Gangaa 25th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ganga’s and sagar’s residence
Krishna excitedly calls up sagar, but zoya picks up the landline before he can. when krishna identifies herself, and wishes to speak to sagar, zoya lies that he isnt at home, and takes a message. krishna asks her to tell him that ganga has kept the fast for him, and that he needs to be at the temple grounds in the evening, for the culmination of the fast. zoya complies, and then lies to sagar too, that it was niru’s client. sagar leaves off. zoya thinks that now ganga is trying anything, and is amused that she is still keeping the fast, despite everything that happened. she thinks that krishna’s dream wont materialise though. then she finds juhi and supriya playing, and thinks that she has to do soemthing about this too,

as one brother is already taken care of, and now its time for another. zoya says that she shall have to do something, that both the brothers leave the house, and then she becomes the sole heir to the property. she smiles evilly.

Scene 2:
Location: Temple Grounds and sagar’s residence
Krisyhna badgers ganga into coming to the temple, where she asked sagar to come. kashish comes with them too. ganga remembers their childhood moments with sagar, at the same temple, and gets nostalgic. krishna asks whats the matter and they start climbing the stairs of the temple. the priest hollers her inside and she goes in. kashish asks krishna to stay put, as she shall just come. she eyes ganga with the ladies, and leaves stealthily. krishna talks to the lord, that he should help her, by getting sagar here, so that all problems can be solved. Zoya arrives there, and eyes them stealthily from a distance, and finds kashish tensed and distraught, as she sees couples, and is reminded of pulkit. zoya comes and uses her emotional weakness as an advantage. she comes to hr, and kashish is shocked, as she has the karvachauth plate in her hand. zoya says that she wished to meet them, after what happened earlier. zoya asks her about the plate. kashish hesitates. zoya asks if its for pulkit, and then reprimands her for doing this, as this isnt right, and she shall get hurt. she exploits her emotionally and manipulates her into reminding herself, as to how pulkit is spending this time with his wife, and not her. kashish says that she did out of free will and without any expectations. zoya asks if pulkit loves her that much as she does, and its only right to expect. MEanwhile, krishna lurks around, and finds ganga sitting with the ladies, but sagar nowhere and wonders why. zoya asks her to call up pulkit and tell him. he disconnects the call. she tries again. he is tensed to find that its kashish, and ignores it yet again. supriya gets tensed. kashish gets frustrated and tries several times. finally, he steps aside and picks up, and then kashish tells everything, and says that she wont break her fast, till he himself doesnt come and make her drink water, as if he doesnt come, then she would kill herself. he is shocked. she says that she did what she had to, and now leaves the situation on him. supriya is shaken and disgusted. zoya tells her that its good that she did what she was told. she says that pulkit would keep calling her, but she shouldnt pick up, and then he shall rush to her. pulkit continues calling, and supriya is visibly tensed. he says that its something urgent and leaves hastily, while she stands aghast. meanwhile, sagar comes and asks her where did he go. she is teary eyed, saying that he went for kashish, forgetting everything, after she called. he is shocked and asks how can he do this, and says that he shall get him back. he rushes out too. zoya meanwhile tells kashish to climb atop the well, to make it look like a suicide attempt, when he comes. she asks what if he doesnt come. but zoya assures that he shall come definitely, and asks her to get atop the well rightaway. kashish complies. ammaji, madhavi and niru come out to the roof, but find neither supriya nor pulkit. ammaji goes into check on her. madhavi asks him not to do this ritual, if he doesnt wish to. he says that its okay. then they find supriya crying. they are shocked

