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Niru tells Omkar to go home. I am going to look for Ganga along with Raghav ji. I too want to try. Omkar reminds him about Sagar’s health. Niru loses his cool. Do you think I am not worried for my son? He is my own son. My heart wants me to be with my son but my mind wants to find Ganga asap or she might get into some big trouble. He leaves with Raghav ji.

Niru and Raghav ji check at every possible place and ask every passerby.

The lady returns to the room where Ganga is. Ganga has fallen asleep. She locks the door from outside once again. She next walks into another room. There is another door inside which leads to an adjoining room where many other girls are kept as well. She looks at all those girls. She calls out for Kamini. I had told you to take care of these girls but they look so frail.

Feed them well. I have to send them to the city tomorrow only. Kamini (the same girl who was given the charge of Ganga) nods.

Niru and Raghav ji check at the Railway Station and bus stand too but in vain. Niru wonders if she might be at the ghaat. A lot many kids are taken there to beg.

Niru’s rickshaw has to pass by the red light area to reach the ghaat. The lady (owner, Surili) drops water down. The rickshaw puller was about to scold the person but greets Surili when he notices that it is her. the guy (surili’s goon, Heera) asks her if everything is fine.

Niru prays Ganga never comes here. Raghav ji wants to go to the ghaat. Niru asks the paan seller about Ganga. He shows him her pic. Heera comes there. The paan seller tells him that Niru is looking for a girl. I dint see her but you might have as it is your job after all. Heera tells him to mind his business. He next asks Niru if he is looking for someone. Niru shows him Ganga’s photo. I am looking for this girl. Have you seen her? He gets tensed.

Surili tells her girls to get the girls ready nicely. I have to run this house so you have to work hard. She asks Kamini if Ganga has eaten anything. Kamini denies. Ganga said that she is a widow and she cannot eat all the fried stuff. Surili is surprised that such a young girl talks about all the rules that a widow has to follow.

Heera lies to Niru. She looks so simple and innocent. The times are changing. She might have been taken out of town by now or worse, killed her. Niru retorts back saying he dint ask for his ideas. I will find her at any cost. He leaves with Raghav ji.

Heera runs upstairs to tell Surili that Niru is looking for Ganga. He is not going to give up soon it seems. Surili tells him to keep an eye on Ganga and all the other kids. I will send them away tomorrow itself. I don’t want to get into any trouble. He nods.

Prabha is hungry and irked as no one is eating anything. I will die hungry! She calls out for Maharaj ji next. Bring something for Madhvi didi. She sits down on the sofa. Amma ji is counting beads. Maharaj ji brings food. Prabha is very happy to see it but then asks Madhvi to eat it. Who will take care of Sagar if you fall ill? You have to take care of yourself. Madhvi is not hungry. Prabha tries to feed Amma ji also but Amma ji scolds her. Who can eat in this situation? You only should eat! Prabha sends the plate back sadly.

Niru returns home. He tells everyone that he couldn’t find any clue. Omkar says you couldn’t do anymore. I k now you would have searched in every nook and corner of this city. Amma ji too tells Niru to leave it on God. Niru is in no mood to sit back. Wolves are outside on the streets. They don’t even care about the age of the girls! Amma ji too is worried about Ganga. God will save her. Your son is ill. You have to worry for him too. Madhvi adds that Sagar is scared. His medical condition is anyways bad. Niru says that can never change but we will have to make him stay strong through all the ups and downs in life. He heads to Sagar’s room with Madhvi and Amma ji following him.

Pulkit and Babli try to divert Sagar’s mind but he sits there sadly. They try to make him play card but Sagar denies. He recalls the last time when they were playing cards. When will Ganga come back? I don’t like playing anything without her. She always supports me, takes care of me. She never lies. I am missing her. Please bring her back. The elders overhear all this. Niru assures Sagar that Ganga will surely come back. Police is looking for her. She will be found real soon. Sagar blames himself for this situation. I only asked Ganga to play cricket with me and she agreed. Nothing like this would have happened if she would have said no. This happened only when she went out of the house. Niru denies. You are not at fault. You only wanted her to play with you. It can happen anywhere with anyone. You don’t have to blame yourself. You fell sick? Are you this week? You are my strong son! You will grow up in a few years and then you will have to look after the family. You will have to be strong for that. Sagar admits it that he was very scared initially. Niru asks him if he will tell this to Ganga when she is back. You know how strong she is even in the tough times. She stays strong and never loses her calm. She always tries to move forward.

It is night. Ganga peeks out from the window. I am not going to get scared of anything. They can scare me for anything but I wont fall weak. I will leave from here tonight at any cost. I have to go to school from tomorrow after all.

Precap: Omkar rushes inside the house as he calls out for everyone. I have found Ganga. I mean I have seen her. Everyone is surprised.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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