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Gangaa 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
As madhavi goes into niru’s room, to keep his clothes, she gets confronted with him. after an emotional turbuelent eyegaze, he expresses as to how concerned he was and how he doesnt want them to go, and she complains that if it was so much so, then he should have atleast found once, sometime to find out about their well being. she eyes the pic of theirs on the floor, as it falls out of his hand, and they get emotionally overwhelmed. she is about to progress towards him, when sagar’s voice calling her to come soon, reaches, and she rushes out, leaving niru, distraught and apalled.

While sagar is getting things loaded in the cab, madhavi bids a rtearful farewell to ammaji, who asks if going is necessary. sagar says that it is.

she turns to sagar and starts crying her heart out. he somehow manages to console her. pulkit and supriya take her blessings, while she blesses them to be happy always, like this. maharaj gets emotional too. madhavi asks them to come to london soon. then they turn to sagar, while madhavi asks ammaji to stop cryign, as she would come to them. she continues muttering asking them not to go. Madhavi eyes niru in the doorway, and thinks that he didnt stop her then, and today also he wishes to just watch and hopes that he doesnt continue his arrogance. he too thinks the same , and hopes that she stays back, as he cant lose her, since he feels lonely, and if she didnt think last time, she should this time around, and begs her to stay back for him and his family. she thinks that this time, he shall have to say soemthing, as he has been silent for the past 7 years. she thinks that he shall have to speak up. sagar and pulkit talk. they ask him to take care of himself and his mother, and soon they shall come too. he complies. then ammaji starts crying, and sagar has a hard time consoling and telling that soon they shall be together again, and he isnt leaving her. as madhavi turns around, she finds niru waiting for her beside the door, with tear stricken eyes. unable to resist any longer, they both hug each other. but madhavi’s dream is shattered when sagar asks her to come along, and she realises that she had been daydreaming. she finds zoya beside him, and sits hastily. sagar returns his sim to pulkit to use, and then asking everyone to take care, he leaves with madhavi in the cab. Later, niru is trying to pass time, but feels totally restless and tensed as he gets nostalgic for madhavi.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Kashish returns back with ganga, who is incredibly tensed as to how she betrayed her daughter, and she is rightfully punishing her. she says that she cant bear it any longer, taking the entire blame, and says that she should tell her about sagar, but how she didnt listen anything. she hopes krishna returns back soon. kashish tries to control her. ganga blames herself for being so naive, stupid and stubborn. kashish asks her to stop being tormented and instead file a complain in the police station. ganga complies and hurriedly leaves with her.

Scene 3:
Location: Police Station
After filing the complaint, the inspector asks ganga to go now, as they have done the requisite, and shall find out their daughter soon. ganga requests that krishna is very small and gets emotional, while kashish composes her. the inspector assures her, saying that it shall be their priority. then kashish takes ganga and leaves.

Outside, kashish says that they left one place, where they didnt ask, and thats sagar’s. ganga gets disturbed. kashish says that maybe krishna called sagar, or he knows about her. ganga wonders why she didnt think of it. she decides to call him, but it doesnt get through. they get tensed. she wonders if krishna is with sagar only. she calls up niru who asks whats the matter, and she narrates everything. he gets tensed.