Finally, Sagar arrives in the grounds, while krishna talks to the lord, hurriedly to get sagar to come here definitely. pulkit arrives and sagar follows in tow, as krishna’s eyes are closed in front of the idol. when she opens her eyes, he is gone. zoya watcehs from behind a tree, while pulkit comes and is aghast at the way kashish is on top of the well. he asks her to get down, while she reprimands him for his double character, and that she cant live without him, and shall rather die. he says that he always feels guilty as it is, and they can talk it out. she says that she doesnt wish to, as she wishes to live with her. he catches and hugs her asking whats she upto. Meanwhile, sagar continues to frantically search for pulkit. Krishna meets sagar in the open grounds, where ladies perform the rituals of the puja. he is shocked to see her. she asks if he has been sent here by lord krishna himself, as ganga has kept the fast in his name, and she still loves him very much. sagar is shocked to know this. krishna shows ganga doing the rituals. he gets emotionally overwhelmed to see this. krishna asks him if he shall give ganga water. he emotionally eyes her, and says that he shall happily comply, if her mother allows. Zoya meanwhile watches from a distance, as to how he is apalled at what she did. kashish asks him why is this happening to them and why cant they finish their love story, or it shall forever be incomplete like sagar and ganga. pulkit is tensed as he hears this. Meanwhile, Ganga looks around and finds everyone performing the ritual with their husband. then she eyes krishna coming in with sagar, while she is in a semi daze. they both finally confront each other. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: An ecstatic sagar comes to madhavi and hugs her, saying that she wouldnt believe what happened today. he says that he was with ganga to culminate her fast, and how she had kept one for him. she is pleasantly surprised. Meanwhile, ganga is taking her jewellery off, when krishna comes and asks ganga if she misses him so much, then why doesnt she just pick up the phone and talk to him. she denies that she does. krishna asks then why did she keep the fast for him. ganga is at a loss of an answer.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. This serial is height of negativity

  2. Yeah… The main protagonist is a lawyer and so much crying… They are not showing any courage r self respect at all… Crying crying… Nothing else…. Where as in other shows… Badho… Santoshi… They are trying their best and facing problems… What these writers want to do with Gangaa…kashish suspected that some one manipulated sargi thali…. But Gangaa immediately believed zoya such a nonsense v r bearing from four months…

  3. I remember in the 1st six months when gangaa was little.. They used to end the negative track in max a week or two weeks! That was one of the reasons of enjoying the serial! Ans now its been so many months since zoya is the negative much negativity is spoiling the show!

  4. I agree with Bhavani and Deeksha. Unable to see Ganga crying and crying. Sagar and Ganga working together to expose Zoya would be nice. Don’t want to see Zoya on screen any more.

  5. Hi Friends, I agree with all, too much plotting from Zoya that it is dominating the serial and not enjoyable viewing at fact frustrating how they can be all stupid and easily fooled by Zoya. However, i do wonder, whether it will be Krishna who would discover Zoya’s true colours and try to expose her with Sagar to make Gangaa realise what her what a nasty piece of work she is. Krishna asked Zoya to forward message to Sagar, Zoya lied even though Sagar stood by her whilst talking on phone.

    Perhaps reigniting the storyline of Kashish and Pulkit romance will enable Zoya to be distracted and lose track on her focus seperating Ganga and Sagar (feeling complacent) and this will be the downfall of her evil ways. Leaving tracks behind and Krishna/Sagar will collect enough evidence to expose her and lets hope this will be the end of Zoya track. Sick of seeing her evil smirks on screen. And that useless Sonu too.

  6. Today’s update please

  7. Today’s update please .waiting for the update.

  8. Writer again missing….

  9. Update 26th episode &i also think like that only ssumnerr may hope sagar&krishna make ganga relise on zoyas matter

    1. Hi Bhuvana, story line is getting more ridiculous. One can only hope that Zoya will be exposed! Krishna made a call for Sagar, Zoya took message. Sagar already is aware of Zoya lies but still manges to get fooled. Maybe, opportunity will have it that when Sagar and Krishna talk during bonding, they will realise they have been played and team together to expose Zoya? Lets face it, most of the family in the Chaduvertri household are blind and Ganga believes her blindly. Kashish has been manipulated by Zoya…there has to be someone who will expose Zoya. I used to really look forward to watching Ganga during my evening, but somehow this Zoya track is ruining it for me.

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