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Maharaj ji and Ganga return home. he can see that she is very happy. did they agree? She shakes her head. I have to do one thing and then I will get admission. I have made up my mind to study come what may. I will get what I want sooner or later. He is sure it will happen if she is so sure about it.

Raghav ji tells Niru about some file but Niru is lost in thoughts. He is thinking about Ganga. Till when will she have to go through all this? She wins everyone’s hearts with her smile. Why is fate playing a game with her then? She had a different shine in her eyes on the day when I had first seen her. I could see a spirit of living inside her. I told you that she is not a person to give up under any circumstances in life. I had promised myself that I will help her as much as I can and let her chart her

own route but I am feeling weak today. I have lost the potential to fulfil my promise. I lost. I couldn’t live up to Ganga’s hopes. I gave her dreams and aim in life. She set out to fulfil it for her Babu but now Amma ji is standing in her way. I am unable to stop her. I feel helpless. Raghav ji tells him not to think like that. You did your best. People don’t do this much for their own people. Niru denies. I stirred the quiet water. Now she wont sit quietly. It is impossible to stop her now. She has made up her mind to do something and she wont stop now. She has not lost hope yet. I have gained faith from her trust. Hope her dreams, her courage take her to the sky. She gets everything that she deserves. She gets successful in everything. People should look at her proudly and look up to her!

Prabha asks for sherbet from Maharaj ji. Omkar shares that he enjoyed it thoroughly. Such works soothes the heart. Madhvi is irked at his two faced reactions. I wouldn’t have believed him if I had not seen it with my own eyes. I don’t know when Amma ji will realise it! Amma ji asks for Ganga. She comes there holding a bucket in her hand. It is hot water for Amma ji. Soak your feet in it. Amma ji tells her to tie her hair first. Ganga nods. Amma ji is surprised at the change in Ganga’s behaviour. Madhvi decides to ask Ganga what she had seen in the temple that day. I will have to find out all the details first and then only can I do something.

Ganga is tidying Amma ji’s bed when Madhvi comes there. Ganga wants to tell her about the school but Madhvi asks her about the incident in the temple that day. Did you hear what Omkar and Sudha were talking about that day? Ganga dint hear anything. I saw Sudha Bua slapping Amma ji’s SIL hard and pushed him. She looked angry. Why are you asking? Did they have a fight again? Why did Sudha Bua slap Omkar ji? Madhvi has no clue. Niru overhears their convo. He asks her to tell him atleast.

Ganga begins to tell him about her admission but Niru stops her. I want to ask your Bahu ji something first. I will talk to you in a while. He tells Madhvi that he is in his room. She nods.

Ganga is sure everyone will be happy to know that she got herself admitted in a new school. I will just go and tell everyone. She turns to go but was almost about to collide with Amma ji. She wonders what this girl is up to now!

Niru asks Omkar if what he heard was right. Omkar looks at Madhvi. That girl opened her mouth. She dint pay heed to any of my warnings. Niru questions Omkar about his behaviour with Sudha. What is the meaning of what you were saying to her? Omkar replies that at times what you see or hear can be wrong. He acts all emotional. Ganga is a little girl after all. Sudha ji misunderstood me. I was trying to help her but she slapped me. how can I take it calmly? Yet I kept quiet as Sudha ji is a woman. I do respect her which is why I kept quiet. I dint think of stretching the matter. I felt bad though. I was trying to explain her my point. I requested her to not misunderstand me. I cannot blame her but my own people don’t trust me. You wouldn’t have questioned me. You would have instead spoken to Sudha ji. I love only Sudha. I haven’t looked at any other woman till date. No other woman can take her place in my heart. Suman must be feeling so bad right now. I wont give any explanation. You can ask Sudha ji if you don’t trust me. I can apologise to you. Niru looks at Madhvi. He tells Omkar not to say it. its not about not trusting you or questioning you but I wanted to know the facts right. I might have made some wrong opinion of you if I wouldn’t have asked you clearly about it. I know how much you love Didi and you wont do anything to harm her. I am lawyer after all. I cannot depend on one sided stories. I cannot ignore things till I get to know both the sides of the stories. I don’t accept truth and lies easily. Try to make sure no one gets such a misunderstanding again. Madhvi leaves followed by Niru. Outside, Madhvi tells Niru that it is tough for her to trust what Omkar ji said just now. I heard the ladies of the Ashram talking about the incident. The issue is big as what Sudha ji was saying cannot be neglected. Niru nods. Omkar has overheard it. Madhvi doesn’t trust me! Niru heard me yet he gave me a warning too. It is his work to dig deep and look at things from all the angles. I have to be a little more careful.

Ganga gathers everyone in the courtyard. She waits till Babu and Bahu ji join them. She tells Amma ji that she never wants to disobey her. Ganga confirms with Amma ji if the colourful uniform is the only issue. Amma ji nods reluctantly as certainly everything about Ganga going to school is a problem for her. Ganga says I solved your problem. I understood that you only have problem with the uniform and not with my going to school. You only know the dharmas of a widow life. I have found a school where girls wear white clothes. Everyone is surprised.

Precap: Omkar calls someone. You wont find a better opportunity than this. He smirks looking at Ganga. Go ahead and take admission!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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