Gangaa 28th December 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 28th December 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha sends the goons away while she makes her smell more chloroform.
Ganga looks for Krishna, Amma cries in disbelief that ghunghat wali mata can betray her. Ganga calls Pulkit to inform him, Pulkit goes to the room and finds a camera in the room and was shocked. Ganga was shocked to hear about the camera, and was sure she would find something in Krishna’s room. She hurries towards home.
At home, Ganga wonders who can keep the cameras. They look around and find other cameras across home as well. They were going to the other room when they find Aabha running with her luggage. They demand where she had been going. They find the red chunri of Pooja in her bag. Pulkit demands where she had been running away. Aabha gets to Pulkit’s feet, he warns her of killing her. Aabha agrees to tell them

about the truth, she isn’t a nurse and was sent here by ghunghat wali mata. Ganga asks where she took her Krishna, Aabha swears she doesn’t know about it, she hasn’t even seen Krishna’s face ever. They demand where she was taking all the luggage, Aaba tells about an address. Ganga leaves for the old house, and sends Aaba to police with Pulkit. She calls Sagar. On the way, Sagar wonders why they couldn’t know about what is happening at their house. Ganga asks him to hurry up, then remembers playing with Krishna. She gets upset, then determined to find Krishna.
They reach the old house, it had been locked. Ganga asks Sagar when would police come, her sixth sense says Krishna is somewhere near. Sagar finds a big stone and breaks the lock. They get inside, calling Krishna but no one replies. Sagar says Aabha must have given them the wrong address. Ganga insists to look around, and calls Krishna. Ganga looks behind and finds a newly constructed wall, then calls Sagar as she heard something. They go towards the wall, Sagar feels the cement wet. The police reach there, Sagar and the police men break the wall. Ganga can see Krishna lying there. They were shocked to see Krishna tied with a time bomb. Ganga tries to run inside, but Sagar holds her tight. The inspector calls the bomb disposal squad. Ganga runs towards Krsihna anyway, trying to wake Krishna. Sagar also comes in. The inspector forbids them touch the bomb. Sagar and Ganga were shocked to see only a single minute left.

PRECAP: Doctors call Sagar and Krishna. Sagar promises to be there. In the hospital, Krishna was in shock and didn’t speak. The doctor tells them they can’t do the transplant, as she is in trauma right now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pulkit rocked in today’s episode…. I wonder why they didn’t show supriya too helping Ganga and pulkit in the house… And one more good thing is that they didn’t allow Abha to walk out of the house if they let prabha. Zoya and sonu.. . Instead pulkit took her to hand over to the police…in the episode pulkit looked really good than Sagar…it would be better if sagar gets rid of those beard and moustache as soon as possible… In the show.. Except main male and female leads all others are well dressed and nice make over… Director should concentrate on this matter as it was getting boring to see their looks….

  2. I am sorry, if Sagar has his beard gone he is going to look young to be a dad.
    Yes, finally Pulkit game into the scene as somebody responsible and also sensible.
    Where is Supriya and Kashish.
    1st, a fake her holiness, fake nurse, CCTV and now bomb. Has the writer missed any thing else.
    Why attached a child to a bomb. If need to kill every body in the the family , you don’t need bomb to kill a child. If you could get chloroform to sedate I am sure you could get a substitute to bomb eg. Drugs. That is being used on Neeru.
    Finally the story is ticking along.

  3. As per Facebook page Sagar and Krishna also exit the serial along with Niru. in fact every character except ganga I.e Aditi makes an exit. There won’t be any mytho part as well…Due to budget constraints.. 🙁 …

  4. So… Guys… Bye bye to SaGa….there is no mythological track in the show… And all the characters Sagar, Niranjan, Ammaji, Madhavi, Pulkit, Supriya Ruhana are making an exit from the show…. Big dhamka for all Vishal fans…. Their last day of shoot is said to be 15th January…. Every show has its end… TaTa…

  5. What will Gangaa do without other members of the family…. Mono action karegi kya… LOL…..

  6. No one replies our messages still no news …it’s better if they shut down the show

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