as he sent my Sagar to jail. Her health worsens. Niru politely signals Ratan who leaves. Ganga gives water to Amma ji. Don’t get angry. Everything will be fine. Mehri Didi has agreed to give her statement. Sagar will be out of jail once the fingerprints match. Everything will be fine. Amma ji thanks Baba mentally. I will be indebted to you for life if Sagar comes home.

Ganga keeps trying Palash and Mehri’s number but they are unreachable. She gets worried. I should go and meet Didi myself. Supriya does not let her go anywhere without having food. It is too late already. Meet her tomorrow. Ganga knows Supriya hasn’t eaten as well. Supriya says its been so many days since we have eaten peacefully. Supriya eats food. Ganga gets lost for a second but Supriya tells her to eat.

Maharaj ji comes inside. Everyone hears a lot many ladies protesting against Chaturvedi Family and Sagar. Niru goes out to check. Janvi’s family has brought them. Pulkit tries to calm the ladies. You are misunderstanding us. Our family has not done anything. The protestor (lady who is leading them) talks against the family. They have killed an innocent girl. People begin to throw stones at them. Niru gets hurt. Pulkit takes him inside somehow. Everyone gets worried. Pulkit tells them everything that happened outside. They speak of dowry demands and killing janvi because of the same. Madhvi tends to Niru’s wounds. People have no work other than meddling in people’s affairs. Ganga wants to handle the people but Pulkit does not let her. Someone throws stone at the windows also. Everyone gets scared. Supriya gets dizzy and falls down. Pulkit and Ganga hold her. Niru makes him call Inspector Dwivedi to handle the situation.

Sagar’s inmate asks Sagar why he looks tensed. Sagar wonders what happened. I told Ganga to take Mehri Didi to our home. No one has come till now. I hope everything is alright. His inmate tells him not to worry. Entire day is still left. Sagar says I know. She must be coming. She went after augmenting with me yesterday. She wont be able to sit peacefully.

Inspector Dwivedi manages the situation outside Chaturvedi House. The situation is same outside police station. Ganga says I will go to meet Mehri Didi but Inspector tells her against it. People are still outside. Let them go. Amma ji thinks of Baba’s words. She asks Niru to take him to Sagar. I will make him wear this black thread right away. Niru tries to make her understand but she insists. Inspector suggests taking them all with him. Staying here is unsafe. Madhvi packs some stuff for Sagar. Niru thanks him. He requests Inspector to drop Pulkit and Supriya to hospital. We will pick them up on our way home. Inspector agrees. Sagar thinks to get Sagar out of jail anyhow.

Ganga comes to police station at night. Everyone is asleep. She steals the key of Sagar’s cell and stealthily goes inside. Sagar is still awake. Ganga opens the lock of his cell. He is surprised to see her there. She asks him to come with her. He says how I can come like this. She keeps her finger on his lips to shush him. They share an eye lock. Come with me quietly. He says what if Inspector sees us. She says everyone is sleeping. We will leave quietly. They both go out carefully avoiding making any noise. They get scared as the constable drops his stick in his sleep. Sagar says what next. She tells him to do what they were going to do. Let’s run as fast as we can. Sagar and Ganga run together on the road holding hands. Constable informs Inspector. Inspector chases them. Stop Sagar or I will shoot now.

Precap: Niru asks Ganga to call Palash. Ask him to bring Mehri here right away. It is better if we record her statement asap. Ganga tries his number but in vain. She goes to his house but it is locked. Ganga thinks if Sagar was right.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. thanks for the update pooja…

  2. Thanks Pooja for speedy update!

  3. hiii guys…..gangaa and sagar runnning away might be dream of either of gangaa or sagar….n by the precap we caan say that gangaa even gets dout on palash…..but may be palash convince her by his words n make here mind that she dsnt get any dort of sout on him…..n even ratan may not support niranjan to get yash’s finger prints……orelse by knowing that yash only killed janvi..he might understand his mistake….n become as uprover n also say abt how he fooled pulkith in past n how he managed to seperate chathurvedies faamily……lets see whst happens….n ya summer am good…..u will be giving your comments regularly for this show right…????

  4. So, is this sagar dream or not? Im confused ? , mr.anuragh said it was not a dream, but spoiler in a forum said that it was just sagar dream

  5. hi frs ….. i think it may be dream ….. bcz all the police r sleeping….. during duty hours …..

    atleast one should weak up ……. i think so ….. and she is a lawyer she doesnot do this mistake ….. see precap now only she is realizing his words .. that palash is not a good person …..he is cheating ….. after sagar release ganga will come out this house …. she wont stay with sagar …. they live seperate ..with same love … a friend this my opinion

  6. I read in spoiler This was dream ,Niru will fight the case of Sagar & Palash will get arrested alongwith Yash & this will end the track of Palash

    1. Thanks Trupti…shame the writers didn’t pair Palash and Ganga. Nevertheless, good storyline.

      1. summer i think it wont be good if they pair palash n gangaa…..even their raiting will reduce…more over gangaa cant accept anyone else except sagar…..wat do u say…???

  7. Hi Shaanu,

    Its a shame because i think they look well together. Yes, I understand ratings, of course the writers wants to keep the viewers interested and keen. As you say, Ganga has said, she will always love Sagar and Sagar only, hence the resentment that filled Palash heart. Turning him into the ‘dark side’…he he . I read that they now have scrapped the idea of revamp, so I’m wondering how the writers are going to develop the story once this Jhanvi saga ends?
    Amma Ji has got herself in a new sticky situation and I wonder, who is the phoney priest? Who sent him? What is his motive? Is it Jhanvi’s parents who sent him to ruin the Chatuverdi family? To act revenge for loss of their daughter? Or is this guy just a opportunist? I don’t know, but it will be interesting to find out. What do you think?

  8. me too think they should pair Palash & gangaa then story will go further.But I dint understand why they brought character of Palash if it has no use also the character of Palash was so nice matuared,helping poor people,his nice mother & they suddenly changed him as psycho lover?????

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