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Ganga thinks of her Bappa’s words. Your one palm is your self-respect and the other one is your strength. She shows her palms to her Bappa. Keep an eye on me. Stop me if I make any mistake. She prays to God to help her keep CHacha’s (Shopkeeper) trust on her intact. She starts her work.

Ratan and Madhvi’s Chacha ji is not in a good condition. He has a heart surgery tomorrow morning. Ratan and Madhvi will pick Niru from the court. Pulkit too is accompanying them. Amma ji assures Madhvi that she will take care of Sagar.

Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to find Ganga. You know I have been given her responsibility. I have to go somewhere with Ratan Bhaiya. Please bring her home anyhow. Sagar too thinks where Ganga would be and why. Why she always does something which makes people sad? Mummy is already

so sad. Maharaj ji too has no clue where Ganga would be.

Ganga finishes her first bicycle. She checks the wheel of the second cycle to see if it is working properly or not. Maharaj ji reaches the shop. He meets Ganga there. I have been looking for her. What are you doing here? I asked every single person about a little girl in a white saree. I reached you after so much difficulty. He tells her that Amma ji is very angry with you. Let’s go home.

The Ramcharitmanas paath completes. Omkar congratulates Amma ji for the successful completion of paath. Prabha brings Prasad for them. Babli helped you on time and we were saved. Everyone would have returned empty handed otherwise. Amma ji asks them if Ganga has come home or not. Omkar calls Ganga irresponsible. She cares for no one. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. She should have atleast thought of Amma ji. Amma ji calls out for Mehri. It is ok if Ganga returns before sunset. Close the door in case she is still outside till the evening prayers. Don’t be lenient with her or I wont spare you. Mehri nods nervously. Prabha and Omkar smirk. Sagar overhears them. Where will Ganga go then? Papa will scold Mummy if she goes anywhere else.

Maharaj ji shares the same with Ganga. She tells him not to tell anything to anyone at home. I am scared of Amma ji. Maharaj ji suggests telling Sagar as only he can help her but Ganga denies. He tells her to come home before sunset otherwise he too will be helpless.Sagar will not like it. I damaged such an expensive thing. He will never talk to me. Amma ji or Sagar wont spare me then. you go and do all your work. I will return once I finish my work. Ganga looks at the clock. It is so late. I will have to complete the work at any cost or Amma ji will not open the door for me. Shopkeeper comes to check her progress. I will not let you go from here without completing your work. Ganga ponders at the situation. Chacha wont give me money if I don’t finish this work on time. If I reach home late then Amma ji will not let me enter inside the house. I am completely stuck. What should I do!

Sagar asks Maharaj ji if he met Ganga. Maharaj ji denies. I hope she returns before evening prayer. Mehri too has no clue. Maharaj ji apologizes to God and also prays to God to help Ganga. Hope she finishes her work on time. Sagar gets angry. Why Ganga always troubles people? Maharaj ji says maybe she is helpless. What will happen to her if Amma ji doesn’t allow her inside? Sagar decides not to forgive Ganga if his mother gets scolded because of Ganga. Maharaj ji feels bad and helpless. How do I tell you that Ganga took this chance for you only!

3 cycles are ready. The shopkeeper comes inside to check on her. He has a plate full of food in his hand. Make the rest of the two fast. They will come at 6:30. I will give you money then only. Little Ganga sets down to work. She hurts her thumb while looking at the clock. It is almost 6:30. A cycle breaks. She gets worried. How will I do it now? It is time and my work isn’t complete. I wont get money now. How will I get Sagar’s laptop repaired?

The foreigners are waiting. They don’t have time so they think of leaving. Shopkeeper tells the translator to wait for a little while but they have a flight to catch. The tourists begin to go. Shopkeeper curses himself for trusting the girl (Ganga). Why did she offer to do it when she dint want to do it in real? He notices Ganga running towards the shop and gets happy.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice epi.I think gangaa will do everything on time.she has potential in her work.I appreciate the potentiality,concentration of the little girl gangaa.

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