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Gangaa 27th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The poor lady watches Shiv preparing for Pooja and thinks about making Ganga faint by the stick and steal her jewellry. She stalks Ganga but Ganga was alert of some presence behind her. The lady follows again and about to hit Ganga when Ganga turns around. The lady drops the stick. Shiv had just come out and suspects something wrong, he asks the lady about her problem and tells her to go inside. The lady walks in.
The old lady denies going inside but a man at Math sends her inside. Baba was distributing alms. Kushaal watches Riya’s phone ringing. Ganga comes in to stop the old lady. She hands her jewellry to the old lady and tells her to gift these to her daughter. She heard her speaking to Jhumki, she didn’t speak because she didn’t know if she was being true. The old lady tells Ganga she

isn’t worth this jewellry. Ganga says she is a common lady, she doesn’t as well deserve this jewellry. She is sure Parvati would be happy to see her daughter in need wearing these jewels. Baba says he must see what Ganga wish for. Riya speaks on phone asking how she can come at this time. Kushaal stood behind her, Riya looks nervous. She makes up she only came to walk in fresh air. Kushaal insists on her and take her inside. He was confused himself, Riya was worried to get out of here. He snatches the phone off her hand and asks what she has been hiding from him. He looks into her phone, Riya tells him to stay away of this matter. She married him because he was ready to stay at her parent’s, she thought he would work like his brothers to get a little respect. He was her last hope to get the respect that sons are given, but he turned out to be a daughter in law of this house. He could also not turn her into a mother, she needs to give this family its first heir. Tears fell off Kushaal’s eyes as well. Riya says she would take all the money from today and would do anything to get her recognition in the house.
Shiv takes idol from a trunk and hands it to Baba to be taken for Pooja. Riya makes up she is not well and asks to go home Kushaal dryly allows her. Shiv takes Kushaal along to bring milk can for idol’s bathing. Baba pours the milk but the gold idol turns black. Everyone was worried. Savitri asks who stole the idol, Ganga was worried who would steal the idol. Shiv joins his hands to everyone and asks for some time to inquire about the matter.
Savitri wonders how someone could steal the idol. Baba asks if someone took the idol out, when packed. Shiv says he has the keys. Jhumki remembers Ganga came here in the morning to pack the gifts. Ganga denies being such greedy. Shiv says they shouldn’t accuse anyone without a proof. He spots a cloth piece stick inside the trunk’s side. Kushaal says it’s a saree piece. Savitri asks if Shiv needs another proof now. She accuses Ganga. Tears fell of Ganga’s eyes. Shiv interrupts saying he trusts Ganga completely, she hasn’t done this. Kushaal goes outside with the cloth piece, he matches the saree with Riya’s clothes and was shocked. Riya had just entered the room Kushaal questions her about it, Riya seems clueless. He deters to go to tell everyone. Riya says a Baba promised her that in return to this idol, he would make her give birth to a son. Their son would be a MathaDesh after Shiv. Kushaal drags Riya to tell truth to everyone. Riya says she still has than idol, she hid it in the fields dug under the soil. She cries in front of him with her hands joint. Kushaal conditions she must help him bring Shiv and Ganga closer.
Ganga runs towards the fields crying. The scorching sun make her fell un a dug hole.

PRECAP: Shiv comes to help Ganga and save her from a snake. The snake bites Shiv.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Savitri is a witch in disguise. Feel bad for khushal. Not sure though, why Santoshi was even brought into this serial last week. Would love to find out.

  2. Story was becoming interesting but now its is becoming like other serials. All serials start wid a new concept but after 1 or 2 years it start coming on same track and end wid a same track the big example is ongoing serial kuch rang pyaar ke aise bhi which has a same ditto story sona (who is the herione) is bringing up her and devs (who is the hero) child and exactly after 7 year leap like in gangaa same story but the difference is that dev knows that he is father in gangaa sagar didn’t remembered anything. Now nothing will happen to this serial it will have either happy end or a sad ending if this cast remains permanent then it will surely a mysterious ending………..

  3. Ha ha…. LOL…..mysterious ending….. Nice concept….. Today is the first anniversary of kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi…. And march 2nd is the day when Gangaa completes two years…..when Jhumki says that she saw Ganga in that room preparing sweet boxes….how come only ganga be blamed… Even jhumki and kushal also there in the same room…. Ganga might have questioned the same instead she left the room weeping… As usual…

  4. Its not new heroine is always blamed when everyone hates her in the family so nothing new……….

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