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Gangaa 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Madhvi is in tears. She thinks of Ganga’s sweet words. Maharaj ji questions Amma ji on her decision. Every person will be eyeing her lustily. She does not mind it. I should have done it long ago. Janvi messages Yash. It is party time. Madhvi panics when she receives a call from Niru. Amma ji tells her not to tell anything to him. Madhvi cuts short the convo. She asks Amma ji later why she made her lie to Niru. Everyone in this town knows of this. What if someone else tells him this? Amma ji replies she does not mind it. He will come back right away if he gets to know I threw Ganga out of the house. Sagar is shocked to hear it. Madhvi is concerned for him but Sagar and Pulkit speak in Ganga’s favour. You did not know anything and threw her out? Sagar worries for her. Entire town is speaking against

her. Both the brothers want to look for her. Amma ji and Madhvi stop Sagar. There is a lot happening outside. Janvi also says so but he refuses to sit back at home. Both the brothers leave to look for Ganga. Janvi is irked.

A few guys notice Ganga in the rickshaw. They slow the bike and go with her; talking cheaply about her because of the MMS. They stop the rickshaw. The rickshaw driver refuses to go ahead. Ganga pays him. The guy offers to take Ganga from there. She begins to walk off when one guy holds one end of her saree. She tries to pull it free but in vain. Sagar is standing right behind her. He frees the saree and stares at the guy. What were you saying? Say it now! They begin to back off and leave immediately. Ganga is walking ahead by that time. Sagar runs after her, trying to stop her. She makes him leave her hand and resumes walking. He keeps on requesting her to come home with her. She asks him with what right is he saying so. He says I have been saying everything to you with the same right since childhood. She speaks about the questions that are there in his eyes. He tells her that he has no questions. She stops in her tracks in shock. Just say once that the video was wrong. You don’t know that girl in the video. Look in my eyes and say it. I wont listen to anyone then. Tell me once you haven’t done anything like that. I will not listen to anyone else. I will only trust you then. She asks him if he will trust he if she says that once. You still could not understand Ganga. You cannot read my mind, my heart, my eyes then how will you trust my words? They are shallow. How will you find trust through them? You are asking me the answers to the questions for what you should have answered. You either trust someone or you don’t. Don’t expect me to give you any explanation. Don’t try to stop me for I wont stop! She walks away from him. Sad music plays as he looks at her, walking away from him. Don’t go like this. Look at me once. He thinks of her words and turns to go. They both look at one another when the other person is walking away. Why am I looking back? Why will he stop me and with that right? He turns to look at her. I have no right to stop you. you only asked me to leave you hand. you snatched the right of friend from me too!

Amma ji scolds Maharaj ji for adding extra sugar in her milk. I cannot even find my key. He says Ganga used to look after your needs. Amma ji scolds him. Can no one else do anything? She points at the mess the house has become. Throw away the plants if you cannot handle them. we nurture them with water and fertilizer but what can we do if the plants get infected by insects. Madhvi knows that Amma ji is worried for Ganga. Amma ji refuses to even acknowledge it. I raised her and taught her to be in her limits. She always argued on everything. Big talks like Self-respect have ruined her head. I did the right thing. how will I face the society? She will understand I was right when the world will taunt her! A girl should be inside her limits and fear things. There are animals outside. She will understand the truth now. She is a widow and should live like that. She wont be able to live in the society by fighting with them. She asks Maharaj ji to give her milk with less sugar. Everyone should look for the key. Janvi wonders why everyone is still sympathetic to Ganga. What magic has she weaved on everyone?

In her room, Madhvi thinks of little Ganga. She is all emotional. She imagines Ganga. Janvi keeps her hand on her shoulder. Madhvi says Ganga. She looks around but does not see Ganga. She feels sad. Janvi says Ganga is lucky that you all love her so much. She does not care about anyone though. She did not think of uncle even once. He trusts her a lot. Madhvi is sure he will never believe this MMS. What will I say to him when he is back? He will get angry and scold me badly. Janvi reasons that he will also feel bad after knowing what she has done. Madhvi knows he will never doubt Ganga. Ganga cannot do it. Janvi angrily asks her why no one believes anything even after seeing it from their eyes. Madhvi looks pointedly at her. janvi covers up. I know you all loved her very much. You also wanted Ganga to be away from Sagar. But looks like Sagar cannot live without her. He left to look for her. He must be coming back with Ganga soon.

Ganga is walking absentmindedly on the road. She collides with people. She reaches the ashram. She thinks of how she never wanted to stay here. No one will come to take me this time, neither Sagar nor Amma ji.

Suman tells Mamta not to waste too much water. There is shortage of water as the pump is not working. There is only bucket water for every lady. Ganga asks her if she can also have a bucket of water. Sudha is surprised to see her there with the bag in her hand. Ganga asks her if she will let her stay here.

Precap: Pulkit asks Sagar why he woke up with a start by saying Ganga. Sagar feels she is in some problem. Pulkit says you both are so close since childhood yet you could not understand her. You did not bring her back with you! You are anyways leaving for London in a few days. why do you care?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Yess now Sagar should understand the pain.

  2. todys epi is so sadful..kash gangaa ke babu (niru) ghar par hote wo kbhi b gangaa ko nhi jane dete…
    n sagar tumne b nhi roka gangaa…kb smjhoge tum apne pyar ko gangaa k lie..u hvnt dare fr acpting love for gangaa….
    onedy u ll reliz imp of gangaa n i m watng fr tht Day…

  3. todys epi is so sadful..kash gangaa ke babu (niru) ghar par hote wo kbhi b gangaa ko nhi jane dete…
    n sagar tumne b nhi roka gangaa…kb smjhoge tum apne pyar ko gangaa k lie..u hvnt dare fr acpting love for gangaa….
    onedy u ll reliz imp of gangaa n i m watng fr tht Day…..!

  4. Jagmeet Singh

    Yesterday Episode Was Very Sad.. Sagar U Done Gr8 Job In Ganga Serial.

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