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Palash walks away. Sagar says you always said you want me to win but your face does not show it. Ganga says I would have been happy if you had supported truth. Your victory today is a defeat of both of us as you are not accepting truth. I couldn’t make you understand after trying so hard. He says your problem is you think only you are right and everyone else is wrong. This is your biggest problem. Janvi comes there. She forces sweet in Ganga’s mouth. Sagar stops her. Janvi says you thought you will win Sagar from me. A London returned lawyer will lose to a normal lawyer? You are wrong! She keeps talking against Ganga while Sagar tries to stop her. Ganga says I can give you a perfect answer but I don’t want to make a scene here. Janvi taunts Ganga about having no family of her own. Sagar asks her

to come. This is my workplace. Janvi keeps talking nonsense and speaks against Ganga and her background. I am the daughter of a judge not someone who was brought from nowhere. Sagar tries to pull her away but in vain. Janvi speaks against Ganga for trying to trap rich people like Sagar by playing cheap tricks like your cycle breaking down. Sagar finally throws water on her face to stop her from talking. He pulls Janvi out with him.

Janvi’s words echo in Ganga’s head. She is disturbed. She wipes her tears as she joins Palash. I was thinking we dint lack anything but we will have to make double preps next time. They do have money and made fake papers but I think we will need some strong evidence. She goes quiet seeing him staring at her quietly. He says Sagar was very good in the court today. she nods but keeps talking about the case while he keeps talking about Sagar. Sagar used the same example that you said in office. Your thinking is alike. Ganga asks him why he is saying so. He says maybe it is a coincidence. Ganga agrees. He smile. You too think of it to be a coincidence? Wonderful! He goes aside to receive a call. Ganga thinks to tell him that she is childhood friends with Sagar so we think alike. She tries to talk to him but he says we will talk later. I have to check out a few houses that your Pulkit Bhaiya has suggested. I have to find a home first. We will talk tomorrow. Ganga thinks to tell him everything tomorrow.

Niru comes home. he tells Amma ji how Sagar made everyone go quiet in the courtroom. Amma ji is proud. He looks at the mangoes. Why did you bring so many? Amma ji says everyone loved it when they were kids. Plus Madhvi used to eat many when she was pregnant. Kids get fair skin because of the same. She goes inside. Niru sends Maharaj ji upstairs on the pretext of some work. He puts some mangoes in a bag and goes to the other side of the house. He keeps the bag on the table. supriya notices him. She thanks him. I know you only brought unripe mangoes that day. He feigns innocence but she knows he stil cares about them and loves them. You love us and the unborn baby a lot. Will you not bless me? He says I will when someone will ask for it. She touches his feet and he blesses her. She speaks of the rope in the house. When will this go away? He says you should ask your husband if he worries about his family. does he not love us? What all Pulkit did does now show it. Supriya shares that she is going to her home for a few days. He tells her to go ahead. Pulkit is way away from his responsibilities. There will be someone who will take care of you there.

Pulkit is showing houses to Palash when Ganga comes there. She greets them. Pulkit says I am showing houses to Palash in our area only. He invites Palash to come home with them. Ganga is taken aback. She tries to talk to Palash again saying it is important. Pulkit tells her to talk at home. Palash and Pulkit head home followed by Ganga. She is tensed. I should have told Sir long ago where I live. I don’t know what he will think when he finds out the truth.

Amma ji and madhvi check mangoes. Amma ji says I think they are less. Niru says they are the same quantity. Maharaj ji seconds him in confusion. Janvi walks in. I don’t want to work with Sagar. Sagar says the same. Niru asks them to tell what the matter is. Janvi complains that Sagar does not respect her. he always insults me before everyone especially Ganga. I know he does not love me but he can atleast respect me before people. He says I expect you to decrease my burden but you only add up to it. They begin to argue when Niru intervenes. It was only Janvi’s first day in court. She will learn it. Plus she is your wife. Amma ji remarks if they continue to fight like this then how will they spend a lifetime together. Sagar retorts I don’t have to spend a lifetime with her. She is your DIL. You only do it. Niru shouts at Sagar to stop talking nonsense. She is your wife. You have to respect her and be with her. They are distracted to hear someone’s voice. Palash asks ganga she brought him till here. Wont you take me inside? Sagar is stunned to see Palash walking in with Ganga. Palash too is taken aback to see Sagar there. Palash says it is Niranjan Chaturvedi’s house. Pulkit agrees. He is my papa. He introduces everyone to Palash who looks at Ganga. Pulkit says we share no real relation but she stayed with us since childhood. I consider her my sister. Palash realises the truth behind Sagar and Ganga’s proximity. He walks out of the house. Ganga goes after him. Sagar looks angry.

