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Gangaa 23rd May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma ji realises Sagar dint get bail. Pulkit nods. Amma ji taunts Ganga. You speak so much all the time. Where is my Sagar now? I made a mistake by trusting her. She can only talk. I am mad to trust her. I had hope from you for the first time but you broke them all. This is what you have done since childhood. Pulkit tries to explain but Ganga signals him not to tell them the truth. Ganga yet again tells Amma ji she has full faith she will bring Sagar home in the next hearing. Amma ji refuses to do the mistake of trusting her again. She leaves. MAdhvi asks them if they are lying. Is he fine? Pulkit nods and leaves. Ganga tells her that hope only keeps one alive. I still haven’t given up. Sagar will be out in the next hearing. Trust me.

Niru thinks of Sagar’s statement in the court. Ganga switches

on the lights. He sits up surprised. We lost Sagar for forever. He is in tears. She controls her emotions and wipes his tears. Don’t say this. We should not stop hoping till we are breathing. I promise to bring Sagar back come what may. I promise you. Pulkit adds that why will he be punished when he hasn’t done anything wrong. He will come back for sure. Niru looks at him in shock. Pulkit says I know you are angry with me. I too am angry with myself. I don’t know what had happened to me but I realise my mistake now. I am sorry. Will you forgive me? Niru holds his hands and hugs him. I have understood it today how much one ray of hope matters to someone in dark. I had begun to feel weak but not now. My son is with me. I have aged. I cannot take too much stress. Pulkit stops him from saying so. I am with you. You have two sons. Sagar will also come back. We will be with you always I promise.

Palash’s mom is on her way to Kolkata. He is speaking to her on phone. Ganga comes there. She notices a fallen piece of paper. She is shocked to find the papers related to the case in dustbin. Why did he throw them? She begins to join them. Palash ends the call. Ganga asks Palash if he threw these papers by mistake. He denies. I did it intentionally. She asks him why. He reasons that there is nothing left in the case now after Sagar’s confession. It is impossible to bail him out now. The sooner you understand it the better. She says how you can say so. There are so many questions now which we have to figure out. Investigation is also incomplete. How can you give up this soon? he replies that it is Sagar who lost. She insists that Sagar is not responsible for Janvi’s death. He talks of proofs. Why did he confess his crime if it’s a lie? I cannot understand anything. She asks him if he cannot understand it all or does not want to. He is confused. She asks him if he is trying to ignore the truth intentionally. You have to fight the case for the man who loves the girl who you also love. You want him to get death penalty? You want him to rot in jail? You want him to get punished so your way is clear? Palash angrily retorts that she said the right thing. He hands her all the things related to case. Thanks for telling me what you think about me. Join these papers and read them well. You are a law student. You will realise what’s important or not. If you still think I am taking revenge then I am better off this case. I have nothing to do with this case or your life!

Ganga is rearranging the papers. They may not be important but they might carry some clue which can help us in some way. I don’t know if I did right by trusting him or not. I hope to find one proof somehow but from where will I get it!

Palash takes out the copy of forensic report from a drawer. He recalls Inspector telling him about a syringe found in Janvi’s room. They carry someone else’s fingerprints other than Sagar. It means Sagar isn’t involved. Inspector only told Sabharwal about it. Palash offers to tell Ganga himself. He reads the report. This can free you Sagar. Sabharwal wont use it as it will weaken his case only. It will strengthen our case though. It is such an important proof. It can make me win this case and free you. But the question is would I like to use it? He eyes the report.

Ganga realises that it is the report given by doc. It has already been submitted in court. It isn’t needed that much. What did I do? I doubted Sir’s intentions. How could I not think he would never want something wrong for Sagar?

Palash burns the papers. You are such an emotional fool Ganga. Anyone can play with your emotions anytime and as they wish. You did exactly what I wanted you to. You were right. I want to sabotage this case. I want to lose a case for the first time in life. You would know by now that that paper wasn’t actually important. You must be blaming, cursing yourself for doubting me but you would trust me more than today tomorrow. You will come to apologize to me tomorrow morning itself! Yes Ganga, you will do the exact same thing!

Ganga is tensed. What did I do? I doubted someone who goes to any extent to help people get justice? How will I face him! Supriya comes to tell her that Amma ji has high fever. Doc is here but she isn’t taking medicines. Pulkit is not at home. Ganga tells her to call Pulkit Bhaiya. She goes to Amma ji’s room.

Doc gives medicine to Madhvi to give to Amma ji. Amma ji asks for Sagar in her semi-conscious state. Send him back Lord. Take my life instead. Madhvi takes Ganga outside.

Madhvi asks Ganga if she saw Amma ji’s state. Do something. Fulfil your promise. Bring Sagar home for a day. Ganga agrees. I will do whatever I can. Where is Babu? Madhvi replies that he went to Delhi to find some way. You promised to bring Sagar home. Amma ji and I trusted you. Do something. Bring him home atleast for a day. Ganga says it will happen. We will all try together and find a way. Calm down. You only have to take care of Amma ji. I will try my best to bring Sagar home. Madhvi says don’t try. Bring him back at any cost. Ganga promises her.

