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Gangaa 23rd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhvi leaves the room and comes to search for papers in Niranjan’s office. She a cloth wrapped book, and find Rahat and Niranjan’s photos together, a dried rose in the diary. She reads, his life was lonely and meaningless but it has changed since she came into his life, thanks for coming into his life. Another note with a movie ticket, where Niranjan was expressing that he was lost in her face while watching the movie on a seat so close to her. She cries badly, saying it was all in front of her eyes but she couldn’t see it. She never questioned about his past, and was betrayed so badly. Supriya tries to console her, but Madhvi cries that her trust, her family and everything else has ended. She asks to live in isolation for a while. She reads the other leafs of the diary, in which Niranjan wrote

he brought all the memories of their togetherness along with him to London.
Rudra comes to Zoya from behind, she finds another way to flee. They all follow her. Niranjan watches Sagar chasing Rudra. Ganga comes calling Zoya, the inspector deters Rudra to shoot him but he doesn’t stop. Zoya runs into a hiding in an old building. Rudra follows her inside, Rahat goes behind them. Zoya comes upstairs to the roof and was about to delete the video, Rudra comes to snatch it from her. Rahat comes to snatch the camera off her hand, and questions Rudra why is he behind her daughter. Rudra requests her to watch the video in camera, Zoya’s truth would come to her. Zoya hugs Rahat, Rahat assures Rudra can’t ruin anything about Zoya. Rudra snatches the camera, Zoya tries to take it back but he pushes her away. He plays the video to Zoya, in which she accepts she was the one to accuse Rudra falsely of Akhtar’s death and killed him herself.
Ganga and Sagar come calling Zoya and Rudra and argue about Rudra and Zoya. Rahat was shocked watching Zoya’s confession, then stares at Zoya who stood afraid. Rahat slaps Zoya twice, and questions if she didn’t fell ashame while doing this all. Did she kill her own husband? Niranjan and everyone watch Rudra up on the roof, they were all alert that Rudra can even contain arms. They run upstairs. Rahat accuses Zoya, and cries how she will show her face to the world; she couldn’t bring her daughter up well. Zoya attacks Rahat after listeining that she will get punished, and now Rahat will prove Rudra to be innocent. Zoya snatches the camera, and Rahat comes to the boundary of the roof felling over. Sagar enters the roof just then, and was shocked watching Rahat go down. Sagar accues Zoya to push her mother in quest of snatching the camera. They all hurry downstairs where Rahat was badly hurt, she tries to speak but could only point a finger upwards.
The police arrives with the gun pointing at Rudra. Sagar comes to explain that Zoya pushed her mother. Zoya denies accusing Rudra, Ganga comes upstairs and also accuses Rudra. Sagar says Zoya tried to snatch the camera and pushed her mother. Ganga accuses Sagar for lying to save Rudra. Zoya hides the camera behind, Ganga takes her downstairs. Sagar insists on the police to arrest her, she is the culprit. Niranjan tells Rahat that he now got her letter, he didn’t trust her but is now aware of the truth. Zoya is his daughter, he is ready to adopt her with Amma ji and Madhvi. Zoya was shocked hearing this,. Rahat tries to speak. The police doesn’t accept Sagar’s witness, and consider Rudra to be the culprit. Rudra points at Sagar to get the camera and chip from Zoya.

PRECAP: Sagar tells Niranjan that Rahat fell over because of Zoya. Ganga argue if he couldn’t see Rudra kidnapped Zoya. Sagar says Ganga is unaware about the reality of Zoya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG…. Gangaa was shown now a days such a brainless character… Doesn’t listen to anyone and doesn’t believe anyone… No patience at all…. She was not at all eligible for law degree….

  2. I feel so bad for Rudra, thanks to Gangaa he has to suffer. I hope when they find out the truth sagar does not forgive her easily!

  3. I m very sad to see all this

  4. I don’t know where the storyline is going with this. I’m frustrated with all the wailing, tears, cries, shouting and whinging. They are trying to make the scene dramatic but Zoya and Rahat screaming does not do it for me, in fact it comes across as a wailing chaos! Sagar on the other hand was fantastic, his facial expressions where brilliant portrayed across screen, shock,horror, dispair. I’m disappointed in how the writers have steered Ganga’s character. From being self rigtheous. someone who fights for truth, who goes to length to find evidence to support their belief can so easily abandon the practice of law, forget about collating evidence, I’ll just go along and support my friends: blinded. I feel Gangaa storyline has lost the plot, i can’t see where this is leading to. I’ve read that Madhvi goes to London with Sagar, Sagar gets trapped by a women etc. Can’t say i’m looking forward to the 7 year leap, too many unresolved issues that they could have developed in the story before taking the advance leap.
    Another question i have, Rudra made a video copy using a hidden camera on his button of his waistcoat. How can the video on his phone be his only copy? Surely you will have to upload it from the hidden camera and then onto your phone, whilst doing so, wouldn’t you make a back up copy? If not, the original must still remain in the device used to originally record it.

  5. Hi Summer
    My thoughts are the same. Ganga had become a pain. All that shouting and screaming is unnecessary. I am very disappointed in the latest story line. I really that Ganga was going to have a baby boy looking like sagar. This way there was not going to be any denial form the churturvedi family or DNA test to prove that Ganga never cheated on Sagar. At the moment I don’t understand where it’s all going to lead. To me the show has lost its magic and all these unsolved issues is becoming too much…,

    1. Hi Pooja, isn’t it disappointing the direction it has taken? When i read that a daughter was to be introduced i was very disappointed indeed. Having a son who looks the spitting image of Sagar as a child would erase doubt of Sagar’s paternity, but instead they have to introduce a girl! Jumping 7 years ahead too! Too many unresolved issues and a big leap in the storyline! So far it has lead many questions unanswered and the storyline has become unbelievable. You are right when you say it has lost its magic! I think they are running with storyline and forgetting to take a walk. What will happen to Supriya and Pulkit? No mention, apart from Madhvi leaving with Sagar for London. What will happen with Amma ji? Not sure i’m going to like the new direction the series is taking.

  6. ya,poojaji you are correct

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