Gangaa 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Sagar again teases her that she was looking incredibly cute when she was jealous. Finally, they arrive back home.

Scene 2:
Location: Sagar’s residence
Sagar’s father welcomes them all back, and especially rudra, who he heartily invites. he asks the purpose of rudra’s visit. he says that there is an elaborate puja, and hence planned it now, and hence brought ragini too, so that she could have enjoyed with sagar and ganga. supriya asks where is the happy couple. Meanwhile, sagar and ganga too arrive, and are about to step in, when ammaji stops them at the doorstep. all are tensed. she asks them to keep standing here till she returns back. she leaves. all are tensed. prabha asks ganga what she did, that they were stopped at the

door. ammaji comes with a puja thali, and does their puja, while all are pleasantly surprised, and ganga and sagar are flushing with happiness. ammaji then takes their hands. ammaji gathers the family together and informs that she wishes to get ganga and sagar married, as she wouldnt bear them hiding and having their secret love moments. they are overjoyed, while ragini is tensed. ammaji says that they shall find a suitable time and get them married. ammaji asks them to be sent back to her room, after everyone is done with congratulating them. she leaves.

Ammaji gives her the box of jewelleries, while ganga is shocked. all are pleased. ganga asks how is this possible, as they were lent to the money lender. the other widow says that ammaji never gave it to the moneylender, and she just took it from her, and gave it to her to keep them safely, as she couldnt possible have given them away. ganga gets emotional, but ammaji cuts her short, saying that she did what she had to, and then asks them both to leave. ganga rushes to ammaji to hug her, while ammaji says that she doesnt wish to cry. she asks them both to leave. they both get overwhelmed, and sagar takes her out. Prabha hears this and is shocked, and comes in after they leave. She expresses in shock to ammaji, that its a great sin that she plans to commit, as ganga is a widow. ammaji says that she was a widow, and isnt anymore, but now she shall be a wife, as she was seven years when her husband died, and that she has been carrying the burden unnecessarily, and she faced all the humiliation, but not anymore. she says that now ganga and sagar shall marry, and if that doesnt happen, that would be a crime. prabha complies, saying that she being the eldest, would have taken the right decision. the widow leaves too. ammaji finds sagar’s father in the doorway, who had heard everything. he coems in and sits down beside her, saying that he still cant believe, but of all people she is the one who agreed to it, and he is mixed with emotions, as he doesnt know what to feel. she says that what happened in the past few months have forced her to do this, and that ganga loves him, and he too is intensely attached to ganga, and its natural for them to get married. she talks about ganga has always stood as a shield for sagar, even after the way they disrespected and mistreated her, but she kept on being with sagar and wishing his well being, unfazed by what they put her through. ammaji says that she understood but always ignored, and says that now finally she tried to take the right path. she says that therefore ganga shall be the rightful bahu for their house, who brings back happiness in their families, hopefully noone casting evil eye on them. he smiles and complies too.

Later, in her room, sagar donss the necklace around ganga, who is very ecstatic to see it. Ragini hurriedly rushes in, and expresses her desire to play but ganga says that she needs to go down for dinner, while sagar pretends to be scared. ganga keeps the necklace back safely. Seeing ganga has a box of jewellery in her hands, and ragini is excited to know about whats in the bag. before ganga can talk about her marriage with sagar, he hastily tells that these are jewelleries for his would be wife. they are called down for dinner. ragini refuses to eat. they say that they shall be back after food. she complies. Sagar and ganga rush out for dinner, and then he takes her against the stairs, leaning in intimately, while she is nervous. he asks for a kiss to let her go, while she reluctantly complies, mixed with nervous and shyness. as he leans in to kiss her, she turns away shyly. a romantic gaze follows. Their romance is broken off, as they are hollered for dinner. they are amused, as ganga rushes away, while sagar fumes.

After all disperse, ragini tries on the jewellery. Ragini thinks that if its sagar’s bride, then its rightfully hers only. Prabha overhears this from a distance, and is amused to find that she wishes to be sagar’s bride. she thinks that she got spices just like that and starts thinking as to how now she shall use this pawn, to ensure that ganga never gets married to sagar. The screen freezes on her evil conspiring face.

