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Gangaa 2nd February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

After the turban ceremony Shiv asks Savitri to take everyone home, he wants to take care of some work. He prays in front of his father’s photos. In the car, Pratab says no one denies Savitri’s decisions and she could have made him a Prata Dev. Savitri curtly says Pratab isn’t worth anything, he could atleast have sent Kishore out of the village. Pratab says it’s because of Ganga, Ganga isn’t as innocent as she appears to be. She is educated as well.
Shiv was still working, Muneem ji brings tea for him and says he can see his father’s shadow I nhim always. Shiv tells Muneem ji to go home, he will look after all the work. Muneem ji leaves murmuring he doesn’t want to go home. He instructs two men to stay until Shiv is here.
In the room, Dai Maa was sure Shiv must have known about

the reality. When Shiv will know about her role in getting him rid of accusations, her respect and love would increase in his heart. Shiv was done with his work, he locks the door to leave and finding the two men he asks why they have stayed so late.
At home, Shiv finds Ria awake. Ria says she has been looking for Radhika, she said she is feeling cold but she is nowhere now. Shiv goes with Ria to look for Radhika. Kushal and Savitri also called Radika’s name. Everyone gathered.
In the basement Jhumki tied Radika on a chair and tells her to cough and pant watching everyone, and should accuse Ganga for doing this. This will make Shiv push Ganga out of this house. She leaves the room. Radika was afraid, Jhumki goes calling everyone as she found Radika already. They hear Radhika’s call to save her, Jhumki wonders why Radhika is screaming. Everyone enters, Radhika points towards a snake on the floor. Everyone was frightened. Shiv finds a basket nearby and places it over the snake. Pratab was sure he will take care of snake. They take Radhika away.
In the room, Shiv asks Radhika who did this. Radhika was afraid, Shiv again questions who took her to basement. Jhumki signals her to take Ganga’s name. Ganga comes with a glass of water, but Radhika throws the glass away and says Ganga punished her for being mischievous. She was there for last two hours. Ganga asks what is she saying, but Shiv interrupts and asks why Ganga behaved so badly to her. He tells Ganga to apologize Radika. Ganga replies she is innocent, and she will never apologize anyone without mistake. Shiv says alright, if this breaks his self-respect he must leave the house right away. Everyone watches Ganga turn away to leave. Shiv announces if a person can’t accept her mistake, she has no right to stay in this house.
Dai Maa stops Ganga, but Ganga says Shiv never listens to anyone and accuses her already. She herself is confused, she wants to recognize herself but she has realized she has no place here in this house. She can no longer bear this all. Dai Maa cries as Ganga crosses the door way. She comes to Shiv and asks why Shiv didn’t want to find out about the truth. He didn’t even consider what Ganga went through to prove him innocent. Shiv inquires about the whole issue, Dai Maa tells him Ganga trusted Shiv and went to bus stop to find Kishore there. He must have thought sometimes Shiv can also be wrong, and this time only he is wrong. Shiv comes to Radhika’s room with a glass of milk. He sits beside her, then asks if Ganga took her there. For how long? Radhika says one hour? Radhika says there was no clock there. Shiv then asks why she didn’t scream, someone might have heard her; why she screamed only after watching the snake. Radhika says she told her not to make noise, else she will give her bigger punishment. She shows him lines over her arm. Shiv turns to bring 4 to 5 medicines, Radhika denies. Shiv takes Radhika to her mother’s photo and asks her about the truth, swearing on her.

PRECAP: Shiv holds Ganga’s hand midway. She resists, Shiv says he wants to take her back home. It depends on her, what she wants to do.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Having read all the feedback from yesterday, I wonder if Gangaa should have remained a widow and fight for humanity, rather then being married but not married to Sagar, living as a single mum,then losing her senses and being married to Shive and trying to find her identity in the household.
    Viewers like to see Gangaa back with Sagar. Then there’s a leap when Krishna is all grown up as a teen, the next time they are back together again.
    So Gangaa as always will be a single mum trying to proof her innosence to Sagar ( only if he is not crazy) What if he was? Either way Gangaa will see no happiness.
    Sounds like Mahabaratha where Sita had to proof her virtue by jumping the fire.
    For goodness sake, let bygone be bygone and let Gangaa carry on her humanitarian work as Mrs. Shiv.

  2. Having read all of yesterdays comments,it’s making me wonder if Gangaa should have remained as a widow carryingout human rights.
    It seem like Gangaa is never going to find any happiness, if she continues to only going to play Shiv’s wIve to reveal the evil in his household and like the viewers wish to be back with Sagar and Chadruvedi family when Krishna is all grown up.
    Is Sagar going to remember Gangaa? Will he believe Gangaa when she returns after living as Shiv’s Wife after all these years? Like in the Mahabaratham, Sita had to jump the fire to proof her innocence. Will Gangaa have almost similar test?
    For goodness sake, I think Gangaa should continue to live in the household as Shiv’s Wife continuing her humanitarian work.

