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Gangaa 23rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Niranjan telling Madhvi to be careful from the next time. If anything comes at home in my name then it should reach me at the very same time only. Madhvi nods. Ganga watches everything from a distance. Both Niranjan and Raghav ji go inside. Amma ji finds his style weird. The girl makes mistakes but he takes it out on everyone else instead. Everyone goes to do their work. Ganga holds the pillar tightly, trying to hide herself more, when Amma ji looks in her direction. Amma ji leaves. Sagar too notices Ganga but runs in the opposite direction instead.

Sagar comes to the kitchen to talk to his mom. Dadi is not sparing Ganga at all. How would that poor girl understand the importance of the documents? I will tell everything to Papa. Madhvi tells him against it. He is already tensed, don’t

add up to his problems. Ganga overhears this.

Maharaj ji is taking the tea and snacks to Niranjan’s study but Sagar stops him. Don’t even go before Papa right now. You reached late in court so he will still be upset with you. Maharaj ji finds logic in his words and gives the tray to him. Sagar in turn gives the tray to Ganga. Tell everything to Papa and say sorry as well. Ganga nods.

Raghav ji tells Niranjan not to worry so much. We are prepared for our next hearing now atleast. Niranjan agrees. I shouted on Madhvi for no reason. Ganga comes there with the tray. Raghav ji takes it from her. Niranjan and Ganga look at each other. Ganga apologizes to him. Your work was hampered because of my mistake. He corrects her. It just got postponed for a while. It will all be fine. She is relieved and amazed. He smiles. He pats at her cheek lovingly. He explains to Ganga that she should have sent it to him asap as it was mentioned over the envelope. He realises that she doesn’t know how to read it. She tells him what little she can read. He asks her if she has ever gone to school. Ganga denies. Bappa had registered my name in the village school but! Niranjan tells Raghav ji to come with him right away. Ganga looks on.

At night, Amma ji is boiling milk. Ganga comes there. She scolds Ganga for creating so many problems at home. Niranjan could have lost the case today because of you. Ganga is about to go out to clean the Puja utensils when Niranjan stops her. I have to talk to you about something. Sit here. I had gone out with Raghav ji to make arrangements so you can study too. Amma ji questions him about it. Do you have extra money that you want to spend on her? Who will do my work if she studies? A widow has anyways nothing to do with studies. Tell some priest to make her understand the scriptures somehow. That will be all. Niranjan says that will follow but Ganga should study first. Whatever happened today would not have happened if Ganga knew how to study. Education is as important as food in today’s time to survive. Ganga will surely study. Amma ji is completely against it. Ganga anyways is always thinking differently. These studies will just add up to it. I wont let it happen. I wont let you do anything as per your wish. Niranjan sticks to his point. No one can stop me this time. I wont listen to anyone on this matter. Ganga will study. Amma ji is surprised. You are threatening me? He denies. This is not a warning. It is just my opinion.

Amma ji calls out for Madhvi and walks out of the room. She complains to her for the way Niranjan is talking to her / challenging her. everyone else comes out too. Amma ji says when my own son is not listening to me then why would anyone else abide by my words. She is shouting really loudly. Niranjan tells her against it but in vain. They both continue to stick to their point of views. He talks about the importance of education while she refuses to let Ganga study anything but scriptures. You are comparing this girl to my grandsons? He reasons that every child has a right to study. I wont agree to your this condition come what may. Ganga will study for sure! She decides to give up on food and water if he won’t agree with her. I will go on a fast from henceforth (for an indefinite period). He leaves the choice on her. It all comes to the same thing in the end but this time I am not going to fall for your emotional blackmail. He leaves from there. Madhvi too follows him, trying to talk to him. Amma ji blames Ganga for creating so many disturbances in their home. I had predicted it long back. But she only will bear the sin of it all. She stares at Ganga.

Madhvi tries to make Niranjan understand that his way of talking was not right. Amma ji would have been hurt. We too would have felt the same if it was Sagar or Pulkit in your place and you in Amma ji’s place. He too doesn’t like it but he knows that he is right. She reasons that Amma ji will take some time to change her outlook. Her ideas are a little old for today. He cannot wait for Amma ji to change her mentality and keep Ganga at home till then (not studying). What if she asks me this question when she grows up? She says you could have been a little more soft / polite with her. You both got upset at the same time and refused to understand each other’s point of view. You know how stubborn she is. I am worried that she might try to put her words into action. She is old. Body is not strong in this age. What if something happens to her? He gets thinking.

Pulkit explains the logic behind Amma ji’s words to Sagar and Ganga. This will be an indefinite fast. Sagar knows that his father is very strict about studies. He never listens to anyone else on this matter. He wont even listen to Dadi. What would happen then? Ganga runs out of the room suddenly.

Niranjan decides to talk to Amma ji tomorrow morning. I will try to be all calm and cool when I talk to her. Ganga walks in and goes near Niranjan. Why are you fighting with Amma ji because of me? she is right. Who will help her if I will go to school? The expenses would be too much, right! Leave it. He tells her not to worry about the expenses. That is my job. She doesn’t want him to do anything that can upset Amma ji. It is my duty to help her. He assures her that he will talk to Amma ji. She says let it be, it isn’t important for me to study. He asks her if there is something else too because of which she is saying so. She is all quiet. Amma ji will stay hungry and eventually fall ill. I wont like it. Madhvi says Amma ji was angry when she said all that. We wont sit back and watch it all quietly if she does anything like that. He again reassures her that everything will be fine by morning. She insists upon not going to school but he stops her. Everyone must study. You too should study like Sagar and Pulkit. Your Bappa too had registered your name in the school so why wont you go now? Tell me the reason. She doesn’t really want to study.

Precap: Amma ji tells Madhvi to inform Niranjan when he returns home that if Ganga goes to school then she will leave this house on bier. Ganga and Madhvi look at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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