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The guy says if that was the case then Niru would have submitted in the court by then. MLA knows it but court will inform me before any such thing is submitted. Till now nothing of that sort has happened. So it means that the CD is there only. The guy (Shankar) agrees to do his work. Don’t forget me later. MLA nods and hugs him.

In the car, Sagar is singing loud while he is listening to music with earplugs on. She pulls them out of his ears. They bicker again over Sagar’s Dance Teacher and Dance Competition. She gets down as she reaches her school. He makes her say thank you to him as he has dropped her off first. The girls are surprised to see Ganga coming in a big car. Bulbul says I too can come in a car as my father is a driver. This widow cannot be a daughter of a biggie. She might be

a maid in someone’s house. Reena notices Sagar in the car. He is same kid whom we saw in that school the other day. Reena asks Ganga whose car it was. Ganga replies that it is the car of the person in whose house she stays. All the girls go inside. Bulbul looks angry.

The kids take a short break. Dancer Teacher compliments Sagar as he is dancing well. Chandan asks Sagar to tell Sir that he does not want to be a main dancer. Sagar denies. The one who deserves to be the main lead will get the position. I wont say anything to anyone. You should hone your dancing skills if you want to be the main lead. Chandan walks away angrily. He notices Sagar taking some medicines. He gets curious.

Gunwanti is the head of cultural department. Mrs. Chautala comes there to help her. Principal Ma’am has brought her house’s music system so the girls can participate. Ganga is glad that they all will practise and participate. Gunwanti points out that she spoke big words in Lawrence School but they don’t have the resources for it. Principal Ma’am reminds her that ebing a teacher she has to motivate kids. Gunwanti nods. But who will teach them? It is a different thing to dance in a wedding while it is something else to dance in a competition. Mrs. Chautala (The PT Teacher) offers to do it her style. Principal Ma’am cannot call a dance teacher as they cannot pay the fees. Ganga does not even want it. Gunwanti says it isn’t a game to win this competition. All the schools of Banaras are participating. It isn’t as easy to win as you are thinking. I will still say that we don’t stand a chance to win this competition!

At Lawrence School, the rehearsals are on in full swing. Chandan keeps looking at Sagar. He recalls seeing Sagar eating some medicines. He excuses himself for a minute. He opens Sagar’s bag and steals the medicines. Sir gave him my position. He can never be the main dance! Chandan keeps them in his pocket and joins his team again. Sagar is getting tired. He asks for a short break. Chandan suggests him to take a break a little later as he is the main lead. Dance Teacher too requests Sagar so he agrees but is unable to do it. Chandan keeps praising him. Sagar has lost all his stamina. I cannot even stand now. I will take my medicine. He excuses himself for a minute but cannot find the medicine in his bag. Yash goes to him. He too looks in the bag but the medicine isn’t there. Sagar faints. Chandan smirks as everyone rushes to his side. Dance Teacher makes Yash call someone as Sagar is to be immediately taken to hospital.

The girls are playing a game (kabaddi). Bulbul calls Reena and another girl to take part in the game. We cannot do dance practise as there is no dance teacher. Ganga is still positive that it will happen. Earlier we dint have a place to rehearse but now we have it. We will find a teacher too.

Raghav ji updates NIru about Solanki’s health. He has no clue about the CD till date. MLA’s goon tells his senior about the same.

Madhvi and Amma ji rush to the hospital. Doc assures them that he is alright. Maybe he dint take medicine on time so it happened. Yash adds that Sagar couldn’t find his medicine in his bag. Amma ji scolds Madhvi for being careless. Madhvi had kept it herself. Doc says Sagar fainted maybe because of the weakness. He needs to rest for a while. You can take him now. They meet Sagar next. They are very much concerned for him.

Ganga and the girls request Bulbul to teach them the dance steps. Bulbul finally agrees and begins to guide them. She gets irked when they cannot get the posture or steps right. I am not interested in losing! She walks out of the classroom. Ganga wonders what to do now.

Precap: Gunwanti comes late as her mother was ill. The girls stay back because of Ganga. She has found their dance teacher. Gunwanti asks Ganga who is it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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