Precap: Ganga asks Sagar if he wants to get the real killer punished. Sagar denies. I dint see anything. She breaks down when Inspector asks Sagar to come. Sagar looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Palash turns negative, henceforth. Sad for SaGa

  2. Yess… Now I am loving Palash… Awesome…
    Against everyone’s expectation, he is a villain now. Too good. Palash was earlier portrayed as a man with civility and common sense and Sagar the immature, insensible, agitated brat. Now who is who???
    Loving Ganga… Kudos to the whole team. And as usual Sagar (vishal?) you are adorable even in your silence. (Ou yes I am a blind fan of him and his Niru ji)

  3. Har serial me yahi hota hai
    Luv triangle banane ke liye CVs ache se ache character ki bhi dhajiya uda sakte hain
    Maine aajtak ganga ka ek bhi episode miss nhi kiya
    But now I gonna stop watching this
    Dammit yaar??
    how can they make palash a negative character
    It’s true ki one sided luv’s dangerous but to this extent is unbelievable
    Ganga is truly an emotional fooooooo……l
    Kis tarah se ek awsm show ko unwatchable banate hain,Ganga iska exact example hai
    Sagar ke ghar vale bhi kaisa dual nature rakhte hain especially wo Ammaji aur Mad wee
    Totally bakwas now?????

  4. Friends, I feel gaanga is a selfish girl, when she saw saagar marrying janvi she must have left for good. But she stayed in the house for creating nuisance.

    1. U right

    2. Are you without a feeling of love? Or have you not seen previous episodes?

  5. Didn’t really enjoy this series without Sagar appeareance, action and awesome lines.
    But yea, we should watched Gangaa tried her best to help him. What was that, Gangaa way too confident, while Niru way to pecimistic. It’s ok, if his dad gave up, her mom should come! Madhvi as mother should has an everlasting support for her precious son, and could do anything. And
    Since Pulkit is back, he sure will do something to help his brother. Family support is better than anyone else.

  6. oh my lord this is absolutely insane ? So now palash turning out to be a negative person ? wtf im so done with this series , and now only gangaa who will fight this case to prove sagar innocence while the others ,madhvi and ammaji force and poured all the responsibility to gangaa, which actually was not her fault ,palash turn negative and want to sabotage the case, sagar who still feel guilty about janvhi death and do not want to be helped, also yash who still hanging around outside and none of the police were looking for him ,oh for god’s sake ?
    now gangaa did not even have any proofs, and none of those people on his side now, she had to do this alone,like why tf she want to help person who do not want to be helped , this not make any sense ?

  7. Atul Srivastava, Mysuru

    I just hope that the reel relationship between Sagar, Ganga and Palash does not turn REAL in their lives.

  8. Now I am confident that it will be only saga as palash is turning to be negative. As usual good will win over bad and palash will also end up like janvi who tried to separate two child hood lovers.

  9. Why the writers decided to make Palash character ‘bad’ I don’t understand. All along when he first joined the series, he was portrayed to be a honest and decent human being: a gentlemen for that matter who fought for what is right and justice. Somehow, i find the script in this episode not’ believable’ or ‘unrealistic!’ Yes, perhaps jealous or resentful of Ganga’s rejection and love for Sagar, but to burn vital evidence to sabotage the case is a question of Palash integrity and morals? Not just personally but also professionally.

    Surely, a person who has that much passion who is willing to fight for innocents will hold that principle of ‘right and wrong’ no matter their personal differences? His character does not portray to be the ‘petty kind’ who takes revenge for personal gains. So, i am wondering if further episodes will show a change of heart in Palash and eventually he will do the right thing and seek another copy of the report from the police officer.

    Maybe when Ganga goes and apologises to Palash at first Palash is pleased he has her where he wants. But with time, they come to get to know each other more and eventually he has a change of heavy heart and does the right thing ?

    I think the writers have made Ganga in quite a martyr at the moment…a law student has it’s limits. Besides, how hypocritical of Amma Ji and Madhvi..really!? They were the very people who wanted Ganga away from Sagar and now they are putting responsibilities on her and seeking her strength. I also find baffling and unrealistic of the storyline, why would a judge (Niru) of his position become so helpless? Surely, you will work with Ganga and guide her how to seek evidence to prove his innocence, instead he has given up hope totally. There are many holes in the storyline that are inconsistent. From a confident judge who held power and stance has now become submissive and hopeless? Surely, realistically, despite the shock, you just wouldn’t give up, you will do what you can to save your child and for one, ‘one’ who knows law would get cracking in piecing the evidence. I can see Pulkit and Gangaa working together to save Sagar and now that Pulkit has made peace with his father, hopefully this will see a much more positive and confident Niru he was once portrayed. Looking forward to next episode and see what is in store.

    1. Hi,
      Summer we are on the same page.. Absolutely.. I started watching this show again only coz of palash and the two episodes have been more or less like a shockers.. Palash turning negative is the last thing I ever wanted. His resentment towards Ganga I feel is cz she didn’t tell him once that she was married to Sagar. And the other thing her accusations. I had a real bad vibe today when palash said that you’ll do what I want you to. You won’t question me anything. And for a second I felt he’ll ask her to marry him. This sounds very clichéd. But I suppose that’s one way to grab eyeballs and trps. And maybe after this palash may change. I still can’t digest the fact that they have made him negative. But yes more than Ganga and Sagar I like Ganga and palash. I hope this couple sees the light of the day. I really want Ganga palash to work.

      Cmn to amma ji and madhavi. I have left these two ( esp. Madhavi) long back at the tym when they did use Ganga to save sagar’s life but they separated them in the fear of the societal norms.

      I loved nirajan’s character always. Even then when he didn’t accept Sagar ganga’s relation as that was so real. U do find fathers like him. But now he seems to have lost it. A well known judge cannot help his son get out of jail. Quite unbelievable!!

      1. HI DD,

        Likewise, when he said ‘ you will do as i say’ i thought he was going to give her an ultimatum for Ganga to marry him, in order for Palash to help Ganga save Sagar. Yes, I thought it was a real shame that they made Palash into a negative character, but i believe that stems for jealousy. I have been away and now I am trying to catch up on episodes. I am really enjoying the serial Ganga, i am hoping that Palash will realise his mistake before its too late and try to win Ganga’s heart the honest way, like a gentleman as he was first portrayed.

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