Gangaa 27th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 27th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s college
Ganga is shocked to hear what the principal suggests, while she vehemently pleads for a chance. THe principal tells her that there is still time to rectify her mistake, and abort the child, as that shall soothe the society who shall forgive her too. she says that she shall talk to the board and she shall convince on her part, that she made a mistake, and regrets it and shall get permission to start studying but for that, she has to abort the child first. ganga is apalled and distraught. she leaves tensed and apalled.

Scene 2:
Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga returns back in a haze, while raahat maa is tensed to see her. she asks whats the matter. when ganga explainswhats the matter, raahat is tensed. she asks her whats the matter,

and is shocked when she gets to know. ganga however after listening to raahat’s advice is strong and adamant that she wants to keep this baby, as a sign of love that she had for sagar and is in no way a crime.

Scene 3:
Location: Sagar’s residence
While they are bantering about how they shall play with supriya’s unborn child, when she starts experiencing pain, and supriya is found to have fever. all get tensed. prabha gets them all emotional, as she talks about how she too is a part of the family, and then goes to get soup for her, thinking that she shall mix in another dose. in the kitchen, rudra finds her mixing something, and stops her. she is shocked. he accuses her and asks what was she mixing. she starts going on an emotional rant as to not being trusted, and how he is accusing her, just because she isnt a part of the family. rudra asks her not to do drama, and instead prove her innocence by tasting the powder. she is stunned. he insists her to taste. she stoically asks him to go on now and tell what he is doing here, when he isnt related to the house and is merely sitting here. she leaves. he feels insulted.

Meanwhile, in the corridor, prabha mixes the original packet of poison that she still has, and viciously thinks about how nicely she is killing supriya and the child, inch by inch.

Scene 4:
Location: College
The principal finds ganga coming, and is happy that she took the mature and practical decision so soon. she asks ganga to the chambers so that they can talk. ganga says that she wishes to talk here only, as she isnt ashamed of what she did. a crowd gathers, and the principal is tensed. she asks ganga not to sway in emotions. but ganga remains stoical on her stand, and that she has decided that the child shall be born. all are shocked. ganga says tht she shall not bow down to the societal laws, at any cost and shall fight for her rights if need be, as there isnt any law that can prvent her from studying in college. the principal is adamant on her decision.

Precap: Raahat maa and her family comes in ganga’s support, and raise slogans and protests, and assure ganga that they shall not let injustice happen to her. then later on, ganga is called in along with the board of directors, who come with their legal advisor. Sagar comes as a legal council of the college, along with his father, and expresses to ganga that they dont want this unnecessary drama to continue and should come to a mutual, and mature decision.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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