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Sagar says I have always loved you as a friend. Ganga says how I pay you back for that. Some words are not said just for the sake of it. Someone’s life depends on them. They are invaluable. You should not say it just for the sake of it. I gave you my life, thinking we are one another’s. Now I realise it was just a game of childhood for you, nothing else! She wipes her tears. He says you can be upset or angry with me or fight with me if you want to but don’t go away like this. Smile once, please. She smiles through her tears. You give me pain and don’t want me to cry too. This Ganga has lived according to you only since always. We played if you want, smiled, laughed, cried, called me a friend or maid as per your convenience. My tears and smiles have been all as per your wish since childhood.

You want the same today too. You are selfish since childhood. I had no idea you will grow stone hearted. I cannot do it anymore. I am trying to stand on my feet once again. I don’t want to disrespect the life God has given me. I want to give a meaning to my life. You cannot force me to be happy or smile. I cannot smile on anyone’s insistence. Please let me go. Do whatever you wish. She walks away with her stuff. Sagar stands there watching her. I hurt her so much without intending to!

The astrologer makes a perfect kundli for Janvi. Sagar cannot have a better life partner than you. Janvi says this is what I want. Ganga can wish whatever she wants but Sagar is only mine! She leaves from there. Yash snatches a note from the astrologer’s hand, calling it his commission. Outside, Janvi tells Yash she knows how to start the convo of wedding. I will be well prepared for it. Yash agrees to support her. Ganga walks past them. She collides with a cart. She bends down to pick up the fallen tomatoes when she notices them together. What are they doing here together? Janvi and Yash leave on a rickshaw. Ganga notices a paper falls on the spot where they stood. She reads it. It is Janvi’s kundli. She looks at the astrologer’s board.

Ganga is back home. Amma ji advises her to read Ramcharitmanas. You will feel at peace. Ganga talks about the pains that Sita Ma had to go through. No one spoke about them anywhere. I want to know why women have to bear a lot in every Yuga. Amma ji replies that God has planned things thus. Ganga asks her if God has a problem with women. Madhvi comes to call Amma ji. I have to show you something. Amma tells Ganga to resume her studies.

Madhvi shows Janvi’s kundli to Amma ji. Her kundli matches perfectly with Sagar’s. Amma ji points out that Sagar dint say anything like that. Madhvi says it doesn’t matter. It is clearly visible that they both like each other. Ganga was standing nearby only. Madhvi notices her. She asks Ganga if she is saying wrong. Ganga answers if affirmative. Madhvi begins to talk to Amma ji again. Their kundli matches perfectly. Amma ji says I will show it to my pundit ji. I will do whatever he says. Madhvi agrees. He will also call it a perfect match. Amma ji calls out for Ganga. She gives the kundli’s to her. Give them to me when I ask for it. Ganga looks at the kundli’s. Ganga is in thoughts. She recalls finding Janvi’s kundli from the ground. She takes it out and matches it with the one that Janvi gave to Madhvi. They are of Janvi only but different. There is something fishy.

Janvi bribes Yash for a new phone, asking him to help her. He calls her bhabhi. I hate Ganga as much as you do! I can take the gift you want though. Janvi smiles thinking how Ganga would have felt after hearing it from aunty that I a perfect match for Ganga. Ganga affirms. I was actually shocked. Yash quietly leaves from there. Ganga confronts Janvi. I dint think you will stoop so low. You will cheat everyone? You made Bahu ji realise you worry for Sagar? Will you play with the emotions of so many people just to win? Disgusting! I don’t believe in all this but Amma ji and Bahu ji do believe it. I wont let anyone cheat their belief. What kind of a girl you are! You were about to cheat the one you love. you got a fake kundli when you got to know you cannot have Sagar. Janvi tells her to stop it. You know you have lost so you are blaming me. Ganga says I don’t treat love as a game. I thought you really love Sagar. I was wrong. You only want to snatch him. it does not happen in love. I thought you genuinely loved Sagar. Now I know you truth. I wont sit quietly. You don’t deserve him. I wont let a cheater girl like you become a part of his life. I will bring out your and this kundli;s truth before everyone. Don’t think that I am doing all this to gain Sagar. You don’t play games to get love. Janvi asks her if she is threatening her. Ganga says you can take it as per your wish. But I will bring out your truth before everyone! You were going to cheat the family that gave you so much love. I wont let you do it. You were playing with everyone’s trust. It wont happen. Janvi denies. I also don’t have a habit of losing. Janvi cannot lose, especially not to you. Ganga turns to go inside when Janvi notices a small fire nearby. She stops Ganga. You want to tell my truth to everyone? You want to ruin my hard work? You cannot! You cannot do anything. She snatches the kundli from Ganga’s hands and sets it on fire. What will you do now? You have no proof to prove me a liar. Ganga says I will prove your truth before everyone.

Precap: Ganga confronts the astrologer who made a fake kundli for Ganga. She threatens him of police. Janvi and Yash decide to Stop Ganga.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wish madhavi gets to know about sagar filling sindoor on ganga s maang….madhavi shd also check ganga s kundali…..madhavi shd change….being bad does nt suit her

    1. Madhvi is not being bad she’s just thinking abt the society nd her son…she’s thinking to have a good,educated modern girl for Sagar…its out of motherly luv

  2. How dumb of ganga…she could hav just xposed janvi’s real face before everyone without informing her…now what will she do

  3. Every serial same thing…..

    They inform infront of the culprit that ”i will complain against u”

    Obviously culprit wil fight for that…. So that she doesnt get exposed of her real intentions…..

    Stupid gangaa….

  4. Detective episode

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