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Gangaa 22nd April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Janvi gives 10k to Yash. Take the rest amount tomorrow. He wants full payment. You married in such a big house and you are so beautiful. Your husband is also the biggest lawyer. You can ask money from him. sagar knocks at the door just then. Janvi panics. Yash jumps out of the window. Janvi opens the door. Yash is still outside the window. Janvi asks Sagar if he is looking for something. He picks up his file and turns to go when Janvi stops him. why do you behave like this with me? you behave as if I don’t exist. I am your wife! He says I know it already. I accepted it before everyone that day. I gave you all the rights. What do you want now? She replies that she wants his love and support. Sagar asks her to sit. I know I dint do right with you. I understand what you want from me. I can give you wifely

rights. I can even give you divorce if you want but I cannot love you. I can give you anything else if you will ask. Janvi looks at Yash who shows her the bottle. Sagar says I feel guilty seeing you in this condition. You are a great girl. you will find a better life partner. Don’t waste your life with me. It is of no use. You can tell me if you want divorce. What do you want? She asks for his credit card. I have some needs. I cannot ask money from papa after marriage. Till when will I ask money from your mom? It is your duty as a husband to fulfil my needs. He asks her if this is all that she wants. I don’t believe this! I was thinking so much! Keep it. You are right. It is my duty to fulfil your needs. Luckily you only need money. Keep my card. I can even put my account in your name if you will get happiness from this. I dint think this but you turned out to be too small. You only wanted my credit card! He leaves. Janvi cries realising her mistake. What did I do? Yash thinks she dint do anything. I made you do it because of these tablets. You have Sagar’s card in your control while I have you in my control. He shows the bottle to Janvi. She looks at the credit card.

Sagar notices Ganga coming home. She tries to talk to him. He only asks her if she is leaving the case. She declines. He asks her if she will fight against him along with Palash. Even when I said no? She says yes. but listen to me why I want to do it! He cannot understand how Palash became so important for her. She tells him what she knows. I cannot leave this fight for justice in between. This angers Sagar all the more. what am I doing if Palash is fighting for justice? She says you are doing a very big mistake. Listen to me carefully. You don’t know the people who you are fighting the case for. She relates everything that she has seen so far (including bribe and attack on Palash). Please trust me. You don’t know how big criminals they are. Leave this case and support Palash. He is fighting for truth against these wrong people. Please. He moves her hand away. Palash told you this story? He taught you so well. Palash will win if I quit. You became his agent and came to me. She asks him if he is mad. What are you saying? Palash does not even know we both know each other. You think I want to defeat you? he says I have no other option. Palash is blackmailing people. Ganga vouches for Palash. He isn’t like that. He is taken aback. You recognized Palash so soon. you couldn’t understand me this well in all these years. Never mind. We both made a mistake maybe. I could not understand you till date but I understood you clearly today. She again tries to make her understand that these people are wrong but he drives away. Supriya has heard everything from upstairs.

Ganga tells Supriya how Sagar thinks she cheated him. I tried to make him understand but in vain. I get angry at times to see his childishness. I fail to understand what to do. Supriya calms her. Pulkit too was saying the same thing. He says Ganga needs a partner like Shiv ji who could hold Ganga in his hairs. Pulkit cannot see what I cannot see being a woman. Sagar only is your Shiv. He is the same shore with whom you unite and part with. Sagar is the same river in which Ganga will mix one day. Ganga denies. Everything has changed. Supriya says nothing has changed. I see the same love and concern in your eyes for Sagar even today. You worry so much for him that you cannot bear to see him making any mistake.

Sagar thinks of his convo with Ganga and looks upset. Why Ganga? Why did you do this? He calls Malhotra. I want to meet you tomorrow morning.

Next morning, Malhotra comes to Chatruvedi House to meet Sagar. Sagar asks him if he tried to bribe Palash and attacked on him. Malhotra replies that Palash himself does not know who attacked him. What’s the point of blaming then? You can hear it from Palash only. Malhotra calls Palash. He offers to pay 5 lacs to Palash who refuses to take even a penny less than 10 lacs. Palash threatens him too. Sagar is shocked.

Palash is angry. Don’t know what people think of themselves. Ganga asks him who he was asking money from.

Malhotra asks Sagar if he still has a doubt.

Palash says you think I was asking for bribe from someone. He points at the family members of the man who died yesterday. He was the sole earning member of the family. how will they survive? 10 lacs is too less for them. He tells the lady and her daughter he will get them the remuneration. He next asks Ganga for the copy of the petition that he asked her to bring. We have to submit it in case tomorrow. Ganga nods.

Ganga hopes Sagar realises the truth and supports what is right. Palash asks her to come. Ganga and Sagar notice each other while Palash is busy reading the file. He says sorry to her as he was about to collide with her. He notices Sagar and Ganga looking at each other. Sagar wishes Palash good luck. I hope you have made a strong petition this time. Palash says we will find out in hearing only whose petition is better. Thanks and good luck to you too. Sagar says you need it as I am going to win this case. Ganga looks at Sagar.

