Gangaa 22nd August 2016 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sagar runs behind the car in which Rudra drives Zoya. Sagar pants badly and steals a cycle of a stall man. Zoya was trying to resist the kidnap, requesting to stop the car.
Niranjan fell on the seat after reading the letters. Amma was crying, Niranjan complains why Amma hid a huge news from him. Rahat had written she was pregnant and wanted to meet him; when all doors were closed she married Dr. Sameer to get a legitimate name to her child. Amma replies Rahat didn’t belong to their cast. Niranjan shouts if she hid such a great news only for this matter, whom this lie proved fruitful. He turns to leave, but Amma stops his way and tells him to think peacefull about her Bhao’s sentiments. Niranjan gets her out of the way and come out.
Ganga and Rahat come crying, Ganga was ready to take their

case back and leave the city as well but Niranjan must save her. Rahat cries that he will kill her. Niranjan was clueless, and asks what happened. Ganga qualifies Rudra took Zoya and will kill him. Ganga says Rudra has high links, but Niranjan is also has approach. Niranjan calls the commissioner to find about a girl Rudra took along, he was taking Ganga and Rahat along when Amma interrupts what Zoya is to him. Rahat insists that Zoya is Niranjan’s own daughter. An aarti thaal fell off Madhvi’s hand who stood behind and heard this all. They come to confrontation, she confirms if what she heard is a true. Amma insists that this lady is a liar. Madhvi questions Niranjan again, if it’s true. Niranjan replies yes, Zoya is his daughter. Ganga comes to take Niranjan. Madhvi warns if he leaves with this lady today, she will break all his relations with him. Niranjan turns to look at her in shock, and tries to explain but she interrupts as she doesn’t want to listen or understand anything. She doesn’t know who this woman is, if Zoya is his daughter or not because she has no right over his past. She is only aware that today, he is her husband and a father to her children. She won’t question why he heard this all from him, why she was kept in dark for years; but if brings his past between their present today, she won’t bear it. Amma compels Niranjan to think again, Niranjan questions Amma if she had thought twice before rejecting his relation with Rahat. He turns to leave, but Madhvi reminds him again if he leaves today, their family, relation and home will come to an end. Today, he must choose any one, either Rahat or Madhvi.
There, Rudra had tied Zoya on the chair and shouts at her to speak, as he made a video. Zoya was confessing her mistake, Sagar comes there and comes to untie Zoya. Rudra stops Sagar while Sagar wasn’t ready to let Rudra take laws in his hands. Ganga joins her hands to Madhvi, but Rahat stops Ganga saying they didn’t come to beg. Niranjan is a father, but if he can’t fulfil his responsibilities she will think again that he must have some liability. She takes Ganga to leave, Niranjan stops Rahat. He tells Madhvi that he has never been disloyal to his relation with her, he never turned to look towards his past. But right now, it’s important for him to go with Rahat, it’s about the life of a girl, he would have done the same for anyone. Madhvi fell on the floor, when Rahat leaves.
Rudra brings about a knife and deters to kill Sagar also, if he moves forward. Sagar offers him to kill him, but reminds he is the only one to believe Rudra is innocent. He takes the knife off Rudra’s hand, and tries to calm him down. The knife fell on floor, Zoya was finally successful to free her hands. Rudra insists that Zoya is really cunning. Sagar promises to drag her to court. Zoya takes the knife, turns the video off and asks them to let her go. Sagar asks the knife back from Zoya, but she runs away. Sagar stops Rudra but he runs behind her.
In the police mobile, inspector gets an information about Rudra. They watch Zoya running towards the car, she stops at once watching the mobiles of police.

PRECAP: Rahat watches the video about Zoya’s confession that she was the one who took Akhtar’s life and accused Rudra falsely. She was angry and tells Zoya will be punished for sure. Zoya snatches the camera off her hand, in quest of which Rahat fell off the balcony.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I don’t know when this drama will end

  2. Niranjan seems responsible…. I loved his attitude when he confronted madhavi about zoya and also decided to help zoya

  3. I must admit, I am looking forward to the end of this Zoya track with Rahaat. Too much tears, too much wailing and screaming on screen. However, i would like to see more of the misunderstanding being cleared between Gangaa and sagar. Good to see the truth reveal itself of Amma Ji manipulating lies. Always has, even when Gangaa saved her from phoney preist and was willing to give up her jewellery. Feel really sorry for Surpiya. As there is going to be a 7 year leap into the storyline, will Supriya have another child? Will there be another child for Supriya and Pulkit? It would be shame not too. What is going to happen with Madhvi now she has gave Niru and ultimatum? Will Madhvi be absent from the storyline in the 7 year leap?

  4. They say that sagar and Madhavi move to London… In insta they posted photos showing sagar trapped by a lady….rahat dies and Zoya lives with niranjan.. What about ganga… With whom she lives… Excited to see the upcoming episodes…

  5. @bhavani do you know what happens with Rudra

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