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Gangaa 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar briefs Janvi about the case. She cannot concentrate though because of the medicine. Madhvi brings tea for them.

On the other hand, Ganga and Palash are busy working on the case as well.

Janvi sits all lost. Sagar asks her about the documents. Did you read them and highlight the important points? The file is still the same. He begins to read it himself.

Janvi brings tea for Sagar and wakes him up. You sleep in study daily. Till when will it happen? Are you ready for tomorrow? He hopes he could cross check it. You have read the case. Ask me some questions which opposition can ask. She is hesitant. He insists. She thinks she did not read the case at all. She fumbles in making questions. He tells her to forget it. I made a mistake by asking you. I should have gone to papa. She wonders

what has happened to her.

Ganga asks Palash how they can be sure it is the same company that is selling wrong medicines.
He shows her a photo. He is an employee of Malhotra’s company. It will be a proof against them. A truck full of opium was caught last week. She reasons that it is used to make medicines. Everyone knows it. She shows him a packet of biscuit which has all the ingredients. The amount of ingredient used is also mentioned. What if they say that the truck brought opium required for medicines? He points out that the quantity seized by police was more than that was permissible. This will work in our favour.

Sagar talks to Sagar about the truck that was caught by police last week. I always tell you to find all the details but you don’t pay heed. You have today to find a way to save yourself. Prepare yourself well.

Janvi apologizes to Sagar. I know I cannot handle the pressure of case but I will try my best to be a good assistant. She looks at the pills in her bag. I hope I don’t need them today. I feel weak and sleepy after taking them. I have to be alert to help Sagar.

Sagar stops the car as he notices Ganga trying to mend her bicycle. He gets down to help her. Janvi looks on unhappily. Ganga tells Sagar to let it be. I will do it. Janvi still remembers their last convo and is uncomfortable. Janvi drives away leaving Sagar behind. Ganga says it is about time for hearing. He tries looking for a lift or rickshaw. She tells him to go. It is important for you to reach court on time. A guy gives them his cycle. I will bring your cycle to you. Sagar asks Ganga to come as she has to reach court too. She sits down in front while he drives. Romantic song plays. They both think of their childhood times. Ganga wipes her tears. Their hands touch as they try to balance the cycle.

Janvi notices Sagar and Ganga coming on a cycle. I knew it. they can fight, can fight the same case but will be together. I am the third one amongst them! She takes the pill. Sagar takes the car keys from Janvi. He asks her to bring printouts of some important documents. Be alert in court.

Hearing starts. Palash presents his case (about the drug seller that he photographed) and it is Sagar’s turn next. He asks Janvi to give him the list of employees. Not every employee who works there does the same illegal thing. She fumbles and drops stuff. I cannot do anything properly. Palash asks Sagar about the quantity of opium seized last week. They are permitted to get a limited quantity but the truck had a lot more. he submits the report of approved quantity and bought quantity. Niru thinks I told you Sagar. This question will be raised in court. Sagar speaks in his defence. My client has permission to hold more drug than permissible so they can share it with third world countries for medicines. He gives the same example like Ganga gave to Sagar. Palash looks at Ganga in surprise / confusion. Sagar also presents a list of medicines in which opium is used. They are not used for intoxication purposes. Niru is happy. Palash looks at Ganga as he thinks of the example which both Sagar and Ganga gave. Ganga looks at Palash who asks for some time from court to verify the details submitted by Sagar. They get next hearing for next week. Judge tells Palash if he wont submit a solid proof in court next week then it will be dismissed. Janvi is very haooy for Sagar. Everyone goes out.

Sagar tells Ganga he told her Palash is a fraud. See how his truth came out today. Do you still think I am wrong? Do you still think your Palash Sir is right? Palash goes back inside to take his phone. He looks at Ganga and Sagar talking.

Precap: Janvi taunts Ganga for trying to trap rich people. Sagar throws water on Janvi’s face. Palash fires Ganga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Palash fires ganga whyyy…?? ???

  2. We already knew which side is right and which is wrong. The hearing, the argumentation, will be such a waste. I think, Sagar did it right this time! Wait for another shocking evidence he will bring to the courtroom~*^^

  3. Shraddha Sharma

    Episode was nice….
    But why palash will do so?? She is his side, i think he will misunderstand her after seeing both together after hearing and will think she is playing game by supporting sagar…

  4. lol “sagar throws water on janvi face” thats scene was really a masterpiece ?

  5. omg! i just can’t wait to watch today’s episode! i hope sagar and gangaa unite again in the upcoming episode! i hope the directors show janvi being thrown out of the house and sagar and gangaa get together finally! love u sagar and gangaa! directors please show that b*t*h janvi being thrown out of the house! she’s such a b*t*h! i just can’t stand her! god! she ruined the whole show! love u sagar and gangaa!

  6. i’m just dying to see sagar throwing water on that b*t*h janvi’s face! omg! i just can’t wait for today’s episode!

  7. Very enjoyable episode, I can see more twists ….Still think Gangaa and Palash will make a good couple. They look nice together and seem well suited. Whilst i was watching the scene when Gangaa was on the bike whilst Sagar cycling, the music in the background is beautiful : for me i didn’t feel that the same chemistry was present as before he married Jhanvi.

    Please update, thank you.

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