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Ganga tells the kids what all she used to do at Gupta’s House. They even used to scold me a lot. Pulkit cracks a joke and does a high five with his brother. Sagar teaches Ganga how to do high five. You do it when someone says something good. Ganga is going to miss Rashmi’s daughter though. Sagar asks Ganga if she wont leave this house now. Madhvi comes there. No, she wont go anywhere now. She gives milk to all the kids. Ganga doesn’t like it. Sagar too denies to drink it but Madhvi says I wont let my kids become weak. Ganga asks her if she is also her kid. Madhvi agrees which makes Ganga very happy. Ganga takes the glass of milk finally. Madhvi sits down with the kids, next to Sagar actually. Pulkit and Sagar talk about the station incident. Ganga keeps looking at Madhvi. She thinks of her Bappa.

Do you remember your Maiyya? How was she? Ganga eyes Madhvi and Sagar longingly. She drinks milk when Madhvi tells her to.

Amma ji is upset with Prabha. You too are a mother then how could you do it to her (Ganga)? Dint you feel pity for her? prabha replies that she was only helping her. Amma ji disagrees. I told you to find another house for Ganga. I dint tell you to make her a maid in someone’s house. You said that they want to take Ganga as they had no one who could play with their daughter but Niranjan told me that they used to make Ganga do all the house work. You knew it? Prabha lies that she had no idea about how those people will be in reality. I cannot cheat you intentionally. Amma ji reminds her that it is Pulkit’s Upnayan ritual tomorrow. You are from Madhvi’s side so make all the necessary preps for it. Prabha promises her that she will not give her any chance to complain. I know everything that I have to do. She takes Amma ji’s leave as she has to go to home now.

Madhvi is with the kids. Pulkit asks Sagar a question. Ganga gets his calculator for him on his request. Niranjan too gets busy in finding out the answer but Pulkit makes an altogether different joke of the question. Niranjan pats him on his back for being naughty. Pulkit tells his mother that even Hitler couldn’t answer his question today. Niranjan is surprised but Madhvi covers up as he has not got hold of the exact word. They both leave from the kid’s room and Pulkit heaves a sigh of relief.

Madhvi tells Niranjan that the house is alive again after Ganga’s return. Amma ji asks Madhvi if she has made all the preps. Madhvi has already done everything. Amma ji instructs maid for what all she has to do tomorrow. She gives a list to Madhvi. She also tells Niranjan that he will have to attend the puja tomorrow. He still has to go to the court for a while. She points out that this is the first puja of Chaturvedi House. It should be done at a grand level with the bets preps and everything. Niranjan nods. Amma ji tells Madhvi to come to her room so they can make a list. Niranjan signals best of luck to her.

Next day, everyone is busy in the preps. Amma ji sends the kids outside to play. Niranjan is all set to leave for court. Niranjan informs Madhvi about it. I will be back before the puja starts. Please handle everything till then. He runs out as he hears his mother calling out for Pulkit. Pulkit is not happy over the fact that he will have to wear dhoti. Ganga sympathises with him but Sagar is happy that he got an off today because of the puja. Go and bring the cricket kit. We will play cricket. She rushes to his room. Sagar challenges Yash but Yash is sure he only will win. The boys go outside.

Sudha (from the same widow Ashram) comes to Niranjan’s house along with many other ladies to meet Amma ji. Ganga hides as she notices them. She wont leave me if she spots me here. Sudah appreciates Amma ji for thinking about them at the time of puja. Amma ji introduces Madhvi and Prabha to them. She talks about Niranjan too. Amma ji guides them to the place where they are supposed to sit. Sudha is helping Pishi Ma when she notices Madhvi and Niranjan’s wedding photo. They both recall that he is the same man who protected Ganga the other day.

Ganga tells Sagar about Sudha. She has even brought the barber with him. I understand all her game now. This barber always accompanies him and she makes him cut the hairs of everyone. Sagar too agrees with her. Will she cut everyone’s hair now? What will happen now? She suggests running as fast as he can. I had made her run a lot that day. She cannot run for long. He is sad that he cannot run fast. I wish I had practised for some race.

Pulkit comes wearing dhoti. Priest tells him to go bald first. Ganga feels that the priest is also on Sudha’s side. Amma ji talks about the tradition. Sudha explains everything to him. Pulkit reasons that he will have to go to school as well. Should I stay at home till my hair come back? Ganga is sure Sudha wont agree to it. Pulkit Bhaiya should run away from here. Pulkit threatens Amma ji that he wont do the Upnayan ritual also if they will continue to force him. Priest gives him another option. Just get few hairs chopped off in the name of Mundan. Pulkit gets ready for it. A few ladies gossip about it. it is easier to preach rather than follow. They always talk about dharma yet they only are bending the rules today when it came to their kids. Amma ji overhears this. She intentionally tells Sudha that the time is changing so they too should change with time. Sudha affirms. Everything is ok for the guys.

Ganga says Sudha Bua changed her statement completely. I was crying so much that day but she dint listen to me. Sagar points out that she agreed as Pulkit Bhaiya is a boy. Ganga finds it wrong. There should be no different rules for boys and girls. Sagar dismisses it. let us go and play. She tells him to walk ahead. I will walk behind you.

Prabha is making kalash ready for the puja. Yash tells her to let Dadi do it but Prabha points out that Dadi cannot do it. She is a widow. It is considered inauspicious if a widow touches anything that is related to puja.

Barber cuts a few ends of Pulkit’s hairs. Sagar and Ganga manage to escape from their without anyone noticing them. They come running to where Prabha is. Prabha tells Ganga to stay away from the kalash. Everything will be finished if you touch this kalash. Yash decides to get even with Ganga now. Prabha leaves from there and takes the kalash with her.

Precap: Yash has blindfolded Ganga. He intentionally brings her to where the puja is going on. Ganga collides with the kalash by mistake and all the contents fall on the floor. Amma ji and all the other ladies are shocked. Amma ji scolds Ganga for ruining the puja.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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