Scene 4:
Location: Varanasi Bus stand
Krishna sits on a bench and counts the money that she has, and then she gets the smell of hot samosas and jalebis being made. she eyes the food hungrily, and remembers her mother, as to how she fulfilled all her wishes. she comments at her own stupidity for not having food before leaving. she goes to the stall, and they ask about her parents. she says that she is in search of her father and the mother is at home. they are boggled, and she orders. they silently comply. she is happily gorging on food, totally oblivious of sagar’s cab stuck behind him on the road. they they drive off. she thanks the uncle and leaves. the shopkeeper feels happy and doesnt even demand money. Krishna then wanders on the road, and some kidnappers and human trafficking couple, eye her, wondering where is she going. they indiscreetly follow her, as she takes directions to the nearest temple, hearing the sounds of temple bells. they decide to let go of their following, and decide to wait, before she returns back. as she participates in the arti, she again is oblivious of sagar and madhavi right behind her, totally engrossed in her devotion. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Krishna is shown a temple, by a woman, who tells about some mannat bringing tree, on which if a lock is put, with a wish, then the lord fulfills it. she rushes to the locksmith and requests him to give her one, even though she doesnt have enough money. she requests and pleads citing its importance, but he shoves her away. she calls him a snob, and mumbling, she leaves and sits on a bench, coutning the change that she has. meanwhile sagar arrives at the same shop, and finds the shopkeeper grumbling, and asks what happened. he shows her the girl, with her back towards the shop, and narrates everything. sagar eyes krishna from the backside, oblivious of her identity.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Running after scene by scene…. Getting tensed whether sagar sees Krishna r not… Screenplay was good going… Thanks Rimjhim for fast update

  2. Thanks alot for the update

  3. Thanks for u r update but why sagar and ganga always fighting try to be with cute Krishna we r awaiting

  4. HI Friends,
    Can’t wait to watch tonight’s episode! As i was reading update ‘ Sagar returns his sim for Pulkit use’? Could this be the sim that holds evidence of what happened to Rahat? When Zoya accidently caused her own mother’s death fighting for camera? Could Pulkit accidently learn of Zoya’s true colours by using this sim once inserted in his phone? Could this be the sim that Rudra sent evidence to Sagar’s phone before his arrest? I’m just wondering if this could be the link into the story of revealing Zoya’s true colours to the rest of the members of the family? I find the storyline is picking up then it comes to a halt again after the suspension is being dragged out and it loses its tension.

    Lets hope Pulkit and Supriya find happiness with Juhi, and they can work out their differences. I hope Kashish will allow Pulki to find happiness with his marriage to Supriya.

    I have to give it to the actress who plays Zoya’s character, she plays her so well that you end up destesting Zoya.

  5. Interesting episode.. Saw new promo.. Hope soon sagar know Krishna is his daughter only.. đŸ™‚
    Thank you rimjhim for the fast update

  6. The serial is picking up and becoming interesting day by day. It has kept the viewers tied with itself. Everyone is waiting for the episode when sagar will come to know that Krishna is his daughter. I hope that when this planted bomb will explode, it might bring with it cute and funny moments as sagar will try to apologise to gangaa and will do all the silly and cute things to make her forgive him and come back to his life. Let’s wait and watch……………………..

  7. Only way stager will believe is if a dna test is done. Which ganga will refuse on the grounds of trust hence y they r not together now.

  8. Summer….. Sagar gives the sim to pulkit and says that the sim is of here’s number… He cannot use it in London and so kept with pulkit… Ganga tries to call sagar to know whether Krishna was with him to this number only and hears the message that the number has been switched off… And coming to pulkit…. He was not at all thinking of kashish and kashish too not remembering pulkit…. Seems that the writers stopped working on pulkit kashish line as no one is interested in this line….

  9. Yash is coming back in the show…. And the truth of that spiked drink maybe revealed…. Hope zoya track will end soon and yash starts his evil tricks…. There is of no use of zoya track in the show…. Only that zoya asli chehra come to know by gangaa and she repenting for believing her blindly….

    1. HI Bhavani, how do you know Yash is coming back? I found his character annoyingly bad. Will that mean Yash father returning back to the show? Yes, like you, not really enjoying the Zoya track. She follows around other members of the family sniffing for trouble to stir.
      I’m thinking, that when Sagar learns that Krishna is his daughter, he will realise that Ganga did not betray him. Krishna has inherited his blue blood and heart condition, therefore that alone will indicate to Sagar that Krishna is certainly his child. I doubt Gangaa will forgive him easily though…i think it will be Krishna who will unite Gangaa and Sagar together.

  10. I agree with you Summmer….

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