Gangaa 25th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Gangaa 25th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Niru ask Ganga the reason of her worry..maid comes and ask Ganga to go to pulkit as he is not well..Ganga moves away by telling niru that she was just missing her father..

Sagar spots kids playing cricket and recalls his and ganga’s childhood memories..he sits on stairs and questions himself that how can Ganga think he doesn’t need to worry for her when her friendship is most important to him..she taught him the meaning of friendship and he can’t loose his best friend..he says he have to return back but he can’t return leaving her like this else he will not be able to focus on anything..he decides to sort things out..

Supriya’s muh dikhayi is going on..yash’s mother, prabha taunts supriya by saying that the amount of dowry is not sufficient..other ladies

too support her..prabha further asked if Madhavi matched the kundli before marriage as at supriya’s house cylinder burst and now pulkit is ill..she calls supriya unlucky..amma ji shouts on Madhavi for not matching kundli and warns her that sagar’s marriage will be arranged by her only after matching kundli..jhanvi wonders to herself that only her kundli should match with sagar..

Gangaa is applying lotion on pulkit’s forehead and scolding him for not taking care of himself..sagar comes in saying that Ganga can only scold..Ganga replies back saying that we get angry on our dear ones only..they try to get up pulkit and in the coarse, sagar ganga’s hand touch..Ganga jumps away and moves out to get milk..

Sagar chases Ganga and forcefully tries to pull her toward himself to talk while Ganga resist..ganga goes away..jhanvi watches this and goes upset..yash came offering a helping hand as their mission is same..

Sagar is in his room filled with anger as Ganga is not ready to listen to him..from his window he spots Ganga talking to amma ji..Ganga was going to buy books but amma ji give her some other work..niru advices Ganga to first do amma ji’s work and then go purchase her books..sagar decides to give it a last try and follows Ganga when she goes out..

Jhanvi and yash goes to priest..he inform them that Jhanvi’s kundli doesn’t match with sagar so this alliance should not happen and even if it does, it will not survive..jhanvi then tries to bribe the pandit to make a kundli which match perfectly with sagar’s but the pandit refuses..

Sagar chases Ganga and ends up in a boat with her..he tries to convince her to talk to him and stop treating him as stranger..Ganga said he only made them strangers..sagar says she is his own..Ganga says that she kept in living in this delusion from too long..sagar says he loves her..episode ends..

Madhavi gives jhanvi and sagar’s kundli to amma ji saying that they perfectly match and also both like each other..Ganga was passing by and gets stunned hearing this..Madhavi spots her and ask her if she noticed the same..

Update Credit to: Roopal

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  1. Wat happend at the ending……did sagar say I love you to ganga. ??? If yes did he mean her as a friend?????the ending was nt complete…

    1. Im not sure actually its hard to understand unless you actually watch it

    2. I was watching dis episode…in d last Sagar says i love u to ganga while she looks at him with a slight smile

  2. Oh my god sagar finally confessed! Why did he lie before that he doesn’t love her? Or is he lying now so she doesn’t ignore him? I doubt sagar coz hes such an idiot and hes also playing with jhanvis feelings how selfish!

  3. Hey I think ganga should carry on with her dream of becoming good lawyer then sagar will realize her importance and plzzzz change madvis behaviour she 8s turning vamp day by day it does not suits her.

    1. agree wid i

  4. I think Ganga should move on from Sagar. She is strong and I want to see her working as a lawyer with Niru. Sagar can go to hell and take Jhanvi with him. Ganga has to save Supriya from Ammaji in any case or that horrible woman will eat that poor girl alive.

    1. Ahahaha agreed!

    2. More dan ammaji prabha is the dangerous one

  5. Ganga shld behave like that that sagar wil know what he missed..n ganga shld becme lawyer like her babu..n plz change madavi to positive

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