    1. It is Ramayana and not Mahabharat.

  3. It is said that Gangaa meets Sagar in the end, but the producers don’t want them to meet. They met by getting married but were again separated. In our married life, the couple can enjoy the same up till 40-50 years. It seems that the prime time of their youth will spent in useless things and when they’ll finally unite, it will be ‘PARADISE REGAINED’ at a ripe old age. Positive messages should be sent through serials. One should not always constantly in trouble.

  4. It is said that gangaa meets Sagar in the end. But it seems producers are doing a ‘Bhagirath prayatn’. It seems the producers don’t want to meet in marital bliss. They met by getting married but were again seperated. In our married life one enjoys the bliss till 40-50 years. It seems that when they’ll finally meet at the end of the serial, the prime time of their youth will be lost which reminds me of Milton’s ‘PARADISE LOST’. It will be ‘PARADISE REGAINED’ at a ripe old age. Audience are not there to see Milton through serials. After all serials prime objective is to entertain the viewers and in this the Gangaa has failed us miserably. That’s why I have stopped seeing Ganga.

  5. I want gangaa and sagar to be main protagonists immediately
    What happened to this AND serials in waaris amba lost her memory for a while and gained it soon before marrying to jai
    Here in gangaa gangaa lost her identity and living as shiv’s wife could she even forget krishna also and sagar poor guy always lonely he was he only loved gangaa and always suffered throughout his life for gangaa
    He never had a happy family time
    Hope saga soon

  6. The protagonist of the serial is portrayed as a woman with an indomitable spirit and zest to live.So she always emerges as a winner.She is bestowed with strong will, courage and survival skill. Both Sagar and Niru appreciate this fact in two different scenes. In the present story line Gangaa is using her survival skills to live life with zest.This is the typical condition and reaction of the patients according to medical research.The writers handled well by showing gangaa accepting what was told to her-that she is Shiv’ wife. She is responding warmly to Shiv.This aspect is unethical and unacceptable to all the fans of SaGa and it is justified too. Mutual respect and friendship can grow between them but not love and husband-wife relationship. As i mentioned earlier, Gangaa,s memory will return soon, she is not going to give a damn to Shiv. She will not ….cannot remain as Shiv’s wife. She is not his wife.She is Sagar,s gangaa.This fact cannot be changed…neednot be changed.Now coming to Sagar accepting her…. Sagar will accept her. Mistrusting part is over.Now this is a medical disorder and a social issue. This is where I expect the writers to take the story in the right direction.Sagar has to find his wife. Shiv has to realise that this Gangaa is not his bride and she is the wife of Sagar, Sagar can easily convince Shiv and Gangaa that she is his wife. He has enough proofs.Maharajji and sHIV,S FATHER CAN AUTHENTICATE THIS FACT.Sagar can take Gangaa home in this state and provide her hypnosis. He should realize that he, prabha mami and zoya are all resposible for her mental trauma and should start giving her a lot of love to start her life…Paradise regained…This is the solution suggested by the medical science and the serial also should emphasis. The writers have to weave seamlessly these facts with love and romance between Sagar and Gangaa. The show show should conclude with a happy note without much dragging

  7. Yesterday’s ep was very gud i wanted that gangaa should be thrown out of the house when a man holds her hand when she was walking on the road for 1 sec i thought it was sagar but no it was that shiv now gangaa should not enter the house if she stays outside the house she will definitely will meet sagat. No precious sagar will be back soon directors sagar ki entry zyaada late nhi karvayenge coz serial name is ‘gangaa also known as sagar ki gangaa’ so no chance that krishna will be grown up and might be she is died in that storm….
    And waise bhi itne saalo me kya gangaa ki memory vaapas nhi aayegi kya??? Coz docter said its temporary memory loss aur use kuch kuch flashes yaad aati hai per she is not trying it to regain it and if krishna will be grown then the directots will focus on her problems and then gangaa & sagar will be old no then the serial name would be krishna???? Seriously r u kidding me precious ??? this serial is somehow romantic serial. Hope to see sagar back soon ????

  8. Seriously they have done what they were trying hard! Now I hate this show .. Don’t bother about that if anyone is returned or not.but for your info let me tell you guys Krishna character is finished because as per tellychaker article her role is end but Makers don’t show anything properly..So there are chances that she will be back or may be shown as died.sagar character is still in mystery because maybe vishal will not continue with sagar character or anyone else could play…Still news aren’t confirm yet about vishal and Ruhana returning..

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