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Gangaa 29th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sagar’s residence
At the dining table, they discuss sleeping arrangements, and madhvi says that ragini can sleep with ganga, while he sleeps with sagar. rudra is most reluctant, and says that ragini is used to sleeping with him, and that shall continue. madhvi’s husband says that then their bedroom is a big one, and they both can sleep there, while they shall manage in the guest room. but rudra asks them to merely put in an extra mattress in the guest room and they shall be fine. they try to convince him, that ragini has grown and can now stay with others too. rudra says thats exactly the reason, that ragini has grown, and oly he needs what she needs and wants. Madhvi complies to rudra’s request. then they get to eating. sagar serves her icecream, but rudra

doesnt like it. he gets tensed, while ragini loves it. his father asks if ragini has to go for the puja too. rudra compliers. prabha eyes her tensedly, and then ganga viciously.

Later, in his room, rudra comes and asks the maharaj for ragini, and is told that she went to see sagar. he is tensed.

In his room, sagar is busy playing cards with ragini, pulkit, supriya, and ganga. he tries and tease her, by pinching her on the leg. ganga gets alarmed, and he is amused, pretending nothing happened. he reminds her of the kiss thats still pending. pulkit and supriya share signals too. rudra comes in and finds ragini playing with sagar. he denies to play and asks ragini to come and sleep, but she insists that she shall play. he tries to get to sleep, but she gets on a whim, and pleads with him. sagar asks him to let her play. but rudra is insistent, and asks her to come along, and takes her from there, while she isnt interested. he takes ragini away. then prabha watches them playing and stealthily leaves. Supriya and ganga continue to play with sagar and pulkit. Prabha takes leave. ganga finally wins, and is excited, while sagar stands sullen. ganga teases him that she has been winning continuously. sagar and ganga find pulkit and supriya sharing signals. Pulkit says that they wont play anymore, while supriya is eager to play. he forcibly takes her away, leaving behind ganga and sagar alone. she is conscious of their loneliness, and gets awkwardly tensed. he eyes her amused. he shuffles away all the cards, and gets close to her, saying that she found it very amusing, to leave earlier in the afternoon, but where would she go now. he gets in close to her, while she is nervous and shy with excitement. he caresses her face as he pulls away the hair strands from her face. she manages to say that this isnt right, as she closes her eyes, revelling in the feeling of this. finally, she jerks him away, abruptly, saying that they should wait till marriage. he cups her face, and comforts her, saying that they love each other, and marriage is a mere formality, that is beneath their love. she says that she isnt able to participate in it. he says that its okay, and that he wont come close anymore. she tries to calm him down but he says that he doesnt wish to know anything. she tries to comfort him, while he says that he shall come oly when she makes the first move. he gets frustrated and lies on the bed, pulling the blanket on him. she leaves. he looks up and finds her gone, thinking that she didnt even try and impress him back. he fumes at her.

Meanwhile, in his room, rudra gets her insistently, while she has a sullen mood. he tries to cheer her up, and she finally complies. she asks for chocolate, and he gets it for her, and she hungrily gorges on it. he caresses her, while she hugs him. he says that he does whatever he does, for her well being. he then tries to tell her a bedtime story, when prabha comes in with cold water, as the maharaja forgot. rudra gets a call, and goes out to receive it. prabha starts emotionally blackmailing her, about how good they look together. she asks if she lieks sagar, as she knows everything. ragini asks how does she know. prabha says that her brother doesnt like sagar, and ragini is emotionally manipulated and influenced by prabha, who says that rudra wouldnt ever let her get married to sagar, and then ganga shall marry him. ragini gets berserk. Prabha tells her that she has an idea, by which she can become sagar’s bride. ragini asks how. prabha says that she shall help her and asks her to promise first that she wont tell anyone. she complies. then prabha asks her to do exactly whats told. ragini complies to that too. then rudra comes back in, after the call, and prabha retires. ragini sleeps, and rudra lies down beside her, pulling the blanket over her.

