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Gangaa 23rd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The next question is – What did Shree Krishna write in Geeta? When will he take birth on Earth? You will have to say the shloka along with the answer.

Bal Mahant thinks that he read it last night only. Ganga thinks of a past incident with her Bappa. He was sad that Lala has lessened the money that he will be giving in exchange for the grains. She talks about teaching a lesson to them. He makes her sit. God is watching everything. Krishna Ji has said in Geeta that He will take birth whenever sins increase one earth. When it crosses all its limits then He will surely come. Ganga says the answer but is thinking of the shloka. Bal Mahant gets thinking too.

Madhvi is talking to Barkha’s mother. We don’t have a problem to have her with us. But it will be good if she stays in the hostel

as it is nearby. Her Mami ji is not so happy. Barkha hugs her sister happily that she is sending her to hostel. I wanted this since always. Its so much fun in hostel but Ma was against it. Thanks for helping me. I will ask Jijz to complete my paper work. She rushes upstairs to pack her bags.

Bal Mahant finally speaks the shloka. People start cheering for him. Sagar is concerned for Ganga. The punidt ji says Bal Mahant ji gets the points here as Ganga could not say the shloka. The competition continues. Ganga requests her Bappa to show her the way. I have to win!

Amma ji is on the way to where the competition is being held when Bal Mahant’s mother stops the car. Bal Mahant is my son. The widow girl who lives in your house has challenged my son for a competition. If he loses then he will have to take Jal Samadhi. Please ask the girl to lose so my son can live. Please stop the girl. Amma ji thinks that she also doesn’t want Ganga to win but if she loses then!

Ganga’s 2 answers have been right while 4 were wrong. She will lose if she gives another wrong answer. She will have to take Jal Samadhi. The next question is – Who is a Guru? The guy gives them options as well. Sagar is sure that Ganga will give the answer this time. Ganga and Bal Mahant ji are expected to say a relatable shloka with the answer. The punidt ji asks Ganga to think very carefully before giving an answer as this is her last chance.

Madhvi comes to check on Sagar but finds pillows in the bed instead. She notices the rope of clothes hanging from the balcony. He has become very stubborn! Amma ji on her way. It will be a problem if she notices him there. Barkha tries to calm her but Madhvi tells her not to speak in between matters that she doesn’t understand. This is my house. I know how things work here.

Sahyogi is irked with Bal Mahant for not giving answer promptly. I told him to study hard but all went in vain. Bal Mahant gives an answer but minus the shloka. Ganga is again thinking of her Bappa and all that he has taught her till date. No given option is right. Guru teaches us how to live our life. My Bappa has taught me the same. He is my father and Guru both. She says the shloka. The people gathered there are impressed by her. Bal Mahant cannot think of any other shloka. Sahyogi thinks of doing something. The girl said the shloka but she dint choose any of the option given by pundit ji.

Sudha is shocked to know that the room is empty. Ganga ran away! I don’t know what would be happening with her. I will go there right away. Mamta too wants to come along. Its all happening because of me only. I wont be able to forgive myself if anything happens to her. Pishi Ma prays for Ganga.

Sahyogi calls Ganga’s answer inappropriate as she dint choose the answer from the given options. How can we accept it that her Bappa is the Guru? Sagar mulls over the confusion. Mahant ji cannot recall the shloka while Ganga said the shloka but gave an altogether different answer. Sahyogi reminds pundit ji of the rules that he only had set in the beginning. The participants have to choose one of the options that you give. This girl dint abide by it. She should be disqualified on these grounds. A few other pundits agree with him which worries Sagar. I wont let her take Jal Samadhi. He loudly opposes it. This is wrong. You cannot do this! Mahant ji could not recall the shloka. Ganga gave the complete answer. What’s the harm in thinking of her Bappa as her teacher? He only has taught her everything.

Madhvi is trying Pulkit’s number but it is unreachable. Barkha covers her eyes. She has brought a suit for Madhvi. Madhvi doesn’t wear suits but Barkha wants her to change her looks too. You used to wear them before wedding. Madhvi talks about the differences before and after wedding. A girl has to do a lot of adjustments. Barkha calls them excuses. Wear it at night to surprise Jijz. You have changed yourself completely for your family. Think about yourself at times. Madhvi feels bad for mistaking Barkha. You aren’t going anywhere. You will stay with us. Barkha denies. I have already spoken to jijz. He will bring forms for a few hostels. I have a meeting with a senior doc in the evening. Hope something will be finalized. Madhvi is curious over Niru’s decision.

People talk against Sagar. Sahyogi says Ganga’s friend has broken the rule by talking in her favour. He has broken the rule. Ganga will have to bear the brunt of her mistake. Ganga has lost the competition! She is out of it now. Ganga says I don’t even know this guy. He isn’t my friend. Why will I take his help then?

Precap: Pundit ji asks both the participants to stand on a piece of log / stone. Whoever stands on it for the max possible time wins!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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