Ganga requests Palash to hear her once. I wanted to tell you this only. Palash tells her to stop it. I am trying my best not to say anything to you. You mean nothing to me so I don’t want to waste my time, energy or anything on you. Now I realise you are a pawn of Sagar. I understand everything now why you came to the manufacturing site of Malhotra’s company. Now I see everything clearly. You want Sagar to win today too but you don’t know that I fight for people’s sake. you are a great actress. No one has fooled me like this till date but I doubt myself now. Sagar is very intelligent to use a pawn like you against me to win the case. She too says it is ok sir. If you think Sagar sent me to you as his pawn then there is no point of me working with you. He looks at her. You are so bold. You think I will let you work with me after all this? Never Miss Ganga Shukla! You are fired! He leaves on his bike.

Ganga thinks of Palash’s words. Sagar says you brought him till home. Can I ask why? I thought this was your professional decision. I was hurt seeing my best friend work with my rival. I made up my mind thinking you will work under someone after all. this is not professional. No one brings her colleague home after working with him for 2 days only. This isn’t professional, right? She says you doubt me. He replies that he has never doubted her till date and isn’t doing so today too. I only ask you what relation you share with Palash? She says I have never given any explanation till date and neither will I do it today. I want to ask you what the meaning of your question is. He gets angry. She says how you have the strength to question when you don’t have the strength to answer my question! She walks away. Janvi has heard them. This is good. If this continues then I can keep Ganga away from Sagar. I can have Sagar back in my life.

Precap: Sagar asks Ganga if she left her internship. She replies that she was fired. Are you happy now? Janvi thinks Ganga and Sagar will come close again if Ganga wont work with Palash. I don’t want it to happen. I will have to do something.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Shraddha Sharma

    How can even palash think like this??? I was thinking that palash will be side of ganga but i am seeing him as 2nd sagar who has anger…

    1. Shraddha Sharma

      Plz do not seperate ganga and palash…

    2. I thought the same too, Palash behaviour reminded me of Sagar’s outbursts. I really do think Palash and Gangaa makes a lovely and very suited couple due to the nature of their individual strong mind and characters.

  2. yes u r right

  3. I’m hoping the writers are not going to neglect the storyline regarding Jhanvi addiction to the pills Yash got her hooked on. Her moment of plotting and scheming is back, from being unable to operate at court without pills to clarity of mind plotting to win Sagar’s love. I think its lovely that Supriya is expecting Pulkits child, hopefully they will all soon reunite as a family and be happy.
    I’m wondering whether Palash will discover the true intentions of Pulkits Uncle and helps Pulkit to recover the loss of funds. This helps reunite father and son and family altogether.
    Please don’t Palash character into another Sagar – short fuse and unable to see reason until it is too late. He appears to be a nice gentleman, mature and understanding, make this the reason why Gangaa falls in love with him and he falls in love with her because of her strong will and strength in character to keep going despite difficulties and obstacles. They both will make a good couple because they both are able to emotionally and intelligently support each other.

    Looking forward to tonights episodes. Please do continue to update. Thank you.

  4. I love the opening of this episode, 1st when Sagar said to Gangaa, her probelem is, “You think, only you are right and everyone else is wrong!” That was superb! Punch-Lines!
    And I love it when Jhanvi named Sagar as “a London returned lawyer” which is the truth that missed for recent episode.
    And the ending was great, I love Sagar – Gangaa confrontation, because both always have such strong lines that beyond our expectations. I really appreciate the SW team for all the wonderful lines. Yippieee ^^

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