Precap: Sagar looks at the medicines. Palash plans to enter inside Randox company with a hidden camera to unveil their truth. Sagar thinks Ganga thinks she is right. I will prove you that I too am right. Ganga hopes to find some proof to make Sagar understand he is supporting the wrong people.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. why do I feel that later janvhi will do something with the pill that she got from yash into sagar food/drink, and when sagar finally unconscious janvhi trying to make up a story that she was pregnant and made sagar feel responsible for it, but the truth is janvhi really pregnant but it was yash baby

  2. Janvi only love not sagar I’m proud on Ganga she still is strong and stand with justice


      Right said…
      Sagar is not clear what he wants in his life… I hope Ganga and Palash unite and janvi realises her mistakes and janvi and sagar unites..

      1. Wtf. Can’t happen. Its a gangasagar story. Ganga always unites in with sagar.

  3. I am glad that finally someone from serial feels that ganga should join sagar atlast ! I wish supriya lines come true. Above person said twist will also be fine!!! At least in that way janvi will leave sagar and he will get freedom from this forced relation and ganga can get back to him… I am sure by the way palash looking at ganga and sagar expressions he can realise that they are made for each other and he might play his part in uniting them.

  4. I’m fed up of this sagar pata nahi ganga kaise khelti hai use ganga is so mature on the other hand sagar first that shaadi woh bhi achanak se then this case I mean ki kal tak ganga se itna pyaar n then suddenly janvi se shaadi iska koi bharosa nahi ??

  5. Why do so many Hindi serials do this? They make a character completely black or completely white. Jhanvi started off as a completely normal person, but they had to make her do despicable things and turn her into a real villain. Yes, jealousy and unrequited love makes a person do crazy things, but the writers shouldn’t make her such a one-dimensional character. Jhanvi is educated, well-read, confident— surely she realizes what a terrible situation she’s fallen into. I get they want to make a point with this drugs story line, but really, who falls for this anymore? “Here’s a free sample of an amazing pill which will take you to heaven.” Come on, even kids know better than to fall for that. She grew up in London, they have anti-drug seminars and awareness meetings in school.

    Dear writers, if you really want to show a progressive story line, show Jhanvi climbing out of this black hole by herself. 1. Call her parents, tell them what’s really going on. Write an effing email, (since phone calls in serials always seem to get interrupted causing misinterpretations)

    2. Go see a shrink

    3. How does she not know she’s become addicted to drugs?

  6. That’s true that jhanvi is becoming drug addict but how will she buy drugs with sagar’s credit card. Writers please explain

  7. Not interesting with Sagar-Gangaa-Palash track. Well, I really wanna know, if there any twist for this case? I mean, this case is so easy, we know which side is wrong and right, if there any twist, I am sure it will way much worthed to watch. If not, at least I want to see Sagar’s strong performance as a lawyer that graduated from London.

  8. aranya agarwal

    according to me sagar will leave the case after knowing that jhanvi is taking same company’s medicines for which he is supporting the case and if writer wants he can make jhanvi confess about her deeds…. like scandhals she did specially the video one….

  9. The story line is developing interestingly. If the writers want to reunite Gangaa and Sagar back together, I think that there could be a twist. They may just write out Jhanvi by becoming addict to drugs/sleeping pills and she falls victim to the corrupt pharmaceutical and leaves the show by dying. This leaves room for the story to develop for Gangaa and Sagar to reunite. Sagar also realises that Palash/Gangaa was right and he resents that. Yash gets caught..again and is responsible for Jhanvi addiction which leads to death. Maybe this is how Yash gets sent back to prison? Jhanvi’s father who recommend Sagar to the case is guilty as he is a corrupt lawyer. This leaves Sagar feeling guilty and confused, he seeks Ganga for support but is envy of her friendship with Palash. I think the storyline with Ganga and Sagar is going to be dragged out of will they, won’t they. I still think Palash and Ganga makes a good couple. The serial is getting interesting and I look forward to catching up the show each evening.

  10. Actually sagar don’t know what is right and what is wrong but palash is opposite to that he is mature and palash ganga is perfect match I think so,

    Sagar did a big mistake by marrying jhanvi so he should get the punishment for that.

  11. yeah! you’re right! sagar should get the punishment for what he did to gangaa…ah! i’m so excited! i just can’t wait for today’s episode!

  12. Hey, Sagar realized his mistake, and wanna set thing right! I think, instead of revenge track, or jelousy or whatever you called it! SW should cut off Chaturvedi’s house rope first, reunite them. Cuz show without family appeareance is so-so. Miss Ammaji-Dad-Mom even Prabha Mommy. They make the show colorful.

  13. Where is the next episode’s written update?

  14. Shraddha Sharma

    Why there is no update of 25 april episode till now?
    Can anyone tell me what was today’s episode becoz i don’t think ki ab koi update hoga…

  15. Where’s pooja? why she didnt update the lastest eps

  16. Wheres yesterday (Mondays) update

  17. kal ka update kyu nahi hua abtak????

  18. Update please?

  19. I think palash and gangaa should unite because sagar is not capable for gangaa and palash should win this case and let sagar recongnise his mistake but the writer should not unite sagar or palash because or it will cause the serial to fall down

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