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Palash acts before Sagar. I feel Janvi should get justice. I think and worry about her family. what will they be going through? They lost their young daughter at this age through suicide or murder. It is hurtful. Justice is done by law but there is something like realisation. Whoever has killed her will realise his mistake some day in life and regret it. I don’t know when it will happen though. He picks up the paper.

Ganga is feeling restless. Are you fine Sagar? Please don’t let your hope and trust break. Don’t sign any paper for God’s sake.

Palash says you are emotional and sensitive which is why you are blaming yourself for janvi’s death. It isn’t proved in court yet. You are your best judge. Only you can decide what’s right and not. Magistrate walks in. He

asks Sagar if he signed the confession. No one will force you here. You can do what you think is right. Read it and see if you want to sign or not. Sagar thinks of Janvi and of Palash’s words. He picks up the pen when the thread comes off. He picks it up and thinks of Ganga and how she had prodded him not to give up. We have to get Janvi’s killer punished. Palash tells Sagar to make up his mind fast. Magistrate sir wont wait for us. I would suggest you not to sign it. But if you think you should then who am I to stop you! One must listen to their heart. Sagar looks at him. Palash leaves the decision on him. Sagar wears the thread again. He lifts the pen and is in thoughts.

A truck is coming from the other side of the road. Pulkit tries applying brakes but it isn’t working.

Sagar refuses to sign the papers. This is a forced confession. I hold myself morally responsible as my wife was unhappy with her life. I was somewhere responsible. I was shocked by her death. I was mentally upset and disturbed by the questions asked in court. I was swayed by the emotions but I take my words back. God knows I haven’t done anything wrong. I will fight this case. I have to get Janvi justice. Magistrate says if this isn’t yours and someone else has made it then court wont accept it. He dismisses the session. Palash looks unhappy. What did you do Sagar? Sagar says you only told me to listen to my heart. Palash composes himself. Yes, of course. You changed your decision. I am happy. Sagar feels otherwise. It does not look like. Are you really happy?

Palash says you changed your decision spontaneously. I am happy. Sagar says I felt like you wanted me to sign this confession letter. Don’t you want the culprit to be punished? Palash replies that his defeat his his defeat. Please don’t think so. Sagar asks for his phone. I have to talk to Ganga. She must be worried.

He calls Ganga but the car has met with an accident. Both Ganga and Pulkit are unconscious. Sagar gets worried. Palash says she might have left the phone in car as she went to meet Mehri. Don’t panic. Sagar tries again. Ganga isn’t picking her phone. Bhaiya’s phone is off. I hope everything is fine. Palash assures him it will all be fine. He takes his phone back. He gets a message and excuses himself. Sagar feels something is not right. I don’t know why I feel so!

Palash calls his goons. I have told you not to send a message but call. What did you mean by the message? The guy says I couldn’t reach you. The car met with an accident but the girl also got hurt. Palash scolds him. I have nothing to do with Pulkit. I wont spare you if anything happens to Ganga. Check if she is fine. take her to hospital in case she is not. Goons agree. Palash looks angry. Sagar pats at his shoulder. Tell Ganga I was trying her number in case she calls. Palash nods. Sagar turns to go with the police when Palash stops him. Do you trust me? Sagar says yes. You are my lawyer. I should trust you. Palash thanks him. Sagar goes with police. Palash worries for Ganga.

Ganga gains conscious. She notices that Pulkit is badly wounded. She hears the goons talking about her. She should not escape from our hands. Ganga wonders if they want to kill her. She carefully gets down from the car. She tries to wake Pulkit but in vain. She somehow manages to pull him out safely. Goons find the car empty. They look around but are unable to find them. A few passer bys notice the accident. They look around for the people who were in the car. Goons get scared hearing them. they flee. The passer bys find Ganga and Pulkit. Ganga asks for help.

Palash calls the goon. Did you find Ganga? He denies. Palash warns the goons to make sure Ganga is not hurt. I wont spare you if anything happens to her. I love her! The goon says yes sir. Palash ends the call. Ganga will be mine only once Sagar gets punished!

It is night. Sagar thinks of Palash’s words. Constable sends in another guy who shouts at the people in the other cell. Sagar asks him what happened. They were your friends. The guy shares that they worked together in a company. There is girl who works there but she only speaks nicely to me. These people are jealous of me. Sagar gives him water. The guy says anyone can cheat anyone for girls nowadays. I fear that they might trouble the girl when they will go out as we fought because of them. Sagar worries for Ganga. I hope she is fine. He asks constable to allow him to make an important call. Constable agrees.

Doc tends to ganga’s wounds. Be careful and take your medicines on time. She gets Palash’s call. Where are you? I have been trying your number. She shares that their car met with an accident. He asks her if she got hurt a lot. She denies. But someone came to check on us after the accident. They want to kill us. There is surely someone who does not want us to reach Mehri Didi. But who are they? He says I too am thinking the one. I am very much worried about you. Where are you? She tells him her location. She asks about what happened in court. Did Sagar sign the confession? Palash replies that he dint let him sign. What will be your next move? She gets another call and disconnects it saying it might be Sagar’s. Palash thinks he can never get Ganga till Sagar is there.

Precap: Sagar is relieved to know Ganga is fine. She assures him she will find some clue from Mehri Didi. You did well by not signing the letter. Palash sir told me he dint let you do it. He says did Palash say so. She says yes. He asks her if she trusts Palash completely. She is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. Disgusting yaar
    Koi itna unbelievable script kaise likh sakta hai?
    Palash track is just same as janvi’s 1
    Pr uspe vishwas kr sakte the n isme nhi
    Bcz janvi and sagar ka rishta km se km 7-10 yrs ka tha
    Pr palash 2-3 mahino me ganga ke liye itna pagal ho gaya ki vo apne commitment to justice hi bhool gaya
    Sach ko insaf dilane ke liye jo apni jaan dene ko ready rahta tha vo apne pyar ke liye jaan lene ke liye utaru ho gaya?
    Vo apne once-life-saver jo ki nirdosh hai (sagar) ke saath hi galat kr rha hai?
    Kisika character especially ek lawyer ka itna low ho hi nhi sakta

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