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Gangaa 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga runs out of the room without telling anything to anyone. Niranjan is confused. Madhvi feels that maybe Ganga is worried about the expenses which Amma ji had spoken about. Maybe this is the reason why she is saying no. Niranjan nods. Ganga loves her self respect. It might have hurt her or which kid would not like to go to school?

At night, Ganga is sleeping. She thinks of an incident (in her sleep) when her village teacher had beaten her on her hand with a stick when she had not written anything properly. She wakes up with a start and looks at her palm. Hanuman ji please save me. I don’t want to go to school. I remember everything. The village master used to beat me a lot with the stick. Please save me I don’t want to go through all that again. I will be saved only when Babu listens

to Amma ji. Amma ji notices her awake. Why dint you sleep yet? Are you not happy that my son fought with me because of you? These fights have started in the house since you have come here. There is a new fight every day. Everyone keeps supporting you only so you are stubborn. God knows when you will change for good. Sleep now. Ganga nods. Amma ji thinks of Niranjan’s words.

Next morning, Amma ji returns from Ganga snan. She tells maharaj ji to bring puja thaal for her. Madhvi too readies a plate full of fruits for her. She shows them the plate. Amma ji steps forward to check the plate but the stops as she recalls her vow. You are trying to over smart me? You were trying to make a joke of me by breaking my indefinite fast! Madhvi suggests her not to give up food or water in this age. Amma ji cuts her off midsentence. I don’t want any suggestion from you. Explain the right and wrong to your husband. Madhvi goes upstairs. Ganga helps Amma ji in drying the laundry. She thinks of an idea. Will you read Ramayan for me? I will learn it quickly. Bappa had made me learn the aarti in a similar manner. I used to sing it daily. You are right. There is no need to go to school. Amma ji replies that she is always right but you never listen to me. What happened to you today? Ganga says I abide by whatever you say. She brings Prasad for Amma ji. Amma ji thinks that she too wants her to break her fast. I am all alone. Ganga insists that she is on her side. Amma ji refuses to fall in her words. Ganga wants Babu to agree with her actually. I myself don’t want to study. Amma ji murmurs that the one who should we worried must be pacing angrily in his room.

Madhvi informs Niranjan about Amma ji sticking to her words. You should go and talk to her, convince her. She wont listen to me. she wants her son to come and talk to her. He knows that his mother is waiting for him only. It is easier to make kids agree / understand things but that is not the case with Amma ji. He gives his phone to Madhvi, asking her to try Raghav ji’s number. I am not able to get through.

Amma ji is reading Ramayan. She looks towards the door in between. Ganga knows that she is waiting for Babu. Amma ji denies. Niranjan comes there just then. ganga notices him. she is about to tell Amma ji when he signals her against it. He very quietly walks inside and holds Amma ji’s shoulder. She immediately tries to focus on the Ramayana but then gets up from there when he doesn’t let go of her. He signals Ganga to wait outside. Ganga prays that Amma ji should do something that will prompt Babu to listen to her. I don’t want to go to school.

Niranjan says I am a father of two kids. It wont look good if I do sit ups before you in this age. You can tell me any other punishment that you have in mind. She says I am no one to say anything to you. She repeats her vow but he refuses to let anything happen to his beloved Amma ji. She refuses to open her mouth so he decides to transfer food in her body through drips or any other medical way. She denies. He makes up his mind to feed her something first and then only will he listen to whatever she has to say. Ganga points out to him that the fruits and milk is in kitchen. He goes out to bring them. Amma ji looks at Ganga. You are enjoying it, right?

Niranjan happily tells Maharaj ji to get the plate. Amma ji has agreed to eat. Madhvi gives him his phone. Raghav ji is on the line. He tells him that the judge has met with an accident. I am here only. He needs B+ blood. Your blood group is the same. Niranjan agrees and leaves for City Hospital. Maharaj ji gives the plate to Madhvi.

Amma ji knows how stubborn Niranjan is. Ganga adds that Babu loves her a lot. Amma ji knows it too. He is only faking this love just to make me agree to his decision. Ganga disagrees with her. it is pure love. he gave you a swear and then went out to bring food for you. Will he agree to your words? She refuses to eat anything till he gives up. Ganga only hopes Babu agrees with Amma ji as she doesn’t want to go to school. I wont so much as even look at him or talk to him. He has troubled me a lot. Now its my turn. Madhvi holds out the plate in front of Amma ji. Amma ji does not look back and mistakes her to be Niranjan. Take my swear first that you wont send Ganga to school. She is taken aback after hearing Madhvi’s voice. Madhvi tells him that Niranjan had to rush for an urgent work. Amma ji tells her to take everything back in the kitchen. Madhvi requests her but Amma ji’s resolve is stronger now. no one can stop me from keeping this indefinite fast now, neither you nor your husband! Inform Niranjan when he returns home that if Ganga goes to school then I will leave this house on bier. Ganga and Madhvi look at her in shock.

Madhvi makes Sagar try to feed Dadi something once. Sagar goes to Amma ji’s room with the plate full of fruits. She simply tells him not to interfere in this matter. He politely requests her to eat / drink something but she is in no mood to even listen to him today. All his pleas get ignored. He leaves from there sadly. Madhvi is tensed to notice the same.

Amma ji vomits. Everyone rushes to her side in concern. Madhvi tells Maharaj ji to bring water. Amma ji ignores the glass and goes back to her room. Madhvi and everyone else is worried for her.

Precap: Amma ji is coughing and holds her head as she is feeling dizzy. Ganga and Sagar observe the same. What if she falls? Amma ji lies down on the bed with great difficulty.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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