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Gangaa 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Police station and Ammaji’s residence
Ganga discusses with niru, about krishna’s disappearance, completely distraught and dishevelled, while kashish tries to calm her down. she starts blaming herself for all this, and how she hasnt been able to give a good upbringing to krishna. he tries to make her calm down, and say that this isnt her fault, as she raised a wonderful child, who is mature enough. he assures her that krishna must be just around and would definitely come back home soon, and that she neednt bother so much. he says that she has already filed the missing report, and on top of that, they shall give, video, audio and print advertisements in the tv, radio and newspaper for the same. she complies and agrees to it. he asks her to reach home, as he shall

come straightaway, and asks her not to worry. she complies and leaves with kashish.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple
Sagar retreats away, while madhavi and krishna continue to pray. madhavi gets ahead, oblivious as to who is krishna. before she can see her, krishna rushes away from there, distracted by a ritual, that a woman performs locking on a particular pivot. she comes and asks whats the matter. Krishna is shown a temple, by a woman, who tells about some mannat bringing tree, on which if a lock is put, with a wish, then the lord fulfills it, and she has to take one old lock from heer and when her wish is fulfilled, she has to bring it back. she asks if her wish shall be fulfilled too. the woman complies. krishna asks what if someone takes her lock. the woman says that guarantees the fulfillment immediately, and then says that she needs to return the lock that she took when she wanted her wish to be fulfilled. the woman explains everything, and krishna hurriedly asks where can she find the lock. the woman shows her the locksmith. she rushes to the locksmith and requests him to give her one, even though she doesnt have enough money, after having selected one nicely. the shopkeeper gets irritated and frustrated, as she continues to pester him. she requests and pleads citing its importance, but he shoves her away. she calls him a snob, and mumbling, she leaves and sits on a bench, coutning the change that she has. meanwhile sagar arrives at the same shop, and finds the shopkeeper grumbling, and asks what happened. he shows her the girl, with her back towards the shop, and narrates everything, complaining as to how the parent’s upbringing is wrong in this. sagar eyes krishna from the backside, oblivious of her identity. sagar gets back to selecting a lock for herself. the shopkeeper says that even the girl selected this one. sagar eyes the girl, still from her backside, and then pays for it, and an additional one, and asks him to give the lock to her. he calls the girl, after sagar leaves. she hurriedly goes to the shopkeeper, who gives her the same lock. krishna tries to give money, but the shopkeeper shows sagar from the backside, who paid for her. she decides to thank him and rushes after him, having taken the lock. sagar meanwhile obliviously walks on the streets. but madhavi meets him up just then, and they both get to doing the ritual, while sagar feels that someone called him. she takes him from there, seconds before krishna arrives there. sagar performs the lock ritual, while madhavi watches on tensedly. after they are done, krishna comes happily, wishing that the person who paid for the lock, should have his wish fulfilled. after she ties her own lock, she starts looking for the lock that she should take, and wonders which one should she take. she closes her eyes, and as fate would have it, her hands fall on sagar’s lock itself. she takes it off and leaves.

Meanwhile, madhavi remembers that sagar didnt get another lock in return. he is reluctant, but madhavi asks him to comp-lete the ritual, and badgers him into going back. he complies. as they return back, krishna is finished taking his lock by then. as destiny demands, sagar takes krishna’s lock only, as they stand obliviously on the two sides of the wall, each ignorant of the other’s presence. they both take the other’s locks, and then go their own ways. krishna is however distracted by a little girl speaking to her mother as to how much she misses her and begs her to come back soon. she starts getting emotional remembering ganga, and her concern for her. she decides to call ganga once, and tell that she is okay, and she shouldnt bother.

Scene 3:
Location: Ganga’s residence and Varanasi bus stand
Niranjan tells her and makes her listen about the disappearance and the missing report that he got broadcasted on the radio, and then says that soon there shall be news on the media too, and before long, krishna shall be found. ganga is tensed even though they try and assuage her, to calm her.

As Krishna dials ganga’s number, meanwhile niranjan is talking on another phone. when there is no info from anyone, despite such advertisements, ganga is getting restless and impatient, when the phone rings. krishna wonders whether she should talk or not, as if ganga gets to know, she might just forcibly get her to stay back, and stop her mission. ganga instinctively feels that its krishna at the other end. she continues to talk to krishna, asking her to speak up, and say something as to why she did so. krishna decides not to talk to ganga, as she would take her home, and not allow her to meet her father. niranjan dials back the number, when she is sure that its ganga. as the PCO fellow picks up, niru gets to know thay a small girl came just now. Niranjan asks him the location of the PCO and asks him to keep the girl, but he says that the girl already left for the bus stand. along with niru, Ganga hurriedly leaves asking kashish to stay back home.

Meanwhile, at the bus stand, the kidnapper couple, find that krishna is alone, and is going to chitpur all alone, asking everyone for directions. they decide a plan to nab her. they ask her where she wishes to go, and if she needs any help. she is skeptic. they talk amongst themselves, as to how they shall get late for chitpur and should get going. she is alarmed as she hears the name of the place. niru and ganga arrive and they start their search at the bus stand. krishna asks them if she can come along too. they hurriedly comply, and then ask about the parents. krishna innocently answers, and they are evilly amused, as its the perfect set-up. the bus for chitpur arrives and they all get seated along with krishna. ganga dn niru continue their frantic search. As Ganga arrives anear the chitpur bus, she is oblivious that krishna is on the bus to chitpur, and passing off, with the kidnapper couple, while she is tensed for her daughter’s safety. the screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Ganga is alarmed to know from one of the people, that he spotted the girl, going with a couple. MEanwhile krishna spots sagar on the road, and hollers out to him. he turns back and is shocked to see them. she rushes to meet him, but the kidnapper holds her back, while sagar begs him to leave the girl, as he holds the knife at her throat, and asks sagar not to step at all. sagar asks what does he need as he can give anything, but he should let go of the girl. krishna stands tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Thank you so much for this fast update, today ep seems very good, but the precepe is more better, i can’t wait for tomorrow update.

  2. Akash gil aka yash posted in Instagram that he is coming soon in gangaa…. Finally sagar sees Krishna…. In tomorrow’s episode….

  3. now comes the twist..

  4. i think couple will hurt krishna and sagar take her to hospital after that truth comes out.

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  6. Thanks for update. Looking forward to tomorrow episode.

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  8. Update 30 september 2016 means yesterday’s episode

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  10. I didn’t see ystrdy precap , pls any one can tell what’s happen. By the way I’m new to this page…

  11. Yesterday’s precap…. Ganga, sagar, Madhavi and niranjan took krishna to the hospital… Ganga asks doctor to check krishna… He asks if this happened before… Ganga says that she fainted few weeks back on her birthday… They conducted several tests and said that she has a hole in the heart… Doctor asks if anyone in the family has the same… Ganga says yes it is genetic.. Her father also has a hole in the heart…. Sagar was shocked to hear this…

  12. Hello Bhavani garu who is Akash. Thanq for your prior information.

  13. Akash gil was the actor playing the role of yash…

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