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Gangaa 28th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sudha shouts after Ganga as she runs out. Don’t delay. You will have to leave for court as soon as Sagar calls.

Sagar is outside the court, waiting for the affidavit to be ready. Raghav ji sees him there. The lawyer asks Sagar his wife’s name. Sagar takes Ganga’s name. Raghav ji asks him if he wants to make a joke of his family before the town now. A drama has already happened at home before the family and relatives. Sagar says it has already happened. The relatives now know what Papa has done. How does it matter if now the town also gets to know? He gets the affidavit. Raghav ji tells him to think again. Everyone knows Niru in Banaras. Sagar shares that this is the very reason he is leaving Banaras with Ganga tonight itself.

Doc says Niru’s BP got low. He wants to go to court but

Amma ji and Madhvi tell him against it. Doc tells them to make sure he is not worried about anything. It will anyways not happen as you have a happy family. niru nods sadly. Doc leaves. Prabha and Ratan come just then. They speak of the kids going against their parents and being responsible for Niru’s condition. Amma ji asks Prabha not to speak negatively. She goes outside. Prabha says I am sure Sagar will get back on track.
Its all happened because of Ganga. Wish her bad shadow had not fallen on this house!

Ganga comes to Chaturvedi Sadan. She is shocked to see the rope dividing the house in two parts. Maharaj ji notices her from her back and thinks her to be a stranger. He is happy to see her wearing a colourful saree as she turns. She asks about the rope and mark on the floor. Maharaj tells her about Pulkit asking for his share in Babu ji’s property. She is shocked. The house got divided? I have no right to say anything. Everyone has fallen apart. Only you can handle things. He says I dint handle anything since you came. It is only you who can handle things by coming back. She says I have come to go. he is sad to think both the boys will go separate ways. She too wished all her dreams come true but not all dreams can come true. Everyone will be pained if I stay here so I wont. I just need my stuff. I will collect it and come.

Ganga comes to Amma ji’s room. She thinks of her journey till date. She walks up to the trunk. Amma ji comes there just then. She is shocked to see Ganga wearing a colourful saree. Ganga says I only came to pick up my stuff. She prays in temple. She bends down to seek Amma ji’s blessings but she moves aside. Ganga touches her shoes instead. She picks up her trunk tearfully. Amma ji stands there all quiet. Ganga looks at the house sadly. She takes Maharaj ji’s blessings and looks at the family photos on the wall. Maharaj ji asks her if she wont meet Babu and Bahu ji. She says I saw my parents in them but when they gave that relation of love the name of pity then I have no right to go before them. I will leave now.

Niru refuses to take medicines. Raghav ji tells Niru that Sagar is leaving town for forever. He is marrying Ganga in court after which he will leave for Delhi with Ganga. This all happened on Holi before a few relatives but if Sagar registers this marriage, that too in your absence then the news will spread like wildfire. i see only two options. You can either make Sagar understand or accept the couple. Niru gets angry. You should have told him. Raghav ji reasons that he has no right over Sagar. It is only you who can do something. Niru thinks of what all happened at the house recently. Niru starts breathing heavily. Madhvi rushes out calling for Amma ji and Maharaj ji. Ganga hears them. She drops the trunk in shock.

Raghav ji goes to bring doc. Niru is unconscious. Downstairs, Ganga thinks of how she lost her Bappa. She shouts Bappa and rushes upstairs. She tries to shake Niru all this while calling him Bappa. I wont let anything happen to you. She massages his feet and hands. Amma ji pulls her away. I don’t even want your shadow to fall on my son. Madhvi, Raghav ji and Maharaj ji come there with doc. Doc checks Niru. Ganga looks on stunned.

Doc checks Niru’s BP. Ganga stands by the wall and looks on. Raghav ji goes to bring injection. Ganga thinks of how Niru saved her; how fought with everyone, every situation just to keep her at every point of life; how he took care of her and of his harsh words now. Amma ji asks doc about Niru. Doc takes everyone outside. Ganga walks up to Niru and caresses his face. She holds her Babu’s hand addressing him thus. Niru opens his eyes. She asks him if he is fine. He withdraws his hand and looks away. She is taken aback to see his hatred towards her. He asks her why she did this to him. Why did you snatch my Sagar from me? She says am I snatching him. Niru requests Ganga to return his son to him. Have mercy on me. She looks at his folded hands in shock.

Precap: Sagar says I loved you but you did not love me. I left everything behind as I wanted you. You cheated me instead!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Oh no, SaGa separation track mustn’t begin now, please! Oh God! What’s gonna happen? Niru is so adamant!

  2. Stupid idiotss why didn’t ganga get married then get her stupid things! Now there not gonna get married! What an idiot!

  3. shouldn’t be done.
    Saga should be united
    How could sagar tjink like that as he knows ganga well and she can sacrifice her love also
    No it shouldn’t be done pls

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Same all serial drama….
    Ganga will scarifice her love for family and sagar will hate her… tooo much bakwas now…

  5. This is the only problem with Indian serials had hai thodi trp kya zyada mil jaati hai Kuch bhi dikhane lagte hai huh…!!!
    Ab ganga ” mahaan ” banegi aur sagar ko chod degi it’s not fair

  6. sri from Indonesia

    I wont watch or read the written episode of this film from now on. This is tragic… Gangaa leaves sagar after what sagar has done all for gangaa.. I hate the story line..

  7. All the serials with the same stupid drama! If this continue to be like this, trust me am gonna stop watching this show. For now cut all this bullshit with sagar n Ganga separation.
    Safar shouldn’t married that janvi.
    Plz don’t ruined this show,plz.

  8. Here goes…same old same old. Why not coming out of the hives of typical drama? Be different will u? Gosh! You ruined the whole things by changing all good characters into annoying ones. Anyway, no more watching reading recaps. Let’s just wait for the ending. A bit curious, do drama scriptwriters come from the same factory? Cause they tend to create the same thing. Oh well…

  9. Hasn’t ganga suffered enough? Niru is so selfish she has always been prohibited from any kind of enjoyment and now she has to sacrifice her love! Why can’t he just let her have that one thing? She obeyed them all her life for no reason because they don’t even care about her!

  10. I agree with sri this is tragic gangaa leaves sagar after what sagar has done all for gangaa …I hate the story line …..and crazy story sagar merry janvi ……

  11. better i watch korean drama.DESCENDANTS OF THE SUN.its just 16 episodes.luv u song jung ki n song hye song couple.i recomendation this drama 4 u all.for indian writter watch kdrama so u can open ur mind.

    1. Haha, yeah me too. watch that show @@

  12. Please show something courageous in the serial. Please do not show a great sacrifice by Ganga for the selfish Niru. First it looked as if he is not courageous enough to break the rotten rules of the society, but now it is clear that he is brainless and selfish too. Even after his sons have called him hypocrite, coward and a failure, his conscience has not awaken. And he is asking Ganga to return his son to him.
    Or is it the script writer who does not have the courage to show widow remarriage in the serial?
    Rather show that Sagar becomes successful and prosperous after marrying Ganga, and the Chaturvedi family suffers all hardships because they have thrown Lakshmi ( Ganga ) out of the house.

    1. Wow your so right! Writers please read this mans comment he is absolutely right! Please someone express this view directly to the writers im worried there gonna ruin this show!

  13. I miss little gangga

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