Prabha then comes to the balcony, and pinhces a red saree from there, kept there to dry, and then stealthily goes back. she finds ragini still awake, and flickers the torch on her, to indicate her to come out. ragini complies, and indiscreetly steps out, while rudra is obliviously fast asleep. prabha hopes that rudra doesnt wake up, or else everything shall be ruined. as fate would have it, just as she is about to step out, rudra wakes up and asks where is she going. she says that she is going to the bathroom, and urgently insists that she has grown up, and can go alone. he sits waiting for her to come back, while she steps out of the room. then she meets prabha, who asks her if she remembers what she has to do. Ragini asks prabha if sagar shall marry her. prabha convinces her, and says that if she does what she is told to do, then she shall be sagar’s bride. ragini happily gets in the room. praha stealthily pulls the drapes together, and then eyes her tensedly. then prabha makes her dress up in a saree, with flowing hair, just like ganga does. prabha eyes her evilly, while ragini is tensed. she leads her to sagar’s room, teling her that sagar told her to wear the saree. prabha asks her to stick to what she is told, and not utter a single word. prabha eyes her evilly, as she steps inside the room. then she shuts the door from outside. Meanwhile, rudra starts getting impatient waiting for ragini. Ragini sits beside sagar’s bed, and caresses his neck and ears, and nudges him awake. he is shocked to find ganga, while still trying to see clearly, as prabha turns the fuse off. Prabha then thinks that now in darkness, sagar wouldnt be able to see anything, and her plan shall be a success. as she predicted, sagar in his bed, finds a red saree clad lady, and assumes its ganga, oblivious that its actually ragini, and says amused, that she did finally reach back to impress him, as he knew in his heart that she would. ragini silently complies. he seductively says that she did manage to agree. Rudra finds the lights gone, and rushes out concerned for ragini. Sagar stealthily grazes his hands past ragini, as he leans in to get intimate with her, while she barely closes her eyes in excitement. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Rudra along with others, catch sagar red handed with ragini. he is flustered. Ganga comes in and is shocked too. sagar gets a shock of his life, to find ganga at the door. sagar then turns to her, who he had been caressing, and finds that its ragini. all are agape.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Such a rubbish precap hate it

  2. What the hell is going on…??wat the direvtor is upto..??if rudra n thinks how did ragini wore ganga’s saree…then they can understand there is evil plan of prabha… these directeres won’t let it happen…they make this as another nonsence and try to stop their marrage…bt it should not happen…

  3. Henrietta Barooah

    Yaa.. Seriously. Why are these directors bringing more and more problems in Sagar and Gangaa’s life?? Why can’t they peacefully & happily get married at once.. I seriously can’t understand that what is their problem. Ughhh…… ???

  4. Henrietta Barooah

    Yaa… Seriously I can’t understand what is the director’s problem?? Why can’t they get Sagar and Gangaa peacefully and happily married without any obstacle. Or else if they can’t even do this simple thing , they can at least remove all the negative characters from the programe. If they don’t do this I am going to stop watching this serial ???

  5. too much negativity

  6. I agree why they take problem again and again for sagar and gangaa.
    Im bored to wait they will happy
    Director can see saga happy
    Oh -___-

  7. Such a nonsense track.I can’t digest to see that sagar getting close to ragini.not marriage but just the truth come before ganga.Feeling tensed how sagar will bear this ?

  8. I am irritated for yesterday’s track.I request director to make fast the track of realisation .

  9. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yesterday too much nonsense……….. n in precap if ragini wear ganga’s saree so why evryone caught red handed to sagar evryone has blind sagar intimate to ganga appereance not to ragini so stop nonsense plz be sensefull

  10. Hi Friends, Shaanu and BR,
    Just watched this episode, really am not liking where the storyline is going to head. I find it frustrating with all the plotting and scheming that is going on against Ganga and Sagar. Finally when whole family accepts Ganga is good enough to bring happiness to Sagar and she is his shield, Prahba decides to go and ruin their reunion. Going round in circles after a short while and keeping viewers in supsense is good for a short while. Eventually, they will lose patience and will find the series a monotous dross. I think Ganga has gone through enough heartache, she does not need this.

    I am hoping Sagar will explain that the light fuse were out all of a sudden and that other members of the family will question why she is wearing Ganga’s sari. Hopefully Ragini will point out that Prabha gave it to her and led her here. No doubt Prabha will add fuel to fire and really stir it up, so I am hoping the writers will not treat us viewers with little IQ. I am hoping that Ragini brother will have enough common sense to question what she is doing in Sagar’s room and why she has changed her clothing. I hope he will see through Prabha scheme and accept that no harm was done and Ragini was not dishonoured, therefore will not insist Sagar make his sister respectful by marrying her.

    I mean you have one Judge, one lawyer and one law student in the Chaverturdi household, surely by putting the pieces of the jigsaw together, all members of the household and guest will realise that it is Prabha’s evil plan, the picture will be clear that Prabha is casting an evil eye on the family. Enough for Amma Ji to say ‘ see, told you she is a chameleon and untrustworthy…then evict her from the house.

    Shaanu, good to see you back, I responded to your greetings (28.6.) like you, been busy lately so have been trying to catch up on episodes.

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