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Ganga looks at the room. I was playing cricket with Sagar. How did I come here? Who has brought me here? Yes, two men kidnapped me. Sagar too had seen them. he had ran after them. He too must be around. She tries to open the window but in vain. She peeks out of the window and notices the ladies standing outside. I cannot see Sagar. These are all new people. Where am I? Why have those men brought me here? She sits down on the floor. He bandage has come off so she removes it.

The lady pays money to the guys. She smiles as she notices those men counting the money. You brought a fab girl today. You have made my day!

Omkar, Niru and Raghav ji are at the police station. Niru cannot stop pacing as he waits for the Inspector to get free. He asks the constable about it. Raghav ji calms him down. They

hear the Inspector laughing from inside. Niru storms in angrily. Constable follows him all the while trying to stop him. Niru scolds the Inspector. I was waiting outside since last 15 minutes. I was told that you were busy but I had no idea you were busy with tea and snacks. Inspector scolds the constable for not informing him that niru was waiting outside. He makes Niru sit. Omkar is tensed at the Inspector’s reaction. Niru tells Inspector that Ganga is missing. Inspector recalls her to be the same girl whom he had picked up from the ghaat. Niru nods.

Ganga bangs at the door again. The lady sends the goons out. She heads to the room where Ganga is. Ganga steps back from the door. The lady walks in. Ganga asks her who she is. Why have those men brought me here? Why have you locked me here? The lady likes Ganga’s attitude. She will be great when she grows up. Ganga tells her straight that she will not stay here. The lady tells her that she cannot go anywhere now. Ganga says I wont stay here at your place. I will stay with Babu. He is a very big lawyer. He will come running here when he finds out that you have locked me in here. I am going. She begins to go when the lady holds her hand and pushes her on the floor. Ganga is taken aback.

Niru has no photo of Ganga. He then calls Madhvi but her number is unreachable.

At home, doc checks Sagar. Amma ji asks for Niru. Madhvi shares that he has gone to police station. Pulkit gets a call from Niru. Amma ji picks it. She tells him to come home straight away. Sagar is not well. Are you concerned more about that stranger girl than your son? Niru reasons that everyone is with Sagar. Ganga is all alone. No one knows where she is. She has been kidnapped. The issue can be so sensitive. Amma ji doesn’t mind being called insensitive or lowly thinking. She gives phone to Madhvi. Doc gives injection to Sagar. Madhvi tells Niru that Sagar is muttering something or other in his sleep. Niru assures her that he will get well. I am worried about him too. I will reach home soon. Do you have Ganga’s photo? Pulkit has it. He sends it to Niru. Madhvi is about to say something about Sagar but Niru disconnects the call. Doc tells the family not to worry. I am writing medicines and he will be fine.

The lady sits down next to Ganga. You will punish me? She is about to eats paan. She offers it to Ganga who declines it. Kids don’t eat paan. The lady eats it and wipes her fingers on Ganga’s hairs. Ganga tells her that it is her first day of school tomorrow. What will the teacher think about me? Please let me go. Sagar too must be so worried. He would have told Babu by now. He must be looking for me. Amma ji gets angry when girls don’t return home before night. She will get angry tonight too. She wont let me in. The lady shouts at her asking her to be quiet. A girl walks in. The lady tells her to explain it to Ganga that she cannot go out of here now. She turns to Ganga again. This is your house now and your school. You will learn everything here only.

Niru forwards Ganga’s photo to the Inspector. I will get the photo printed and send it across to all the police stations. I will do my best but this is a huge city. Anyone can pick her. Girls are made to do anything nowadays. Niru loses his cool. Omkar and Raghav ji tell him to let police do the best. Inspector asks Niru if he had any enemy or if Ganga had any fight with anyone outside or inside the family. Omkar is tensed. Niru denies. honestly speaking I have no idea even if there was! Inspector reasons that it can be due to internal enmity too as no one has called for ransom. Niru requests him to find Ganga asap as she is his responsibility. I had told her that nothing will happen to her till I am here. Inspector assures him of the same.

Ganga knows that this isn’t school. You can shout like a teacher but wont become thus. I accept it as a school but I wont study here. You have worn such colourful clothes and look at your attire. I cannot wear colourful clothes. I am a widow. I can only wear white. I have found a perfect school for me after so much of hard work. The uniform there is all white. Please let me go or Amma ji will scold me. Ganga requests that lady to let her go but the lady tells her against it. I have spent lots of money on you. You only will make me earn more than what I have spent on you when you grow up! The lady gives charge of Ganga to that girl. Tell her all the rules of our profession. It is up to you how you do it! The lady walks out of the room.

Ganga bangs at the door again. Please let me go. I don’t want to stay here. Everyone must be waiting for me. The girl tells her not to act stubborn. No one will let you get away from here ever. There is no point in screaming or shouting. Rest now. Ganga insists on going but the girl repeats that that is impossible now.

Precap: NIru sows Ganga’s photo to the same guy who works under that lady. I am looking for this girl. Have you seen her? He gets tensed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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