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Bulbul too wants something modern too dance. Who dances on such songs today? Gunwanti says her doubt aloud. We can make it interesting. She plays a video where people are dancing in modern style on one of the latest songs (Radha Kaise Na Jale). The dancers perform in a mix of forms. The kids look relived now. The first rule of dance is to keep your shoes in one corner. Meanwhile, she makes some marks on the floor. The girls are supposed to take position accordingly only. Gunwanti tells them to copy her moves and expressions. The girls follow her brilliantly. Bulbul is learning fast as she is a very good dancer. Ganga is also trying her best. The other girls have to try harder. Bulbul does not want to waste her time as she knows everything already. Ganga reasons that this isn’t wasting time. We need

to work together for the group dance. Gunwanti seconds her. This is called group work. Next she makes the girls practise standing on their toes. They have to balance their body posture and move. Gunwanti keeps motivating them.

Dance teacher wonders how they will continue the rehearsal in Sagar’s absence. Yash shares that Sagar wont come. Chandan offers to take Sagar’s position. Dance teacher agrees but Sagar enters just then. Chandan looks miffed. Pulkit requests the dance teacher to stay here. I have to look after him and make sure that he takes medicine on time. Dance teacher is a little sceptical but Sagar tells him that he will do it. Chandan tells Sagar that he wont be able to do it. Look at your health. Sagar tells him against it. I know you wanted to take my place but someone has told me never to give up even in times of trouble. He remembers Ganga’s words. They take their positions.

Shankar reaches the area where Niru lives. He tracks down Niru’s house and goes towards the house to have a closer look.

Amma ji and Madhvi have got something to give to a sadhu outside. They donate food and cloths to the sadhu. Shankar is at a nearby shop. He initially misses seeing Amma ji but then notices her side face. Curiously, he walks closer. He collides with a man on cycle and gets into a verbal duel. Amma ji is irked as people lose their cool so soon nowadays. She goes inside by the time Shankar turns to look at her.

All the girls are eating lunch. Ganga is happy that she was right. They found everything one by one. Now our school only will win. Right Bulbul? Bulbul nods with a smile but is not happy. She thinks of something. She goes away on the pretext of meeting some teacher. Lunch break gets over. Gunwanti tells them to finish their food and resume the practise. Gunwanti cannot run the DVD player. Bulbul smirks. This is not going to start. I will see how our team leader widow practices for the dance competition! Bulbul had removes the wires, cut them and then had fixed them again. Everyone would have found about it if I had removed the wires. Now no one will find out as I have joined it again. You (Ganga) think you are too smart! Now practice. Gunwanti is in a fix. If we send it for repair then it will take 2-3 days for sure. Ganga had seen Sagar fixing a similar problem in the past. She gets an idea. I will fix it. She sets down to work. She puts the DVD in the laptop ad connects the music system with it. It starts working. Gunwanti is very impressed with Ganga and so are all the girls.

Bulbul’s friend (Chaya) tells Bulbul that now Ganga has impressed Gunwanti Ma’am too. She might take your place some day. Bulbul says I will never let it happen. I know how to ruin her plan. Gunwanti makes 3 groups of 4 girls each. Ganga and Bulbul are in separate group. Ganga’s group is in the center. The groups have to cover entire stage during their dance.

Gunwanti cannot tell exactly how many steps they have to take. Ganga suggests going there only to practice. Gunwanti replies that they will need to give 5k for the booking daily. We cannot spend that much money. Ganga reasons that they must know how big the stage is if they have to win. We must know how many steps we have to take on which side. Gunwanti nods but she also knows that they have no way to find out this. Ganga wonders how they will win if they don’t have an idea how big the stage is.

Precap: Ganga buys a measuring step from a shop. Reena is confused but Ganga tells her to wait and watch. Bulbul and Neha see them at the shop as well. Bulbul is keen what this widow is up to now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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