Precap: Prabha comes to ragini, and tells her that she has an idea, by which she can become sagar’s bride. ragini asks how. prabha asks her to promise first that she wont tell anyone. she complies. then prabha makes her dress up in a saree, with flowing hair, just like ganga does. prabha eyes her evilly, while ragini is tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ek bhai bahan gye nhi Ki dusre aa gye wahi ulat -pulat k story dikha rhe h.

  2. Thanks Rimjhim for a fantastic detailed and speedy update.

    Prahba is just bad!! But then we all need a bad guy to make the story interesting.

    1. Rimjhim

      tnks…summer fr such a lovly comment….:)

  3. Sri lakshmi davuluri

    Please don’t separate gangaa and sagar.. if they are separated then there is no meaning for love between them… and it indicates that ganga will never be happy in his life..

  4. hi .. Now ammaji has taken very good decision .. all r accepting them … very superup conclusion … finish it with subham … dont drag .. with prabha evil acts .. not interesting . now only comments … after showing evil acts and seperation only
    0 comments or 1 comments … dont waste the time and u r energy ..up to this the story is interesting .. fine again troubles in ganga ‘s marriage not suitable u have given the super message to the society . early marriage .. and young widows lives ups and downs … remarriage also .. very good ……..dont spoil the story …… and their opinion good bye and thank you for gangaa team

  5. hi summer .. i went to my native … i could not read u and shaan summaries …

    I am eagerly waiting for u r opinion …… and new story

    1. Hi BR, happy to see you back on the forum. Well, what are my thoughts? I see bad nasty Prahba will ruin Sagar and Ganga’s happiness. But then again, it is another obstacle in their way, ‘will they won’t they ‘ scenario.

      Judging by the preview aired after this episode, when Ragini wears Ganga’s red sari by Prahba direction, somehow Sagar and Ragini will become alone and get close proximity. Sagar will mistaken Ragini for Ganga and as they embrace in an intimate position, he will learn it is not Gangaa. Ragini gets upset that Sagar becomes shocked that she is not who he thinks she is – Ganga.

      Ragini respect, dignity and honour will be comprised therefore Sagar is forced to do the right thing by marrying Ragini. As it is the evil plan of Prabha she will make sure that other members of the family will witness this so Sagar can not marry Ganga. Sagar and his family hands will be tied, as they will not want to insult an old family friend name and honour.
      But what happens will have to see.

      However, it could be played differently…if Ragini exposes that Prabha told her to wear the sari and follow her instructions, then hopefully other members of the household who stands to find the two in comprised position will realise that it was not done intentionally and a genuine mistake. Then Prabha can get thrown out of the Chaduverti household!
      Whatever the writers have in store for us, I really do hope they reunite Ganga and Sagar now. I was for them to reunite especially with all the obstacles they faced, then they brought in Palash which I felt Ganga would be better of with him. Especially after Sagar married Jhanvi in spite and revenge. Palash was such a gentlemen until the writers decided to turn him ‘bad’ which ruined it for me.

      After watching the previous episodes, after so much hurdles, especially when Amma ji was prepared to risk Ganga for Sagar welfare and then realises her mistake and finally accepts Ganga, it would be really nice to see Sagar and Ganag unite. Not sure I am going to enjoy where this storyline is going to head with the Ragini etc. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  6. Oh god
    Why pranha why !!!
    I think prabha will change ragini and gangaa position.
    She always destroye gangaa.

    Btw thanks for update rimjhim

    1. Rimjhim

      u r welcome darling….:)

  7. Rimjhim ?, pooja ?, where ia pooja?

  8. Hiii frnds…br n summer…plot is going good …i think ragini will become normal and asks her brother to do her marrage with sagar…as he likes her sisy he will do some thing or the orther evil thing to stop ganga n sagar’s marrage….wat do u say…??

  9. Jessica Rabbit

    If Prabha mami is now a widow, why is she still wearing that gaudy screaming bright red lipstick???

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